Chapter 5.14 Family

Music has always had a way of silencing my most disturbing thoughts.


Like now, for example, as I am sitting at the keyboard in our house. Reggie’s office works perfectly as my little songwriting studio.  The atmosphere is somehow helping to put me at ease. Sure, it might be the scent of Reggie’s jacket he’d left on the bed last night, perhaps wanting our maid to take care of it (I’d taken it before she was able to, though) – his sweat mixed with gasoline and the same Hugo Boss perfume, a  combination that drives me crazy. It almost feels as if he was there. Or it might be due to my freshly dyed, bright orange hair that helps me visualize the person I became specifically for my debut album. Nathifa Knight. Exactly how I would have been called had my mother not “died”.  The whole experience is amazing with this dye. It’s like living in a make-believe land, full of the wild adventures of being a daughter of a prostitute, the thrill, danger, adrenaline… I look up to my mother, even though I don’t remember the least of her, not counting mother_to_the_broken123 character, whom I’d had no idea she was my mother before she died was killed by my father.  How sorry I am to not have been able to discover her story in the fullest. Phrases of her referring to her father written in my father’s diary could never be enough. Was he any worse than my father? I strongly doubt it. In fact, I would not believe it even if she came out of the grave to tell me herself.

But music is also therapeutic.


I know for sure that writing down a part of my life is like giving away a part of my soul to the listeners. It helps me focus on just the lyrics, the melody, the creative process. It takes my mind off the fact that I’m yet alone in the house, that Reggie is busy again, that I am terribly frightened of the responsibilities awaiting me right around the…


I take that part back about silencing my thoughts. Just. Stop… Please?


I think my mind’s a jumbled mess. But I find that with my mind being a jumbled mess, the creative process is easier. I’m not sure how it works, but it somehow does. The crazier it gets, the better I write. I am not sure if it’s normal. I just write and if I write, I feel better. It’s simple, really.


Today I’ve finished my last and at the same time first single of my debut album (it’s the last I wrote, but it’s the first one on the tracklist). Similarly to the album, the song is called Family. It’s about my weird family model I had growing up and how confusing and saddening it was that I didn’t have a father nor mother throughout my childhood and adolescence. It’s a very personal song, but my album is super personal as well. It has a total of thirteen tracks, with each one of them presenting a different chapter in my life. It also premieres in a few days and I am not sure how I feel about all that. I haven’t actually thought I would get to this part and now that it is happening, it’s just… I don’t know. I really don’t.

I’ve already talked to the proprietor of Mitch Master’s Karaoke, the bar where I met Reggie for the first time, and he agreed to let me perform there to celebrate the premiere of my debut album, Family. The thing troubling me the most about that is the fact that I don’t even know if my husband will be there. He is just continuously busy and as much as I’d want to be that supportive wife who appreciates his hard work and commitment to his passion, that’s just not happening. I am simply not that kind of person. This is my diary and I feel like I can be honest here, so I will just admit I’m super jealous of his work. I want to be the one most important to him, above everyone and everything.


Startled by my phone ringing, I suddenly realize I’ve been staring out the window (not a nice view, by the way) for a long time now, deep in thought as I let my fingers wander around the keyboard.

It’s Rosie.


“Hailey, I’m really sorry to be the one who tells you this, but your grandmother… Gemma is not with us anymore.” I don’t respond, just automatically disconnect the phone, then slide down the wall.


When Reggie *finally* comes home, I come to realize how much time I’ve spent in this position. My legs are suddenly sore, even though just a second ago I felt completely numb. It’s sinking in. The realization that the people who were the closest to actual parents I’ve ever had in my life are both taken away from me. It’s utterly frightening and I still don’t feel ready to face it.

“Oh my gawd, Hailey, why are you crying? You do realize you’re going to perform in an hour and you’re not even dressed up properly?” Reggie asks. I look absently at him.

“Reggie, I’ve made my choice.” He sends me a confused look.


“Wait, what choice?” Reggie asks, putting an arm around me and bringing back the memories of Frank embracing me in the same way 4 years ago, when I discovered my first pregnancy . It’s fascinating how differently my body reacts to Reggie compared to Frank.


“I’m talking about our kids. They will have my surname. The maiden one. Rosenthal they’re going to be called.” Reggie’s shock quickly turns into annoyance.


