Pride Month

Pride Month 🌈

Warning: Rather lengthy and has a ton of pictures, most of them being old ones, almost like a walk down memory lane. Because I got nostalgic.

Hello, guys, it’s me again and, as promised, today it’s time for the special Pride Month bonus, which is practically just my reflections on all the LGBTQ characters featured in my story so far. I hope you enjoy it!

0.jpgWe will begin with my first ever queer couple in the whole history of me playing The Sims – Barbara “Bobbie” Westfall and Charlotte “Charlie” Mulligan, introduced in Chapter 3.2 Egypt pt.1: Not Only Beautiful Views.


Up until generation 3 of my blog story I’ve never been particularly interested in having that sort of variety in my game and/or stories. However, once I decided to set off Gemma on an adventure I wanted her to meet some interesting people. Bobbie came from my TS3 studio, I created her 2 years prior to her being featured in my story and, although from the beginning her tomboyish look might have meant something to me, I’d never called a spade a spade. When I decided to include her in the story, I also made my mind about her being lesbian, which is one of the first things she brings up when she introduces herself.


Bobbie grew up in Apaloosa Plains, which is said to be a pretty intolerant society, as I imagined a traditional small town would be. She set off on an adventure to escape her homophobic parents, see new things and even if for a moment – to have the liberty to be who she is.


Right after Bobbie we are introduced to Charlotte, who claims she’s bisexual and also comes from an intolerant society, so they are apparently bonding over the discrimination, which was directed at them, right away. In turn they trigger the rest of the group – Seth and Dennis – to reveal their sexual orientations as well, which is, admittedly, rather puckish coming from me, because I basically forced my straight characters to come out as well. I know that some of my readers couldn’t understand why I had everyone revealing their sexual orientation as the first thing about them. The reason is plain and simple – Bobbie and Charlotte obviously treated the trip as a wonderful dating service; these were Communication studies after all, ha, ha. The other characters felt weird after their confessions and so it started off the trend of “coming out”. Notice Gemma spoke first and she said nothing about her sexual orientation, because she didn’t feel the need to. Obviously, main reason was because I was too proud of finally having an LGBTQ couple and decided to rub it in my readers’ faces 😛

Bobbie and Charlotte get together almost instantly after the trip’s start and in Chapter 3.3 Egypt pt.2: A Grasp of Culture they are making out near the adventure board when Seth and Gemma come to look for something to try together. When Seth points out that they’re disturbing them, Bobbie instantly bursts out, saying he can’t diminish them just because they’re girls, which obviously wasn’t the reason for Seth’s remark, which he peacefully explains. Throughout all the trip in-game, as I explored the tombs with Gemma, I set the free will for everyone except her, and let me tell you: Bobbie and Charlotte, no matter the location, spent their whole days woohooing. So, I guess, they were a perfect match after all. At the end of the trip the girls decide to move out to Isla Paradiso together, which is a very supportive community. I’ve never explicitly stated it in the story, but, in my head, it was practically the only place at those times where same-sex couples had the right to marry, which Bobbie and Charlie took advantage of.

It is revealed in the story much later on when Sam is a teen and Gemma discovers Bobbie’s message on Simbook, as well as the fact that she has two surnames – Westfall-Mulligan. The whole profile is filled with the photos of her and Charlotte having fun on many of Isla Paradiso’s beaches. It was also mentioned in the story that Charlie is interested in photography, so everything adds up. What happened next? Nothing you wouldn’t have excepted. Bobbie and Charlotte never decided to adopt, they were perfectly happy spending their lives with each other, exploring sunny beaches and beautiful flora of Isla Paradiso together until the inevitable death came for them.


I wasn’t sure whether to include her here or not, but the next character I’m going to bring up is, supposedly straight, Gemma Rosenthal. I said “supposedly straight”, because reading her story, you can quickly realize Gemma’s distaste for sex. Even though she loved both Anthony and Seth, she didn’t enjoy sexual intercourse with either of them. I am not bringing the sexual assault into this. She just didn’t like it, which was mentioned by her a lot of times throughout her generation and which definitely makes us wonder whether her marriage with Seth would have survived or not had he not died. In the end Gemma can be labeled as heteroromantic asexual, being attracted to the opposite sex, but not liking sexual intercourse at all. She even mentions it herself in her OC tag.

Next character I’m going to talk about is definitely known by everyone. Please welcome Samien “Sam” Robinson.


I don’t think anything I say here will come off as a surprise, but I’ll say it anyway.

When working on developing the image of Sam’s character in my mind, he struck me as someone attracted to the same sex.


