Chapter 5.15 Failure on All Fronts

Warning: One swear word.

Note: To avoid any confusion – last chapter took place in March, this one in the end of June, so same time as the last Frank bonus. Hailey’s 7 months pregnant in this chapter, she was 4 months pregnant in the last one. Now enjoy!

My grandma’s death has really made me think. My mind is currently being flooded with never before asked questions and issues which have never been brought to my attention up until this moment. I am miserable, but this is not grief anymore, it’s just that kind of fright that clenches my throat and makes it feel like I’m suffocating. It’s the fright of not rising to the challenge that motherhood is. After some further consideration, I decide to call the most responsible parent (or older brother) I know. I anxiously wait for Frank to pick up. A few moments later he finally does.

“Hi, Hannah,” he says a bit absently, which doesn’t escape my attention, but I decide not to raise this subject just yet, too focused on my own troubles.


“Frank, I need to ask you something,” I say, biting my lip. He sighs as if he wasn’t in the mood to deal with me, but, being the good friend he is, offers his ears to listen anyway.

“Go ahead, then.”


“Frank, um, do you think I’m a bad mother?” I let the question escape my mouth, regretting voicing it right away. Frank hesitates for a moment, then comes up with a response.

“Honestly?” He doesn’t wait for my answer. “I don’t think a decent mother would let go of her child with such ease as you did. Looking at it from my point of view, though, I’m glad you did.” The voice of reason, as always. Dammit, Frank, why do you have to be so reasonable, and why can’t I ever be? Then I, at last, start paying to attention to how Frank’s voice sounds. It’s not the usual cheery Frank I know, or rather I’ve learned to expect ever since he got together with Waylon, he in fact sounds like he’s holding back tears and I feel like I can’t ignore it anymore.


“Is anything bothering you?” I ask gently instead of responding to his advice. He lets out another resigned sigh.

“Why yes, it does, Hannah. You see, Waylon had just shut the door in front of my nose when you called. Just because I didn’t agree to go to that pride parade in Bridgeport with him.” Oh, so that’s why. I get even sadder when I hear about my best friend’s relationship troubles. Why isn’t anything working out relationship-wise for us these days?


“I don’t get it. What’s stopping you?”

“It’s complicated, Hannah. But essentially, I don’t think we have anyone to leave Clint with.” Then the idea strikes me. What if…?


“Do you think you could leave him with me? I mean, just to, I guess, get used to the idea of caring for a child…” My heart is beating in my chest as I pose a question too fast to properly think it over, because then I know I wouldn’t be able to ask it at all.

“I don’t know, Hannah. Are you sure? You’ve never expressed an interest in Clint in those three years since you gave birth to him,” he remarks.

“Please, Frank. I promise I’ll try my best. It really means a lot to me.” It’s apparent that he isn’t convinced, but hearing my tone, he’s having it hard to refuse. He’s always been like this.

“Well, if you say so…”



I feel a bit shocked right after Frank sticks Clinton into my arms hastily.

“No word to Way that I gave him to you, got it?” He quickly says.


“When did you turn into a liar? I don’t recognize you, Frank.” A shadow of a smile crosses his mouth.


“Ever since we faked that birth certificate… Or maybe you realize nothing can ever be truly right the more you study law?” Seconds later his expression is serious again. “Enough of kidding, Hannah. I had to lie to my husband for you to get that child to take care of. There’s no way he would have agreed. He doesn’t trust you at all, Hannah, and calls you an irresponsible brat who can’t take good care of herself, let alone for a child, and he also thinks you’re continuously taking advantage of me being too lenient. His words, not mine.”

“I had no idea…”


“I don’t really have the time to talk, sorry. We’ll be in touch. I’ll text you once I get there. Just don’t kill my brother, okay?” Words escape his mouth with the speed of the light. My poor, nervous friend who can’t really lie is back at it again.

“I won’t. Have fun, Frank.”



“Bye.”  I look at Clint in my arms, anxiety taking over me. Now what do I do?