“What are you on about? Our kids will be called Calloway. Do you think that loser Adam is going to have kids? Clock is ticking for me, Hailey. Someone has got to continue the family legacy. And this someone won’t be April.” Maybe he’s right. What was I thinking? Hoping to continue the family tradition, to save it just for Gramma. But maybe…


“Let me have… at least… one twin. Firstborn is yours. But let the second twin have my maiden name. You have no idea how important it is to me, Reggie. It’s… for my gramma.”

“That sounds like the freakiest idea ever – twins with different surnames.” Then his gaze softens as he realizes my despair. “But if it makes you happy… Maybe we could make this work.” A shadow of a smile appears on my face.

“Thank you, Reggie. That means a lot.”


“Now get ready for your performance. You don’t wanna be late,” he says, kissing my head lightly.



The performance has been going great. For some reason I managed not to burst into tears and perform some of my original songs, as well as some covers. Frank, Waylon, Reggie (his presence really helped), and even Rosie have been supporting me. I don’t have big audience, but maybe it’s better. I’m still not in the best mindset.

Finally, I just can’t pretend it’s okay anymore, so I ask the proprietor to borrow me a keyboard and I sit down, focusing on pushing the right keys.

Note: Written based on P!nk’s Family Portrait.


Gramma, please stop crying

 It’s all in the past (and what if)

Grandpa stopped trying

To move past to the dust?


 I hear other children

Have a different house

And I told them that mine’s nice

But what if they saw us


You argue ’bout my upbringing

 But I’ll be alright

 It’s not about the school

Wish past didn’t bite (That much)


It ain’t easy

Growing without father, do you know?

 I’m feeling dizzy

As I think about my mother, so


Can we work it out? (can we?)

Can we be a family? (can we?)

 Promise it’ll be better

Gramma, please believe


 Can we work it out? (can we?)

Can we be a family? (can we?)

 Promise it’ll be better

 Grandpa, please don’t die (My voice breaks at the last word)


Gramma, please stop forcing

 Power over me

I know you’re afraid, but we

Cannot bring him back


He’s in a better place now

We can only hope

Well, we’re still here, but

This photo has exactly no point except for Fraylon.

I ran away today, to find my father, ran away

Don’t wanna still feel the pain, but I don’t have no choice, no way

No one to steal boyfriends from anymore, huh, Rosie?

It ain’t easy

 Growing without father, do you know?

 I’m feeling dizzy

 As I think about my mother, so


 Can we work it out? (can we?)

Can we be a family? (can we?)

Promise it’ll be better

Gramma, please believe


 Can we work it out? (can we?)

Can we be a family? (can we?)

Promise it’ll be better

Grandpa, you left us

 And now you, Gramma, too


I cut at the last word of the freshly-changed last line, bursting into long-held tears, which are at last freely escaping my eyes. Everyone’s clapping, but all I can think about is my loss.

Finally, I get up and reach the standing microphone.



“Thank you.  There’s something I need to tell you. Today my beloved grandmother who played the maternal figure in my life left us. This song is about my childhood with her and my great-grandfather, her father. They are both dead now. I just… wanted this performance to be a tribute to her and I hope she’s happy wherever she is now, but I am still saddened by the fact she didn’t live long enough to see her great-grandchildren.” I touch the little baby bump hidden under my dress. “This was the last song for today. Thank you for listening and I wish you a nice evening.”


As I walk off the stage, I collapse into Reggie’s arms, my cheeks wet from tears, continuously going into spasms of crying. He just holds me and lets me cry as long as I feel fit.

Note: So, for those of who you sensed tragedy… Maybe you were right after all, but I totally didn’t think about it that way when I replied to your comments. I’ve planned this chapter at the beginning of this gen and Gemma has never been my favorite Sim. In fact, I’ve never really liked her (“yeah, we figured that much” – said the readers rereading the generation’s ending), but really she’s still alive and well in my game. I just like story deaths to fall at a particular place and I needed hers just at this moment. Of course song credits go to P!nk, I’ve just rewritten it in an admittedly poor way (sorry about that, just don’t try to sing it, or you may find out the rhythm doesn’t match most of the time), but I wanted a nice touch to the chapter, sort of. It’s still super badly written, but I’m no songwriter.

Anyway… I have a new computer, finally ♥ I hope to see how it works soon and it’s super exciting. As a plus, I plan to do a bonus just for Fraylon soon and for some of you, I know, this post, called From the life of Frank Cavender (that’s how I plan to name it at the moment, at least),  which should also be written in Frank’s POV, will be a delight. I also plan to do a seperate Pride Month post, but we’ll see how it goes. Too many projects, too little time, I tell ya! Anyway, have a wonderful weekend, y’all!