I don’t know why, I just saw it fit and I couldn’t make him gay, because it would be an obstacle for my legacy, so I made him bisexual. And his orientation is one of the very, very few things about himself that Sam hates to the core. It’s interesting, really, because even though Sam engages in several same-sex relationships throughout his generation, his first boyfriend being Aaron, who attended the boarding school with him and a relationship with whom Sam denied, when it was revealed by one of his ex-girlfriends, he doesn’t accept the fact that he’s bi.


At one point, in Chapter 4.20 I Am…Doubtful (and still a father), he even tells Hailey that Frank is lucky to be gay, because “being bi sucks, because you can never decide”, which is one of the stereotypes and hate comments about bi community made by homophobic people. And it is spoken by a bisexual person, in fact. An interesting example is Sam’s and Adaeze’s talk in Chapter 4.17 I Am…Not so Sure about it. They share an exchange of snarky remarks until the more serious stuff comes about:


“You’d be better off as straight.”


“You’d be better off as gay,” came an instant answer.

“If only.” It seemed to have caught her off-balance in a way.


“What do you mean?”


“Maybe my life would’ve been a tad less fucked up if I was either one or the other and not both,” I sighed. “So, what’s next on the list?”

Adaeze seemed to deliberate it for a moment before she decided not to dwell on the subject.

“One hundred jumping jacks,” she said curtly. I let out a load groan.

“I can hardly wait.”


A while later I was focused on my task and the faster my heart beat, the more lost in thought Adaeze seemed to be.

Adaeze couldn’t understand Sam’s statement here, because, even though being lesbian had caused her a fair share of troubles, she would never want to be straight, full of pride of who she is. What Sam said made her start wondering who this guy, who appeared so self-confident at the surface, really is. It’s at that moment that Sam inadvertently reveals his true nature and complexes.

The next example of Sam’s problems with himself can be seen in the change of Sam’s style after he saw Aaron and how confident he became with his choice of clothes.


A careful reader would then realize how much he changes his style from black T-shirts to more colorful clothing, which is a rather poor manifestato of his sexuality that he isn’t and will never be truly confident with. It is brought up by Deq  in Chapter 4.15 I Am…Halfway There, when they eventually split their ways.


“I am not sure where to begin, but…please don’t be afraid. To be who you are.” He made a gesture toward my pink T-shirt. “You don’t have to manifest anything, really. It’d be okay to wear it if that was what you wanted to wear, but we both know it’s a really poor kinda manifesto. Don’t let your sexuality define what you choose to wear. Look, I know how cheesy it sounds, but you don’t have to wear the clothes you think are suitable to show that you’re the B in the widely known shortcut.” My chin literally dropped to the floor. I was seriously pissed off, but I was still trying to get a hold of myself.


“I don’t get what you mean, Deq.”


“You do, Sam. Think about the time you last wore what you really liked, something that didn’t show either that you’re as straight as a gun barrel or quite the opposite. You can be perfectly okay without this childish play.” That I couldn’t endure. No one tells me what I should and shouldn’t do!

This talk eventually leads to a quarrel and Sam and Deq split up on bad terms. Just because Deq , a pathological liar, for once tried to be sincere with his boyfriend.

Of course, the list of Sam being insecure in many situations goes on and on, but these, I thought, are some of the most important examples. As far as the nature of Sam’s relationship is concerned, I don’t really have much to say here. They were equally messed up as his heterosexual ones were.

Sam’s first boyfriend he met in the boarding school is called Aaron Stanton, introduced in Introduction: Samien’s Life in the Boarding School, a rather shy boy who was secretly in love with his popular best-friend.


One night, the boys chill together drinking beer and are obviously wasted, when Aaron gets the crazy idea to kiss Sam, which leads to a drunken hook up.


Then Aaron and Sam begin secretly dating until they are debunked by one of Sam’s exes.

When she tells the schoolmates about it, Sam denies everything in fear of losing his popularity and breaks Aaron’s heart.

Several years later Aaron happens to be in Twinbrook and catches Sam as he is about to pass out from too many drinks.

When he wakes up in Aaron’s house, he is surprised to see his red hair and eyeliner.

Aaron drives Sam home and then sends him a text, asking whether he got drunk over a girl or a boy. Sam insults Aaron and they never meet again. In his OC tag Sam mentions he has good memories of skinny-dipping in the lake with Aaron during the boarding school’s canoeing trips. It’s Aaron who causes a drastic change in Sam. It is apparent, though, that after finally cutting Sam off, he becomes a much happier person, enjoying the relief of not toxic relationships.

Next briefly mentioned gay character is Sam’s ex-boyfriend (or rather FWB?), Lane Jacobsen, who is said to be a rather extreme criminal.


