Chapter 5.13 A Double Whammy

Reggie wakes me up in the middle of the night only to ask me that one question:


“So, what about a honeymoon?” I don’t look at him, shutting my eyes tightly in hope that he gives up. He has got to be kidding me. Normally, I’d explode at anyone trying to have me cut down on my precious sleep, but it appears I must have a soft spot for Reggie, because I just continue to  peacefully lie, ready to fall back asleep. A shame that he doesn’t take advantage from my out of the common kindness.


“What about a baby?” I blurt out, not even opening my eyes. Oh crap. What have I just said? Hopefully he doesn’t pay attention. “Go back to sleep, love,” I promptly add, counting on the fact that he didn’t hear. Unlickily for me, he did hear.

“Wait, what was that? Are you serious?” He asks, genuinely shocked. Dammit, it could go better than that. Now, something to cool things off. He must be the first person ever who doesn’t get a good vendetta in revenge for waking me up.


I sigh almost theatrically and reluctantly raise my body a bit, realizing that I really won’t have any more sleep today. To hell with you, Reggie.


“Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t really want to think about that after the Clinton fiasco,” I respond truthfully. I certainly do not think… whatever time it is (4 am?!)… is a good time to discuss babies. But maybe he has other plans. Not that I’m questioning his apparently strange sleeping habits, but… Whom the heck am I married to?


“Well, I am not sure how I would feel about a baby. It’s… hard to imagine after losing April.” Noticing how his voice breaks for a while, I frown slightly, suddenly paying more attention to him, sleep remnants swiftly departing, leaving me wide awake at this ungodly hour.


“You’ve never told me much about either her or Amanda. Maybe now’s the time. Tell me… what was she like?” A forced, muffled laugh comes out of his chest. Is it a good sign or…?


“Amanda was… so very different from you. She was determined, always knew what she wanted and had her methods to arrange your life, whether you liked it or not.” Don’t try to tell me I am not determined just because I don’t wake up at 4 am… “She was a great runner, always up for one marathon or another. She loved training people and I believe she was brilliant at that, though I never let her train myself. At that moment when we met… I was at the point where I really needed someone like her. Someone, who, you know, would direct me, tell me what to do. She was good for support, but, deep down, I know she never liked the idea of me risking my life for a hobby. To her, it was never a passion, just a hobby.” He ceases speaking for a moment to catch some breath. It looks as it’s not easy for him to speak about her, still. No matter if he critizes her or not, there’s this softness applied to his voice as he speaks about his dead wife. I wish he spoke about me this way. How does he even speak about me? Chances are I never paid attention to it up to now… I straighten up, not wanting him to be aware of my jealousy.


“I… I have never been really good with words. You know that, Hailey. You all know that. You, women, you have these instincts, insight that I’ve always been jealous of as a man. You can voice your feelings with ease. Amanda was like that. She appeared tough on the surface, but there was this soft side of her as well. She could be really lovely if she wanted to. And her determination could make up  for a trillion of people. It’s she who made me who I am now. But…”

I don’t know if what Reggie has just said is true for I don’t know what to say to his statement and I don’t think I can use my ‘instinct’ for that, so I just wait for him to say some more, just so I can come up with a smart remark. I am starting to regret bringing up the topic of Amanda as the more he talks, the more uneasy I’m feeling.


“… she wasn’t you, Hailey. That relationship about her was rich when it comes to mental-ish things. But she wasn’t really passionate, or at least not in the way you are. She wanted me to grow up, to… to be that dad of a teenage daughter, to carry that assigned role with pride and dignity. She wanted me to do something ‘serious’, even though it’s she who helped me get where I am in racing. She never encouraged that. It sounds so cliché, Hailey, but I felt like she was hurting that little boy inside of me, the very same one who loved sudden surges of adrenaline overtaking him, who loved living on the edge, not thinking the consequences over. Amanda always thought of the them. To the point she exactly planned when the best time to conceive our child would be. She planned April and she, to some extent, planned me, to. But that plan, I mean myself, I didn’t go according to the plan. For that boy inside of me could not be killed, it could only be put in a coma, but not killed.” He cuts his monologue, apparently only then becoming aware of my presence. He gives me a sad look, searching for something in my eyes that he doesn’t appear to find. “You don’t understand,” he states matter-of-factly. I shake my head, trying to think of something coherent to say. But I’m at loss for words.