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  1. I finished this chapter and then realized I had tears running down my cheeks. I was so entranced I didn’t feel them till just now. Oh my gosh! I wonder how this will affect the rest of her life now. She has already made one decision out of sorrow, so what will come next.

    “I know for sure that writing down a part of my life is like giving away a part of my soul to the listeners.” I read that line twice and thought about it before deciding I believe that to be true. Like writing from first person in our stories. It makes it more personal, but I never thought about it from that perspective.

    Great chapter! (obviously-tears!)

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    1. Oh wow. I’m sorry for making you cry! It was sad, for sure, to say goodbye to Gemma. Hailey grew up with her as the closest to a maternal figure. She and Heather were never reunited – and then she was killed by Sam, as we know. Sigh. These lyrics are based on P!nk’s lyrics for Family Portrait, I’ve only adjusted them months ago when I came up with an idea for this chapter. You are right, this sorrow is going to affect Hailey’s view on life a big deal.
      I think this is true, too. These first paragraphs were like yours “Life was truly chaotic”, they pretty much reflected on my own beliefs. I wasn’t sure how to get it on with this chapter at first, as well.
      Thank you very much. Never thought I’d make anyone cry with this one.

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  2. Tears…..dang that was heart wrenching…I’m so glad Reggie was there for her. So now we know that one of the twins will be the heir, whichever one gets her name…it was sweet of Reggie to understand how much it meant to her. I love Reggie. ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Oh no, not you, too! I really didn’t mean to make anyone cry. I didn’t after all and Gemma was my heir…
      You are right about one of the twins being the heir. I don’t know how many more methods I can think of to get those surnames right! I love, Reggie, too. He’d be a beast not to agree after he saw what state his wife was in. Still, that was a crazy idea.

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      1. I can’t believe you didn’t shed a tear….but I am so empathetic that the least little thing sets me off. Love me some Reggie though. Hers a good husband. I just hope Hailey’s jealousy doesn’t cause problems for them.

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  3. Awww poor Hailey..! 😢
    This was heartbreaking to read, but so well written! RIP Gemma 😦
    At first I wanted to shake my head at Reggie vonsiderimg his reaction about the name, but at the end he was so sweet to her! ❤ I'm glad he was there to comfort her.
    I wonder if the issue that Hailey has with Reggie's job is similar to the one his former wife had – only Reggie thought it was something different… maybe that's not the case, but it's just a thought I had!
    Oh, and you did an excellent job with the lyrics! This chapter was great! ❤

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    1. Yes, I feel for her.
      Thank you although I think writing credits mainly go to P!nk. I mostly ripped off her song, tbh. But I didn’t claim it was mine, at least! RIP Gemma.
      Reggie was shocked. Remember he is older and more conservative than her and it surely shows in how he needed to propose to her to “make it right”. Kids taking up the woman’s surname is somewhat too much for him. Seeing her in the state she was, however, he agreed to her crazy plan.
      No, Amanda’s issue was with the nature of the job, not just Reggie being busy with him. She also worried about his security – although she was eventually the one who died in a car accident, not him. Hailey is jealous of it taking too much of his time that he could spend with her.
      Thank you so much, I’m glad you think so. As I’ve said, sounds well, ’till you try to sing it. Then the melody and lyrics don’t add up, because I’m bad at this.

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  4. sad story’s in some ways are hard to do, if you can get past the idea of losing a main character.
    but you get a lot of emotion’s that really intensify the story.
    the expression’s on the audience faces, all I can say is tough crowd, you got to feel sorry for Hailey here too, you’ve done a fantastic job on the writing as always Jowita.

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    1. Yes, it’s hard to lose your characters.
      The expressions they got is what they got from the game, listening to some random girl performing karaoke on the side. It’s an expression they get listening to music playing. Hailey was posing so they didn’t really pay attention to her.
      Thank you so much, Darren. You’re very kind to say that.

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  5. Poor Hailey. It was a sweet tribute she did to her grandma. She looked really good for that performance as well – got a very Adele like vibe to her, or maybe that’s just me 🙂
    It was a really nicely written chapter, and I think your pictures here were particularly great ❤ 🙂

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    1. I also liked it as her tribute to Gemma. Oh, it was just another of Rusty Nail’s dresses. I looked for some that were pregnancy-enabled, although she’s at 40% of pregnancy and isn’t really showing yet. Maybe there’s something about the Adele vibe.
      Thank you so much. I was really proud of the singing ones. ♥

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      1. Well, I can’t get used to redheaded Hailey. Reminds me too much of Heather. I picture it she inherited her hair structure, that’s why hers is super straight as opposed to Gemma. And now the color matches as well. Ghosts from the past, I tell ya!