It’s him who convinces Sam to take part in hook ups in the most random places, eventually forcing him to a walk home naked in the wee hours on the swamps.

Not much is known about him and after this “adventure” they part ways. Lane was actually taken from my town and I lost him, but recreated him specifically for this post. Not much is known about his life after Sam, but he is said to be Sam’s lover when married with Heather in the alternative universe.

Then there’s Dequan “Deq” Nelson, who is one of the more interesting characters presented in my story, introduced in Chapter 4.11 I Am…In for an Adventure and we learn more about him in Chapter 4.13 I Am…A Teeny-Tiny Step Forward.


Deq grew up in an orphanage in Isla Paradiso. From the young age he was attracted to girly toys, such as the pink bunny he still has.

One of his traits in my game is childish and Deq often acts childish like when he made up the story of him not having kissed a man before Sam, which is quickly debunked.

As a teenager Deq starts getting involved in criminal activities and learns how to be an excellent liar. He also explores gay community in Isla Paradiso, experiencing his first relationships, as well as getting into some shady business. Despite his criminal past, he eventually becomes a journalist and founds his blog where he posts about his travelling adventures.

Throughout his life Deq gets involved in various relationships, but never anything stable. When he is asked by my Sim Cecily in my other story whether he wouldn’t like to have children one day, he just laughs, because he finds the idea so hilarious.

He has been holding a grudge towards Sam for many years and prepared his vendetta on Sam’s daughter by writing a diminishing article about her. It wasn’t hard for him to piece facts together and check how much of Sam’s story that he himself told him was made up. After getting involved in an affair with first Swaffords and then Calloways, one of the most famous celebrities in Starlight Shores, Deq finally realizes the severity of his mistakes and decisions. His only hope is he won’t be sued for what he wrote about Hailey, when she wasn’t even a public figure.

Next ones that I’m going to bring up are Shang Simla townies, Adaeze Min and Biyu Shen, whom I adapted for my story and presented as lesbians. Adaeze is first introduced in Chapter 4.12 I Am…Sick of Homophobia and her girlfriend Biyu – in Chapter 4.13 I Am…A Teeny-Tiny Step Forward.

I’m not used to seeing either of them in clothes that do not look traditional!

Adaeze and Biyu live together in the household called “MinShen” which is their surnames combined, as is natural for all households in Shang Simla. However, after stalking several pages of Shang Simla’s families on Simspedia, I discovered Adaeze’s high skill in martial arts. She also struck me as a badass woman with such skill, her red lipstick, her lips always a scowl and quite heavy make-up. For the sake of Sam’s story, I made her a lesbian, who is a feminist living in China and fighting for women rights, as opposed to a homophobe Shen who she instantly fights with, as they both earn money training newcomers.

I also decided to make her best-friend whom she lives with, innocent-looking Biyu, a lesbian as well (even though Biyu was clearly bisexual in my game, attracted to Sam and Adaeze while Adaeze was attracted to Sam).

Adaeze has both American and Chinese/Simnese blood in her and she grew up in Sunset Valley, hence why she has no trouble talking to Sam in English/Simlish. Her story is mentioned in Chapter 4.16 I Am…Sparing my Life for a Sparring, when she confides in Sam.

He grandmother, who was Chinese, engrafted the love of China in her. She fought hard to earn the Grand Master title, but she lost everything when her grandmother died and she started losing matches because of grief. She also came to live in China because of her and then the local people started calling her a foreigner, who debauched the innocent Biyu, who could get herself a good husband. Everyone cheered when she lost in her fight for the title. Hence why Adaeze had such high hopes for Sam to win the title as a representative of LGBTQ community, just to show these homophobic locals what they’re capable of. In the next chapter she starts having doubts about it, because Sam is apparently not confident in his sexuality. In Adaeze’s presence, uncertain Biyu finally manages to explore her sexuality and despite meaningful glances from the locals, they stick together.

Finally, there’s my favorite boy, Frank “Frankie” Calloway (Parsons from home), who is first introduced as the only boy in the choir that Hailey attends in Bonus Post: Childhood of Hailey Nathifa, and his husband Waylon, who are together better known as Fraylon.


Hailey and Frank were not close as children, but everything changed when Hailey defended him from the bullies in the Bonus Post: Teenagehood of Hailey Nathifa, calling him gay. Little did she know they were right, as Frank eventually confesses.

Hailey and Frank pretend to be in a relationship for a very long time. She eventually outs him to his dad and in turn makes Frank’s life a living hell.