A while later I’ve fed Clint, played with him and laid him to rest in the already fully organized nursery, which I’ve gotten done thanks to the amount of self-doubts that started taking over me fairly recently. After I’m sure I can get a break, I go in search of Reggie. It is not hard to find him as he spends half of his time outside, and when he is at home at last, he heads right to his pride – that is his large garage.

When I walk in, he’s tending to one of his favorite cars. Do you remember me wondering whether he would want to have sex with me if I was a fancy sports car? It wasn’t really that far off a guess.


“Where are you going, Reggie?”

“Going to buy some party supplies.” I frown.


“What party?”


“Shit. I’ve forgotten to tell you, haven’t I? There’s a party at 4 in our house. I thought it would be nice to spend some fun time with my friends.”


“Are you kidding me, Reggie? I did not agree to take care of Clint for you to arrange a party. You don’t even spend time with me anymore. Now tell me, if you had to choose – me or racing, what would you pick?” I look expectantly at him, but he turns around and starts getting into the car.

“I hope I will never have to make such a choice,” he says. “Later, Hailey,” and with that he starts the car and gets off the garage.




When the party starts, I decide to lock myself away in a nursery, taking no chances of getting into the company of Reggie’s friends and forgetting about Clint altogether.


I observe the sleeping boy, quietly sitting on the chair in front of the crib, more and more thoughts clogging up my head.


I eventually realize some things:

  1. I will never be able to feel maternal instinct for Clinton. He has never felt and will never feel like truly my child.
  2. I was even more of an irresponsible brat when I gave birth to Clinton than I am now.
  3. I’m nothing short of a stranger to Clinton and he’s never going to recognize me as his mother.
  4. I’ve only just become aware of the shitty impression I’d made on Waylon while we were still living together and there’s no way he’s ever going to think of me as more than just this careless chick who’s only been causing trouble to his husband.
  5. I love Reggie and I love these kids in my uterus. No matter what, I’m going to do my best to be a good mother to them, as I’ve lost my chance with Clinton completely.
  6. My presence in Clinton’s life would just be confusing. I will not be trying to interfere with Frank and Waylon’s methods of raising him.

Becoming aware of these things makes me feel much more relaxed. I begin leaning against the chair, when I suddenly hear someone knocking on the door. I somehow managed to forget about the party going on behind closed door, but now I start wondering who might be trying to get in. I get up to open it, forgetting all about not getting mixed with Reggie’s guests when I am supposed to be taking care of Clinton.

The door opens on a visibly pregnant girl who looks like she could well be my age. It doesn’t escape my attention that she is also really beautiful.


“Hey, I didn’t mean to interrupt, but… Do you think we could talk?” I eye the girl, but decide she piqued my interest.

“Yes, sure. But lock the door first, okay? I can’t risk letting anyone else here.” After doing what I told, the girl looks around the room, as if looking for something.


“This used to be April’s room,” she says with sadness. “I always thought it was too large for a single teenager.”


“And your name is…?”

“Oh, sorry, my bad. I’m Candace, but everyone calls me Candy anyway. My parents took me to the party to show everyone my mistake,” she looks suggestively at her belly. “You see, my mom and Amanda were besties. Just like me and April until… well, you know.” I have no idea why this girl, Candy, suddenly lets me in on all the details in her life.


“So… Candy…. you wanted to talk to me because we’re both pregnant or…?”

“I guess I just wanted someone to talk to. There’s not anyone my age here, except for you.” It’s at this moment that she eventually notices Clinton.



“Is he yours? Such a cute boy!”


“Shh, he’s sleeping. And no, he’s not mine. Not anymore, anyway. My friends are taking care of him. They can’t have a child of their own.”


“Oh. I would give mine away for someone who had infertility problems, too, if only I didn’t love her so much!” I smile at the thought of how clueless she is.


“No, no, it’s not infertility. They’re husbands.”


“They can make a family now, so cool. It must have cost you a lot to give him away. As I’ve mentioned, I can’t imagine giving my little princess to anyone. No matter what my parents say, she’ll never be a mistake to me.” I glance at the sleeping Clinton, guilt taking over me.