“Amanda was not me,” I say slowly. “We’re very different from one another.”

“I don’t think you understand why I chose you out of all, Hailey. Do you?” I shake my head yet again, looking at him expectantly, secretly thankful for the change of topic.


“Remember that boy I’ve been talking about, yeah?” I quickly nod. “So it’s you who put him out of that coma. At first, I knew you were young, although I never suspected as young as you were. And yet I wanted to help you, convincing myself that it wasn’t more than just the fact I liked the way you sang. Then, as we started hooking up, and you told me your age, I couldn’t get that out of my system that you were exactly of April’s age and I was afraid of getting involved in anything more physical with you. That felt too wrong, as if I was either some sort of a pedophile or getting involved in an incest. I had a similar feeling with you that I had with my daughter. The urge to protect you at any cost, to make sure no one hurts you. But another feeling was added to that and that was the sexual attraction I felt for you. It is this part of my feeling for you that made me feel guilty and disgusted with myself. I felt like those nasty old men who want to take advantage of young, inexperienced girls. I never wanted to take advantage of you. And then you started practically forcing myself onto me. Again, I admired the intensity of your emotions and how well you could show them. I was never good at telling what it is exactly that I want. And you made me understand that back then, it was you that I wanted. And guess what? It still is you, the true ball of fire I’ve come to love.”


“Wow, Reggie, I am not sure what to say. Do you still miss Amanda, though? You speak of her with a lot of love, as if she was right here with you.” Goodness, Hailey, he’s just said a ton of nice things about you and here you are, bringing Amanda again. Mental slap in the face wouldn’t help, would it? Get over it, girl.


“Who knows, maybe she is still somewhere floating around us? No, Hailey, I don’t want Amanda back. And in fact, that makes me feel horrible, because I can’t help but wonder if our marriage would have survived had she not died that early. If we could go on living like that, with her dictating my every step and every day killing more of the child in me. I was on my way to become that bitter old man. It’s funny how old I felt being with her, and you made me feel that perhaps I’m not yet on my way to start thinking of a fancy coffin.” He smiles at me for the first time during this talk. But his remarks have me tired. How many times do I have to tell him the same things? Over and over again. Here we go.


“Because you are not, Reggie. You’re not a nasty old chap, you know. You should stop thinking in labels as this really won’t get you anywhere. And I feel like I should come clean now, as well, now that you’ve confided in me. So, remember that unfortunate article? It had this brief mention about my affair with a certain policeman in it…” I take a deep breath, readying myself to say what I am about to confess.

“Yes, I do remember. I didn’t want to ask too many questions, though. You’ve probably moved on from that… perhaps even more so than I have from Amanda.” Sad smile strikes again. Green eyes glistening in the faint light cast by Reggie’s bedlamp.

“Moved on? Not exactly. I don’t think I ever wil with the amount of pain I’ve caused. You see, Cedric was Frank’s dad. We had an affair when I was in high school and it eventually caused Frank’s parents to divorce. For me, I had to pay a certain price for my irresponsibility. Clinton…” Reggie looks me in the eyes with apparent disbelief.


“Wait, don’t tell me that he’s actually Frank’s brother!” I bite my lip, throwing him an apologizing glance.

“But he is…” He keeps quiet for a moment until he finally speaks.

“You’ve had your fair share of drama, as well, it appears.”

“It never ends, though…” I sigh yet again, nervously adjusting my unkempt, staight-from-the-bed hairstyle, as if it could help it.


“What do you mean?” How can he be so freaking clueless?

“Remember that thing about child I blurted out?”

“Yeah, so?… Oh my God, it wasn’t hypothetical?!”


“Not only that. It’s twice as bad as you think.”

“I don’t get it.” Doesn’t get metaphors. Doesn’t get almost direct. What is wrong with you, Reggie? No, I’m not going to tell him that. I’m going to wait till he knows. And if he doesn’t – well, his fault, not mine.

“Twice as bad, Reggie. Think.”

“Twice as bad… As I and Adam sorta thing?” Well, my sincere congratulations, Sherlock.


“You were right, Hailey. It never really ends.”