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  6. I really like how you wrote this and how it ended with Hailey being held by Reggie and tears pouring down her face. It was very powerful the way you presented it. Poor Hailey, my heart breaks for her.

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  7. Wow, this chapter was so emotional I don’t know what to say…… Well done!! I really feel for Hailey and all that she’s been through, all the people she’s lost. Poor girl. Maybe her babies will bring her a bit more happiness.

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad everyone seems to think I did this chapter justice. What can I say, I tried! Yes, first Sam and Heather, the parents she’s never really had, then Dellie, Cedric who wasn’t even hers to begin with and now Gemma… Poor Hailey indeed. Hopefully, motherhood brings some happiness on board.

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  8. RIP Gemma. I really hope she is in a better place, and as finally found peace and happiness.
    I am a huge fan of P!nk (I’ve actually met her on a few occasions) and I think that she is a very underappreciated artist. Most of her songs are very personal, and Family Portrait is one of her more emotional songs.
    Hailey, I mean Nathifa Knight, looks so beautiful on her album cover. That dress is to die for. And I noticed that some of the song times mirror some of the chapter titles.
    It is interesting that the twins will have different last names. But that is what a successful marriage is all about; compromise.

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    1. Yes, I lost my heir for the 3rd time. Hopefully, Gemma finds happiness in the afterlife, something she’s never really had in her life on Earth.
      I also think is underappreciated. She’s an amazing artist and a wonderful songwriter. I truly love Family Portrait, as well as the beautiful video for this song.
      I was very proud of the album cover turned out. I think most readers didn’t really pay attention, though, distracted by the ending scene. Actually, practically all of her songs are chapter titles, just changed a bit. It’s a personal album for her.
      Yes, both R’s, but with different surnames. Wonder how this will wind up. Definitely compromise is very important in marriage.

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      1. I am also very excited to see the Frank chapter. He has such a different personality from Hailey (or would you rather we call her Nathifa).
        He will be refreshing to see things from his POV.

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      2. I love Frank. He is my favorite character. He’s so pure and kind. I’d love to write about him and try out his POV. I once told one of my readers that if only it was possible, I’d much rather have him as heir than Hailey – it’s okay to call her Hailey. Gemma named her that, Nathifa was chosen by Heather.

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      3. I was just wondering since she changed her name for her album debut if you wanted us to change what we call her.
        Frank is the BEST. He is my favorite non-heir character. 🙂

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      4. Of course non-heir, we shall not forget about Dellie. He and Frank are on the top here, obviously.
        The main reason why I love Fraylon so much is because Waylon clearly makes Frank happy and it warms my heart to see him like that.

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  9. You know what? Maybe Gemma’s death shocked me (I forgot about her existence), but I’m not sad about it, really. Honestly, she would die anyway. I was sad when Freddie or Dellie died, but not now. And you see that I didn’t like Gemma that much. Poor woman, she died and we talk about her in that way. I should stop.
    I’m proud of Hailey. She has released her first album, congratulations! I recently started to doubt that she will record an album (this is what I would prepare for her). I don’t deny that this is interesting. Hannah on stage and a few albums behind her (I hope… If she released first album, she should record the next one), she can make a career, at least in Starlight Shores. I wish her a successful work.
    I’m glad Reggie find time to come to Hailey’s performance. It’s nice to see familiar faces, especially the one who you love. Hannah’s performance was great. She was honest and this is what counts, not acting but real behaving. And this song wasn’t bad, really. Stop thinking about yourself in this way. You know that you have so many reasons to be proud of. Remember the last few weeks 😉
    Anyway, I feel a bit sorry for Hailey because the mouring is awful. I hope she will go through it in the smoothest way as possible. Although the grief adds the creativity.
    You know what should be in the end… That’s right, a few words about the babies. I can’t wait to see them. I have just remembered about it, I’m not surprised that Reggie reacted like this. He is a man and he must have a child who will have his surname. I would be angry too. It’s a bit sweet that he let the baby have her surname. He loves Hannah so much and he is too dovish (of course it is because you want the legend surname be continued). I expect that I will meet the babies soon. Will iconic Rod be born again?