“It wasn’t like that. I gave him away, because I didn’t want him,” I confess.

“It’s okay, you know. Not everyone is born with maternal instinct. For some women, I guess, it comes with time,” she smiles to my belly.


“I will do what it takes for my twins to have a loving mom.” Candy smiles again and we continue our talk for long as the party goes on.



“Bridgeport pride parade riots. Five people were hurt during today’s parade closing the LGBTQ Pride Month by a knife-wielding man. Victims were taken to the hospital, three of them with severe bruises. The attacker is currently being questioned by the police.” I feel blood rushing through my veins and sweat covering my body… was this water?


Reggie turns to look at me and mutes the TV. “Hailey, is everything okay? You’re very pale.” I stare at the television screen, absently looking at the pictures from the parade, trying to spot Frank on them. Please tell me he is okay.


“No, it’s not! Reggie… I think my water broke.” I look at the puddle beneath me.

“Are you sure it’s not urine? You’re only 7 months in, it’d be dangerous to go into labor now…” Suddenly, I grimace in pain as I feel a strong contraction.


“Ohmygod, I’m taking you to the hospital!”



I am still distraught when I am presented to my babies, Rebecca Calloway and fifteen minutes younger Ronald Rosenthal. I should be thankful that the doctors managed to save the premature twins, as chances were one or neither of them would make it, yet all I can think about at the moment is Frank’s safety. Ever since the C-section, I’ve been calling him every few seconds. To no avail. It is sinking in that if not for my generous offer, he probably wouldn’t have gone to that bloody parade. Waylon is right – all I’ve ever done is causing him trouble. I would never forgive myself if anything happened to him. It appears I’m not only a horrible mother, but also a horrible friend.


I’m a failure on all fronts.

Note: Hiya, guys. Oh yeah, the parade fiasco. Uh, I’m not hurting Frank… or maybe just a lil’ bit? Okay, this is getting awkward, so…

Have you noticed any difference in the visuals? Well, I have, but I knew that there was supposed to be one. I now have actual teeth in my game (they tend to get creepy at times, though) and of course the HQ mod. I personally think Hailey looks more like a digital painting than a Sim now. This mouth is so soft and pretty I fell in love with it right away.  Yeah, this chapter is also one of the rare occasions in which Hailey doesn’t go around with full make-up. She does have none here in fact (except eyelashes and a nosemask, but that’s a standard). How do you, guys, like Candy? I made her on the spot, as quickly as I came up with the idea for this new character, but I think she’s pretty. Aand… I bet you have no idea who the heir will be. Okay, this stopped getting exciting right after gen 2, then it just started being ultra obvious with favorizing Gemma, and then single kids two generations in a row. But hey, I made this even more obvious now. Thank me and my crazy idea of twins with different surnames.

Anyhoo, hope you enjoy it. If I don’t get killed due to excessive posting before (seriously, guys, because of my trip to Russia I have time until Wednesday to finish three posts), expect a Frank bonus on Wednesday! ♥

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  1. Oh no :/ I hope poor Frank is okay… At least Hailey didn’t mess up with Clint, and she kind of seems to be realising that she’s a dummy face when it comes to her oldest son and her best friend. About time, too.
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    I could tell that there was some HQ-ness going on – Hailey looks great in high quality, I have to say 😀 Great chapter, Jowita ❤

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    1. Yeah… All should be revealed on Wednesday as to what had transpired during the parade. Both Waylon and Hailey will be feeling guilty for putting him in danger, regardless of him getting hurt or not.
      Yes, finally some realizations for Hailey! High time for that.
      I know, I had so much to pack in this chapter I couldn’t let Candy take over. But I thought Hailey would need a female friend after all.
      Yup, she looks really pretty.
      Thank you, Louise ❤

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      1. I can very well imagine… though for once I don’t actually think Hailey is to blame, lol 😛
        I’m looking forward to seeing a possible friendship develop between the girls. ❤

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    1. Noo. I was going to make Reggie’s brother the father of her baby, but I thought that would be too complicated, after all. Too many family relations between Clint, the twins and Candy’s baby, wouldn’t it be?
      Reggie’s no cheater, thank god!
      Yup, she didn’t mess up with Clint. But Frank… yeah, it might be harsh.