“As if I didn’t know. Congratulations, Daddy.”

“Bad wording.” Seriously?

“If your life already consists of awful biffs, why not help it at it?”

“We’re going to make it work.”


“Of course. We have to after all, Mr. Smarty.” Reggie playfully pushes me to the pillows to have me look him in the eyes.


“Well, well, there’s improvement. We’ve moved on from daddy at least.” We spend the rest of the night talking about the new improvements in our life and, surprisingly, this time I don’t feel as if I have fallen into a hole with no way out. I know it’s going to be okay with Reggie.

50 thoughts on “Chapter 5.13 A Double Whammy”

  1. We really learned a lot more about Reggie in this chapter. And Hailey, too, really. I’m glad she was able to open up to him and that he took it so well. When she first started telling him, I was like, “Oh dear, here is the end.” LOL So, I’m glad I was wrong.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think we needed to finally learn more about Reggie. I felt like I hadn’t delved into his character enough. Hailey was annoyed most of the time. Yet she eventually managed to get involved in this conversation at such an ungodly hour, lol!
      Ha, ha, no, no, there was more to that, of course 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hailey and Reggie’s relationship is surprisingly… nice. Probably the least dysfunctional one in the story so far 😛 Ha, ha. I liked their conversation 🙂 Sorry, my brain is a pile of mush today so I don’t have anything clever to say or anything, just know that I liked this as usual ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I WON!
      You see, after all this stuff I’ve been doing with my story, I started having doubts about me being able to have a healthy relationship featured in my story. So this was my try with them and I think it actually worked. And I wanted to show you that despite the huge age gap, they can have a good one, too. Plus that’s not all about sex, as it might have looked like.
      As I said in my post on our little group, this is not how this chapter was originally going to be, however I decided to keep it as simple as that, just to work on character development.
      Don’t worry, I have days like this as well. Thank you very much, Louise ♥

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You definitely can have healthy relationships 🙂 And I honestly don’t think age gaps are necessarily bad. There’s more than a decade between my best friend and her boyfriend and they’re definitely a healthy couple 🙂 It’s all about power dynamics and the one between Hailey and Reggie definitely isn’t as toxic as with Cedric.
        Sometimes it’s nice to just have a chapter that slows down and lets the characters breathe and come to life 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I wasn’t talking about you. I think some of my readers have a problem with them, though. Sometimes it’s just hard to imagine. But I think they’re good together.
        I think so, too. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ah, well, I don’t really have a problem with any of your relationships. They’re definitely not healthy, but you’ve also never romanticised unhealthy relationships. I think it makes all the difference 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Thank you for saying that. I’m not nuts yet to try to romanticise them, ha, ha. But really, it’s very unhealthy to romanticise, for example, a relationship like Hailey and Cedric’s.

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  3. Wait, is she pregnant with twins? Or did I completely misunderstand? Oh man. Life is about to get REAL interesting.
    But what does “As I and Adam sorta thing” mean? Does it refer to something biblical or am I being an idiot again? Don’t blame me… It’s been a long hard day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You got that right. She is in fact pregnant with twins.
      Yup, Adam is Reggie’s twin brother, though he was practically completely ignored in the story and merely brought up last chapter when he was at the wedding.
      It’s not biblical at all, lmao.
      I don’t blame you, Adam is such a minor character.

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  4. I loved this chapter. It was fascinating to get to know more about Reggie, and even Hailey as well. Despite my earlier reservations these two have a pretty healthy relationship, and are really good for each other. They bring out the best in each other.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so glad. It wasn’t what I first planned for this chapter, however I got a random idea, sudden wave of inspiration for a talk between these two. I also wanted to show you that their relationship is not all about sex, and I think I succeeded. I think they make a good couple as well. Thank you very much and glad you enjoyed.

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  5. I loved hearing about Reggie and his relationship with his wife, and how he resisted with Hailey. But that he really does love her and she is happy. And Twins….eek….