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    1. Oh, Gemma still existed. She had a partial role in the wedding chapter 😛 Yes, I’m not really sad either. I guess it’s because I never felt very strongly for her.
      I’m proud of Hailey, too. It’s high time she did that, took her long enough. I hope she can be proud of her we can more.
      It’s definitely important to see the people you love come to your performance and experience the important stuff with you. Reggie did find the time for her. This song not being bad is just because I made changes to P!nk’s song, so can’t say I’m talented like that.
      Definitely, you’re more creative while grieving.
      I can’t wait for you to see the babies, too! Yes, Reggie wanted his surname to continue, not Hailey’s. He’s more conventional than her, partially because he’s older. The legendary surname must continue! About Rod… I wish, but there are many more ‘R’ names 😉

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  10. Aww man, that was a heartbreaking chapter. I love Hailey’s new look and the fact that she changed up her name and image for her new music career. She’s cute as a ginger 👍 I also love how her album tracklist is like the official chapter titles for her gen 😏 Nice touch! Gemma was a complicated character… I didn’t love her as much as Dellie, but it’s still sad to know she’s gone just because she served as the (strict) mother figure for Hailey. Now she’s alone with the exception of her new family. Speaking of which, I guess we have our new heir. I like that Reggie let Hailey have her way with the naming. He’s a keeper 💓 I get that it would be weird for siblings to have different last names, especially twins, but as long as they aren’t treated differently, it shouldn’t be a problem. I loved the song lyrics~ it was so beautiful and fitting for the story!
    Congrats on the new computer 🎊 And yay~ bonuses 😄 Looking forward to the next chapter! This one was rather sad ❤️ I knew tragedy was incoming… but I mean, it could’ve been worse I guess. Again, I find myself sounding evil, lol.

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    1. It was a sad one, for sure. Yup, demons from the past haunting because of the Heather-like hair that I can’t quite get adjusted to. Oh, I enjoyed writing these titles and changing up a few things for them to be more fitting for the song names.
      I think Gemma got a weird set of traits, really, that’s why she became a complicated character, and not one very likeable at that. I think you’re not evil, some of my readers didn’t feel strongly about her, me included. She just didn’t have the spark. She wasn’t really a good mother, too, but the only one Hailey’s ever had, because Heather was never quite there. Reggie is a sweet man. Seeing Hailey in the state she was made him soften and agree to her conditions 💓 Hopefully, it works out with the twins and their surnames. Thank you, I found the P!nk’s very fitting and wanted to edit them a bit to include them.
      Yay, computer and bonuses. I will check in a minute how deep into the reinstalling process we are. 😅 It’s taking way too long. Yup, it could be way worse.

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  11. First, I’ll shock you,
    I was not crying along. 😉

    What really shocked me was her statement: The firstborn is yours.
    Like something to give away.

    Even though I understand, that she wants to keep the name Rosenthal.
    But to be a family also means to be supporting what is important
    for the members of a family. At the very front the spouse.
    Although Reggie is so busy, he doesn’t miss her debut and holds her.
    The thought of having her giving him (or their kids) a hold one day
    Hailey is scared about.
    My wish would be that she will still grow in her responsibility.

    Sure, Gemma was her grandmother and raised her,
    but she was not reallly fond of her, because of her personality.
    So my impression is, that with her death
    Hailey realized one more time that Dellie won’t never come back.
    With her, he died once again.
    I can fully sympathize with her in this case, as that there is no one left,
    who represents the child she was. And the child is crying.

    Each artist also digest his fate in his art and shares it
    thus with his audience.
    Her audience will love her for that.
    I can well imagine that her
    Career may get a boost through the emotional song.
    (It’s really a rousing song, I listened to it.)

    I like her new hair colour and the pictures of the CD cover
    and was smiling over her little belly under her skin-tight dress. 😀
    Very good chapter with much to think about in it.

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    1. It’s not shocking – I wasn’t either.
      The statement probably did not sound really well, but in the state Hailey was she most likely couldn’t voice it the right way.
      Definitely, she should listen to what Reggie has to say, as well. Marriage is about compromises, but not only on Reggie’s part, hers, too. Hailey should be willing to give her family “a hold” when they need it. Again, it’s not all about her.
      You are right, Gemma and Hailey were never on good terms, so her reaction can be better understood when seen the way you see it. That it’s about Dellie. However, we do not appreciate the people in our life when they are alive and she suddenly felt sorry for all the years she hated Gemma. She may have had her reasons, but reading her story moved her and she realized she might not hate her anymore. Then she was full of regret that she did not see her more often. She cried because she was used to her and she was a part of her family, not because she was particulary fond of her. Hailey definitely grew up too fast, rushing into a relationship with Cedric right away. The event made her realize how much she lost the inner child, and then there’s no turning back now.
      Family Portrait is a beautiful song, I could never do it justice with my poor edit. She can definitely get a boost because of how personal the album is.
      The hair color surely reminds me a lot of Heather. She does look like her daughter now. Thank you! I tried hard to make the pictures look nice. And the belly, I have no idea whether it was visible, but she was at 40% of pregnancy, so it should be.
      Thank you and I’m thankful, as always, for your comment.