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      1. I’m so glad he’s not a cheater! lol It was one of those fleeting thoughts you get when you’re reading and trying to put pieces together that may or may not fit. 😛

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      Oh, yes, Reggie is very caught up with his job and stuff at the moment. If only he had more time for his wife and children.
      Thank you. I made Candy on the spot, really, and was surprised of how good she looked. It’s also my picture editing, but Hailey’s face is definitely due to this magical HQ mod.

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    1. I hope everything is okay, too. That’s not that much of a surprise, actually. I went with female/male/female/male/female. The only reasonable step would be to have another man now. Ron is the one who rolled the evil trait that I wrote about in our group. I rerolled, though. Physical wounds from Sam are still too fresh 😂
      Oh, Reggie does have a problem. But his problem is spending too much time on job-connected stuff and refusing to give up the lifestyle he led before marrying Hailey.

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      1. Hmmm. I guess that was to be expected and doesn’t bode well for their future. 😦 Very glad Ron won’t be evil. ❤️ Although I’m sure he will be flawed in some other way.

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      2. Least flawed character of mine was Dellie. I think his biggest flaw was actually being too good. That good will didn’t wind up well for him. In a way, him and Frank share that trait. I think Cole is also too good for his… well… own good.
        Ron has the absent-minded trait after the reroll if I remember properly, so I guess that is already a flaw of some kind. Can’t blame him, because I’m super absent-minded myself.

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  5. Ooh~ I love the HQness of the chapter, lovely photos. Wow, Frank didn’t hold back sharing what Waylon thought of Hailey – that was harsh, but true. The sooner she realizes it, the better, maybe that’ll inspire her to change for the better. It was nice to see her ask Frank what was bothering him for a change, I feel like her younger self wouldn’t really notice because she’d be busy with her own problems. I was so worried something was going to go wrong with Clint, but thankfully not. But what about Frank? He doesn’t deserve any suffering! I shall start a riot of my own if he’s hurt 😤 I’m surprised Hailey shared the fact that Clint is really hers with Candy (who is really pretty indeed 😍) I hope that doesn’t come back to bite her somehow… And 7 months is really early to be giving birth, luckily Hailey and her kids are okay. I figured the next heir would be male since I’ve noticed you alternate their gender; I like how the twins’ names both start with R~ Looking forward to seeing Ronald as heir in the future, but first, I want to see how things shall go from here. Waylon better be alright, no pressure 😇💓

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    1. I am not sure if it’s more the HQness or just me experimenting with heavier photo-editing than usual. The pictures are super bright and colorful due to that.
      No, Frank didn’t hold back, because he was afraid Hailey would accuse him of not trying too hard, and he wanted to tell her what this situation really looked like (you’re going to see about that on Wednesday).
      I think it’s nice that she asked Frank for a change, too. He deserves a better friend, too, he can’t be the only one giving her advice and taking care of her countless problems.
      I understand not everyone may like Waylon, because he’s very honest and to some people it may come off as rude. But he admires hard-working people himself (he’s not a sloth, but not super hard-working either), and that’s part of why he loves Frank so much. He often calls him too good for this world and can’t see why he gives so much of his life to Hailey, especially knowing the story of her practically ruining his family. Of course he can’t see things from his perspective and realize that Hailey had been his only friend for a long time.
      No, thankfully, she didn’t mess with Clint, at least.
      Frank doesn’t deserve any suffering, but life can be so unfair. Um… We’ll see if there’s a need for your riot or not on Wednesday.
      I’m glad you think Candy’s pretty. Oh, Hailey didn’t really feel like lying. But that could definitely stir up trouble, something like another Deq-style article about her giving her child away to the gays (god, pls not).
      It’s very early, especially for twins. Yes, I like diversity of every kind, therefore I change the gender each generation and diversify my characters a lot, like with sexual preferences. I think it’d be interesting to have a trans character at some point, but that’d be a challenge in the game.
      Yes, of course their names start with R, it’s part of my naming scheme. Frederick-Fidelio, Grace-Gemma, George, Gilbert, Seth-Samien, Heather-Hailey, Reginald-Rebecca, Ronald. I don’t have the faintest idea of who Ron is at the moment, but I’ll be working on that.
      I don’t know if you meant Frank in the last sentence, but if you meant Waylon, then I’m glad someone brought it up, because they’re both at the parade and just because Hailey didn’t bring him up in the chapter, I think most readers forgot about his safety…