    I wasn’t sure I was reading the right story! I hope they stay this way for awhile. I was like, really? Cool! ❤️❤️❤️ The twins will get into enough trouble I’m sure!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Reggie sure genuinely cares for Hailey and was afraid of hurting her as she resembled his daughter in a way. I’m glad no one thought it was weird how she resembled his daughter and yet he had sexual feelings towards her. He really isn’t a creep, I promise, it just sort of happened that they got together and the age gap makes it look weird.
      Yes, it’s the right story! Weird, isn’t it? But I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Just don’t get your hopes up too high. Anything can happen. And twins… My first ever that I’d write about, so excited!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Don’t worry my high hopes are well grounded in the reality of this story! But a healthy relationship is a nice change of pace and I’ll take it if even for a short while!

        Liked by 2 people

  6. This was a good conversation for them to have, but I wonder why neither of them thought to have it before getting married or adding to the family so soon. They seem to be coming from different directions even though they are together and love each other. I hope it works out for them.

    Pregnant & obviously twins … what WAS Hailey thinking? Or perhaps this was her plan since she didn’t use protection. She doesn’t strike me as maternal so having her go for round two makes me wonder what exactly is going on inside her head. Is she competing with his late wife? It looks like both of them are going to do some growing up even if they aren’t wanting to. Having children will do that. Although this stress could end things before they truly begin but I hope not. I kind of like these two together.

    Happy that she finally cleared the air regarding her past relationship and child. Reggie deserved to know especially since paparazzi have a way of finding these kind of things out and it wouldn’t be fair for him to be caught flat-footed like that.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow, what a treat getting such a long comment from you, Addy.
      Yes, they are both rushing into things instantly, not thinking the consequences over. So basically the opposite of Amanda. You are right, they love each other even though they don’t fully understand one another.
      I am not sure what Hailey was thinking as most of the time it’s having a mad, careless romance and equally careless love life. You only live once, right? I don’t know what exactly it is in her head. Can’t be good, though. You are right about both of them having to grow up. Definitely without organized Amanda Reggie will have to step up and take on the role of a responsible father. And Hailey… Well, let’s just hope she doesn’t dump her other children like she dumped Clint. I kind of like them together, too. Hopefully, they can get through with the parenthood.
      I also think Reggie had the right to know as her husband. You are right about the paparazzi, as well. They can be super nosy as evident in that article about Hailey.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I always enjoy your chapters but am not the best at showing my appreciation via comments. Something about today’s moved me to fix this oversight on my part.

        Thanks for your wording that put things into perspective. It will be interesting to see where this goes and how things will turn out.

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  7. It’s a very good thing that they had this conversation! About time that they learned more details about each others’ past relationships. But goodness, twins?! I hope they’ll be able to be good, responsible parents while still keeping that “inner child” alive

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I also think it did them some good. In a relationship honesty is an important factor, for sure.
      Yes, twins. I hope they will be good parents. Reggie definitely still has a lot of his inner child, as evident by his relationship with Hailey, which wouldn’t be that well if it wasn’t the case.

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  8. I’m glad to see that right now, Hailey and Reggie seem to be having a pretty healthy relationship, as the others said; especially opening up to each other like that. I’m still doubting Hailey because her thoughts about Reggie seem to either be exasperation/sarcasm, which isn’t very nice, or worry, or physical attraction. In my perspective, that is not how one views somebody they really love (I don’t actually know though lol). Maybe that’s just how Hailey is? They are happy together, however, which I guess is what really matters 🙂
    I am seriously worried about this twin baby situation after they had that conversation. Having children seems like a nightmare for Hailey, who looks to have no maternal instinct, and like a surefire way to kill Reggie’s ‘inner child’. Can’t have children raising children lmao. Perhaps he will have fun with the kids though — the one I’m worried about most is definitely Hailey. I’m crossing my fingers that they will pull through with being good parents.
    Great chapter ❤

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    1. They sure seem to be on good terms right now and actually talking to one another, not just having sex. There’s improvement, lol.
      Ha, ha, I guess that’s just Hailey. She was super annoyed because someone dared to wake her up. She praises her sleep very much.
      Hm… Reggie practically raised one daughter, so I guess the situation isn’t all that new to him. Hailey, on the other hand… We’ll see how this goes. Doesn’t bode well for the children at the moment. Thank you very much ♥

      Liked by 2 people

  9. Like a box of chocolates, not knowing which one you will get.
    It may work out with this two, if Hailey can revive the child, that lives in Reggie and give him more freedom like Amanda had and Reggie can be part of a daddy to her, without being paternalistic.
    But Hailey being a mom of two at the same time?
    She gave away Clinton so easily as if he never belonged to her.