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  12. It’s nice to see that she’s starting to get some success with her music, and i think it’s so true that it can be therapeutic. Both as a writer and a listener! I’m sure many people would listen to her tracks and be touched.
    I’m a bit sad to see there are already some cracks appearing in the relationship… If she starts trying to lessen how much Reggie gets to do what he loves she’ll be like his first wife, so hopefully they manage to get to a compromise. And I’m happy they compromised on the kids, even though I didn’t like Reggie’s reaction at first. I mean, I understand why it’s important to him, but I’m surprised he didn’t try to understand why she said that when she was obviously upset over something.

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    1. Yes, I finally got a chance to write about her music. At last! Writing and listening are both very therapeutic, agreed. I’ve experienced it.
      No relationship is perfect, sadly. Hopefully, they can work things out. Reggie was very shocked about it at first, and he realized how upset she really was after a while. He thinks in a different way, so things get to him a bit slower. That’s just how it is with Reggie.


  13. I agree with the others — what a heartbreaking but well written chapter. I can’t say I’m sad about Gemma, but I could really feel Hailey’s anguish through the words, which was saddening to read. I’m glad she is able to channel her mess of emotions through her music. I like her new hair colour and look!
    I got worried about Reggie and Hailey’s relationship again, in two moments: when Hailey admitted her jealousy of his work, and the short argument about the baby names. I was reassured when Reggie understood how upset his wife was, though. That was a nice moment.
    Great chapter ❤

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    1. Thank you. I’m glad you think it’s well written. Me neither, I’ve never really liked Gemma. Dellie’s death is what really got me sad. Hailey grew up with Gemma and even though she wasn’t very attentive (although she tried as much as she could), Hailey still recognized her as someone close. She’s surely experiencing a whirlwind of emotions right now. Music helps 🙂
      Maybe there is still hope for them yet. Today we will find out more about Fraylon as I have a new post coming up (although that will probably be tomorrow for you) and I’m sad to say that they’re not really on good terms at the moment either.
      Thank you again ♥

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  14. This was a really touching chapter. It’s interesting because Hailey and Gemma didn’t agree on many things, didn’t have the best relationship, but Gemma was still that maternal figure for Hailey and was there for her while she was growing up so it’s still heartbreaking for her. That is where she came from, and it’s sad to know that both Dellie and Gemma are now gone.

    I was a bit worried at Reggie’s initial reaction to Gemma wanting the Rosenthal name for their kids. He kind of blew up there. I wonder if that anger will be a part of the story again, or if it’s just that he feels strongly about this in particular. Anyway, I’m glad he could make it to the performance and support Hailey! They are a really loving couple, though things aren’t perfect, as no relationship is.

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    1. Gemma and Hailey didn’t have the best relationship, but it’s when she died that she realized how much she cared about her nonetheless. Definitely very sad for her.
      Reggie is older and more traditional than Hailey, and it shows in his actions, for example like when he decided to propose to her to “make it rigt”. I think they are a loving couple as well. They really care about one another.

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  15. She must feel like the last remnants of her family are gone. I can understand why she wants to keep the name going. I am a bit concerned with how Reggie reacted to her idea, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s right. Those were the people she grew up with and now they’re both gone. Her idea was a bit off, but Reggie was maybe a bit too mad about it when she was obviously in a very bad state.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. So many emotions conveyed I don’t know where to start… The song based on P!nk was wonderful, Hailey/you really let some powerful emotions about family through. I think many of your readers can relate to it and were as moved as I was….
    Then back to future mommy and the name problems – so real! I wanted to give our children Swedish names and I finally got my way, conceding to them getting my husband’s last name. Ah. Petty struggles, but still important ones.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. I’m flattered, although I think P!nk’s original song played a big role here. Her parents divorced and the music video for this song is, I think, especially moving. I just edited it out to fit Hailey.
      Yup, they sound petty, but they are a thing and important especially for children.

      Liked by 1 person

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