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      1. “We’ll see if there’s a need for your riot or not on Wednesday.” Why does this response worry me?… Frank does indeed deserve a friend that treats and cares for him the way he does for others, so I’m glad Hailey is beginning to do that. I hope Candy doesn’t say anything, lol, the last thing Hailey needs is more of her complicated life shared with the public 😂
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        Yeah, I was talking about Waylon intentionally, I meant to say “Waylon better be alright too” but forgot the too, lol. I was caught up in Hailey’s feelings for Frank I almost forgot it was his idea to go there in the first place. He is definitely not as likeable as Frank, but I still don’t want anything to happen to him. I have a feeling Frank will be saying “I told you so” to him about going to the parade at some point.

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      2. Err… I can’t really say much, just that I made my first 2 poses specifically for the Wednesday bonus and that’s exciting.
        Yeah, thankfully Hailey seems to have finally opened her eyes. Lol, her life is too complicated for random people to understand. At least Deq is gay himself and he almost got sued, so maybe he would be understanding, lmao.
        Thank you so much. Sometimes I think I went a little overboard with diversity and that it’s not very realistic, but Ron actually rolled the evil trait and I was like “hell, no” and rerolled his trait. Don’t worry, you’re not an idiot or anything, it’s just that I never specifically mentioned those things. Here are some of my rules, though, in case you find that interesting.
        Yes, I figured that was why most people forgot about Waylon altogether. I like them both and I like that they’re different and can rely on one another. Plus Waylon is a great character I can use to let out all the frustrations I have connected to Hailey, lmao. Hm… The parade will change a lot in Frank’s life, for sure.

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    1. Err… Maybe you know me a bit too well 😛 Or maybe I’m going to surprise you, who knows…
      Hailey is finały starting to behave better. About freakin’ time!
      Oh, the twins. They should be toddlers in the next chapter so you can see the hair colors 🙂
      Reggie will always choose the cars, even if they’re not a possible option. That may actually not be good for him.

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    I am really proud of Hailey this chapter, and her revelations. It is okay that she didn’t have any maternal connection with Clint. At least she is going to try with the twins (which is more than we can say for Gemma or Sam).
    I don’t know how I feel about Candy. (she is beautiful and my dislike of her has nothing to do with how she looks). She just said all of the wrong things and the wrong time. And didn’t seem to care about it.

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    1. Fraylon… *gasp*
      Yes, she’s going to try. Hopefully it goes well.
      Oh… Candy. I don’t know why you think she said the wrong things. It wasn’t intentional, she just said what she believes to be true.

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  8. I think this is one of those scenarios when the best intentions kind of backfire. It was a good idea of Hailey to make an effort to spend time with her own son. If she comes to some unpleasant realizations about herself in the process, oh well…
    The parade though – neither she nor Waylon could predict something bad would happen.

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  9. very deep thoughtful chapter, you’ve put a lot in to this. Hailey is a little hard on herself in this one, its nice that’s she already feels a bond with her twins, but its shame she giving up so soon on her first child, he’s still very young so she could still bond with him if she wanted too, but Reggie isn’t being as supportive of her and when she need him the most, the car thing and then the urine lines were very insensitive to her, I hope he pulls himself together now that the baby’s are here, and Hailey can then pick herself up, I can understand her feeling down with all that’s happened in this chapter, but if she keeps going down this road and with this career she has chosen, I don’t see it ending well, hopefully I’m wrong in my line of thought and you take this story in a different direction, as I said, its very deep and there a lot of talking points, it what make your story so good… 🙂