Things continue to be harsh when Frank and his mother Joanne find out about Hailey and Frank’s father and Joanne’s husband, Cedric’s, relationship. Frank and Hailey eventually make up, though, and when in Starlight Shores, Frank meets an interesting man on his studies, who offers to help him as he’s new. The guy turns out to be Waylon and the boys develop a relationship. It takes Frank a long time to open up to him and yet Hailey walks in in one of their first intimate moments together.

Waylon, on the other hand, comes from a family of lawyers with his very supportive and accepting parents, Martha and Arthur. He also has a younger brother called Kenneth, who are all introduced as they attend his wedding in Chapter 5.9 Baby Steps.

He instantly becomes interested in a new guy on his studies and makes up a white lie about a program with older students helping the new ones just to get to know him better. Frank and Waylon marry at least and it is decided that they will take care of Hailey and Cedric’s son, Clinton. Although married to his love, Frank still suffers after how his father treated him as a teen and he still has a long way ahead of him to feel more confident in his own skin and with who he is.

I think that’s all I had to say for now. Thank you so much for reading this super lengthy post and I hope you enjoyed this rather overblown analysis of each and every LGBTQ character in this story (well, I have quite a good number of them). Happy last days of Pride Month!

28 thoughts on “Pride Month 🌈”

  1. I love the vibrant pictures with all the pride flags and shirts (and makeup)! For a moment I thought it was the pride parade — though obviously not, since it’s indoors — and I was like yay Frank, you went!
    This was a great read, and as the others said, it was lovely to have a look back at the older characters 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do, too. I found so much great Pride CC and I couldn’t resist to get it all. No, it’s all in my photo studio. Anyway, I don’t think Sam, who somehow would have to get out of jail, would be able to stand next to his YA mother, who died last chapter 😂 I think I’m going to get out another bonus soon about Frank’s decision whether to go or not to go and what it leads to. 🙂
      I’m glad you enjoyed the read (I thought there was no way anyone would get through these tedious ramblings) and it’s always nice to see the old characters again!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oops, I’m late~ my bad! This certainly was a trip down memory lane as the others have said. The start with Charlie and Bobby made me think of Gemma’s early adventures and her meeting Seth :’) I love how you used all the different flags and incorpated them into the characters clothing. It was nice to see you include some of the past conversations they’ve had as well. I particularly liked the one between Adaeze and Sam, who I actually enjoyed seeing despite all of the horrible things he did. Looking forward to your other bonus 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t worry, you can be late once in a while, it’s not that big of a deal, you’re only a day late after all 😛
      Yes, it was a trip down memory lane, hence why it was so long, because it got super nostalgic for me.
      I loved Charlie and Bobbie. They were such a lively couple!
      I’m glad you liked that. I found a lot of Pride Content and had them wear the T-shirts and face paint. I admit I had no idea what, for example, asexual flag looked like, but it makes sense with the delicate and light colors. Bi one is so joyful, on the other hand!
      Yes, I think it’s interesting to look at things with hindsight.
      My other bonus… I have about a week to get 3 chapters and a bonus done, so I can’t really promise anything, I’m afraid. But I will try. I am in the process of preparing this Saturday’s chapter, btw 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you lots. It was fun with all the rainbow gear and I’m always happy to incorporate some diversity into my story. Same to you! I guess your Sims are lucky not to be ‘different’, it wouldn’t be easy in those medieval times!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Glad you enjoyed setting it all up 🙂 Such a fun way to celebrate.
        Yes, it would definitely be difficult and dangerous. All the sims in my modern game are bisexual so I’ve never really had to think about it before–but have been mulling over for a while exploring same-sex attraction in Snordwich.
        Happy simming xx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I thought so, too. I just figured out my game somehow has a higher percentage of LGBTQ which starts to be less of a minority? I like the diversity, maybe a little too much. As I’ve mentioned in this post, I haven’t had all of this before this blog, so I’m having lots of fun exploring the possibilities. I don’t think I’d have had as many of them if Sam’s generation hadn’t forced me a bit to with this amount of various relationships.
        Hm… this could be an interesting topic, but it would definitely put your Sims at risk of ostracizing.
        Happy simming to you, too!

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  3. It was a nice reminder of all non straight characters in your story. You have had a lot of them. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting Gemma here. Pride Month makes me think of homosexualists and bisexualists (only).
    I’m glad some of them were/are happy, because being gay or lesbian shouldn’t make you weird. There is nothing wrong with it, they live like others, and this is how it should be.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s very limited pattern of thought to attach pride to homosexualists and bisexuals only. There are also asexuals, pansexual, LGBTQ allies, transsexuals and many more…
      It definitely shouldn’t be considered weird anymore, especially in the times we’re living in.

      Liked by 1 person

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