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    1. I’m so glad this chapter left you with so much to think about. It’s always a good challenge to try to make my characters more alive and let their thoughts and stories be heard, especially with the first person POV. Hailey is certainly being too hard on herself, but she figured that if she doesn’t feel maternal instinct towards Clint, then her relationship with him can’t be recovered. So she chose not to be a part of his life, which may later come and bite her in the ass. After all, Clinton will want to know who his mother is. Two fathers can be just as good as a standard family model, but it is apparent that they cannot conceive, which is going to raise questions in the boy’s mind.
      Reggie is being a bit insensitive, that’s true but he is too caught up in his work at the moment. If only there was something she could do for him to be more involved.
      The events of this chapter have taken a toll on Hailey and she’s suffering because of them. Definitely we’ve had enough depressed musicians throughout the years.. Hopefully, that won’t happen in Hailey’s case. Thank you so much for complementing my story again, Darren 🙂

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  10. You have waited so long for this long comment. A lot of things happened in this chapter. I’m glad Frank goes to the parade. If he wants to try how he would be feel there, I will keep my fingers crossed for him.
    I was surprised Hailey’s idea, she hasn’t cared about Clinton for a few years. I know this was a test for her, as a mother, but anyway, it was strange. If you don’t love this child, you won’t be paid to babysit him. Nevertheless, it was nice of Hannah to take care for Clint. Both sides gained something from it.
    The one who gains the title of the worst behaving character in this chapter is… Reggie! What was that? I know he forgot to tell Hailey, but she is pregnant and he can’t throw the parties just like that. He has planed it for a few days, so he had time to tell her. If he has memory problems, he should write down his ideas. Then he won’t forget about them in the future. I would be very pissed off if this situation happened to me. As you know, I love surprises. This kind of surprises.
    I also think Candy is very pretty. When I saw her, my first thought was that she is pregnant with Reggie. It would be awful. Fortunately she isn’t, what a relief. She is just a lost girl who needs someone to talk. It’s very sad that she is alone with her problems. Regardless, I wouldn’t want to talk with her.
    Why was I thinking that the twins will be boys? Anyway, welcome to the world! I’m glad they are safe (you wouldn’t let that happened). I want to see Hannah as a mother. It will be interesting. And I want to see Reggie as a father, let him prove that he is a good father.
    I wonder who will be a heir. In my view, Ronald (not Roland) will be, I can see it in his eyes, but I’m not sure… This is a hard decision to make, right?
    Sorry, but I could forget about that (Welcome to the club, Reggie). I hope Frank is okay. He can’t be hurt by some stupid guy. If you hurt him, I will deal with you!

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    1. I have waited a long time, indeed.
      Frank finally made up his mind about the parade. We had all been waiting for the verdict.
      Oh, Hailey is finally trying, although that is still strange. She and Clinton will never have a deep relation.
      Reggie definitely wasn’t fair to Hailey. Maybe he’s getting older and these are really memory problems? I’m just kidding, it was obviously very bad behavior.
      No, as I’ve already told Kymber, Reggie is not the father of Candy’s child. It would be very messed up and your dislike for Reggie would only enlarge. She’s a lost girl for sure.
      Noo, these are not boys, I cheated so that I could have a boy and a girl, it’ll be important for the story later on. Yes, let them prove that they can be good parents.
      It’s not your view, it’s the surname, trust me.
      Uh… I’m off to Russia just in case you’re going to hurt me 😛

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  11. It’s good Hailey is finally thinking about her realities as a parent. She needed to hear Frank and Waylon’s honest opinions of her — she seems to almost always be focused on her own problems and not much about others. Waylon really thinks the same things I do about Hailey, I think our personalities are quite similar lol.
    I was impressed with Hailey, though, with the way she handled Clint. I was worried that she might mess up, but she actually did okay. It gives me hope for how she may deal with the twins.
    Oh dear. The fact that Reggie didn’t even answer Hailey’s question properly (about choosing between her and racing) does not seem to bode well 😦 I am crossing my fingers that he will get his act together and be a good father, plus pay attention to Hailey — I wouldn’t be surprised if he got completely engrossed in his babies and forget all about his wife, which I don’t think she would take well, considering her downcast mood lately.
    Candy is so cute! I like how she and Hailey got along and had a nice, long talk. I hope we can see her in the future, I think she might be great support.
    Nooooooooo Fraylon! They better be alright! I have to say that Hailey is being too hard on herself at the end there. It’s really not her fault, I hope she won’t beat herself up too much about it.
    The HQ pictures look great! Nice chapter ❤

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    1. No one thought the time when Hailey is actually thinking about her responsibilities would come, but here goes! She needed to heart these and the talk with Candy probably helped as well. You know what, I and Hailey share some traits, mainly the negative ones. Because in real life it is usually me forgetting about other people having problems as well. So I’m trying to work on that. But yeah, high-five, Lila, I, you and Waylon alike have the same opinion on Hailey. Basically I’m just voicing my thoughts of her through him. Half of the bonus coming on Wednesday is just his rant on her and boy, did that feel satisfying.
      Oh yes, she did okay, but Clinton was cooperating. He practically always is as I hate toddlers so much I try to keep him sleeping or fully out of the picture 😂 Yes, it definitely gives us some hope for the future.
      Reggie takes his career very seriously and he sees anyone trying to distance him from the cars as a threat. He really thinks about them as friends, which may look weird to the others, but makes sense to him. Definitely he could forget about Hailey and that wouldn’t bode well for her because she already has so many doubts. She’s had them mostly after Gemma’s death.
      I think Candy is, too. I know some of my readers think she’s weird, but she just has that sort of a warm personality.
      Ah, Fraylon, yup, hopefully they are. 😧 You are right, it’s not her fault, but she’s been putting too much blame on herself lately.
      Thank you ♥

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      1. This bonus is super pessimistic, I think, spare for short moments of happiness and the rant, which I so enjoyed. It felt like I could finally shake Frank for sticking with Hailey. My fav line from Waylon is officially: “you don’t become a parent through being unable to keep your junk in your boxers, or your cookie in your panties” 😂 Man, that’s true wisdom. You will have to read it all, lmao

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      2. Lol, I get your feeling. Sometimes I have to wildly rant about stuff to just get it out of my system! That line is golden 😭 I’m looking forward to the bonus!

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  12. Hailey looks great, she’s really pretty without makeup as well. She did look more tired this chapter, probably the HQ bringing out the skin details.

    Why is Waylon still bringing up how much he dislikes Hailey to the point that is causes problems with him and Frank? He just seems really vindictive at this point. Those things are years past, and although I wouldn’t say Hailey is a different person, she has changed some.

    Speaking of, Hailey’s self reflection while taking care of Clint was great. She does want to do better, even while realizing that Clint has the best parents in his two fathers, and she wouldn’t try to change that.

    Candy seems to need a good friend right now. Maybe she and Hailey could support each other. I did think Hailey’s confusion at Candy telling her problems to a stranger was funny. XD Some people are just like that.

    Idk, a bit unfair for Hailey to ask Reggie to choose her or his career. He seems equally passionate for both aspects of his life and has put a lot of work into both. I wonder if it was more pregnancy hormones getting to her or if those feelings will stay.

    Oh no, Frank!

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    1. Yes, that’s probably the skin details. I still think she looks like an HQ painting.
      Waylon hates Hailey to the core. He believes her to be a threat, only causing bad stuff to happen to Frank whom he is very protective of. You’re going to see a rant on her coming from in the next Frank bonus.
      Yes, she finally seems to have experienced some wise realizations. About time, Hailey! And Clinton is a very loved child by both of his dads.
      Yup, Candy is so lost, throwing herself on strangers. I agree that some people are like that, but it’s a bit overwhelming.
      I have to agree that it was unfair, especially if cars are much more than a career for him. Hm… this conflict is going to stay around for a while.
      Yeah… I posted a Frank bonus an hour ago and it explains what really happened at the parade. And more on Waylon being vindictive.

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