    I can’t imagine yet, but hoping for the best, as always. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Definitely. Two chocolates this time! We got lucky… Unless you have a certain form of diabetes. 🙂
      Reggie in a way plays the daddy role after all and I think he can’t help it, no matter how much he denies it. That’s just the nature of their relationship.
      Hm… Hailey has some growing up to do.

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  10. I’m so sorry my comment is so late! 😕
    Ooooh boy, I was not expecting that! You always find ways to surprise us, lol!
    I really like Reggie. He’s so nice and patient with Hailey and, no matter what he says, I know he has what it takes to be a good dad. And despite that he woke her up in the middle of the night to ask her about their honeymoon – I mean, who does that? Lol – ,I find them sooo cute together! ❤ They're really good for each other, at least for the time being – I can never be too sure with your stories, haha! 😉
    I loved this chapter! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, hi! Don’t apologize, it’s totally okay to be late.
      I don’t know. It was supposed to go in a completely different direction, but I completely changed the chapter as I realized I wanted to keep it a simple chat between Reggie and Hailey. I hate the fact that most of my men seem to have some similar qualities. I wanted to develop his character more.
      I like Reggie, too. He was a good dad and hopefully he can be a good one again, even if he doesn’t have April anymore. Lol, I think he was bored/ couldn’t sleep and needed someone to talk to.
      I think they’re cute together, as well! Yeah… for now it’s all good!
      Thank you! ♥

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  11. Why do Reggie get up so early? It isn’t normal. Hailey is in bad situation. I feel sorry for her.
    On the other hand, this night interrupting was necessary because they found out more about each other. I’m glad Reggie has finally told Hannah about his previous relationship. It’s a bit sad that Reggie couldn’t be in a hundred percent himself. If he loves driving, he shouldn’t be restricted. Passion is very important in life and nobody oughtn’t change that. Maybe racing is dangerous but this is what Reggie’s loves. People who loves Reggie should support him not limit him. I know that family is important too (especially in this age), but I think he could do both.
    It’s good Hailey told Reggie the truth about Clinton. He should have known about it, they are a marriage after all. Her life is complicated and she made a few mistakes, but it doesn’t mean she will be doing “bad things” for the rest of her life. Let’s look at it differently. She started a new chapter in her life. Hannah and Reggie should focus on present and accept the past, because Amanda and Cedric won’t come back. Of course, they can think about their lives in different situations, but it will never be real. That’s why they should build their future. Be honest to one another and think about the baby because the heir is needed. I know he or she will be born soon. Maybe they should go to another place and forget about the worries for one day.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, he was just bored and couldn’t fall asleep.
      You are right, Reggie shouldn’t be limited as far as his passion goes.
      She won’t be making so many mistakes for the rest of her life. It is good that she gained Frank’s friendship back after that.

      Liked by 2 people

  12. Wow, it was so nice to see Hailey and Reggie having a heart to heart although like Hailey I would’ve been angry at the time; 4 is too early Reggie! And twins? It’s cute how Reggie compared to it to him and Adam. But like the others mentioned, Hailey has yet to change her ways as of yet and she’s not super maternal or responsible. No doubt they’ll have super cute kids, but as of now I feel like Hailey will be more annoyed than pleased with her children 😂 It was good they were able to get everything out into the open though this really was something they should discussed prior to getting married. The way Reggie described Amanda was sweet, though he also made it sound like their marriage wouldn’t have lasted.
    How is everything still going so well and pleasant? I’m getting more worried. Great chapter! 💓😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yay, I’m so glad to see you! Honestly, I’ve been getting worried as to what was up to you, not seeing you around and the fact that you didn’t post your chapter. I’ve been frantically checking your updated as well. It’s good to see you well and I guess the chapter shall be up on Friday, then? 😄 Probably real just got busy for you. Anyway…
      Yeah, that’s what I’ve told Lila. Hailey’s sarcasm throughout this chapter came from the fact she was woken up early. Reggie, I guess, had some sleep difficulties and was so bored he decided to wake her XD And Hailey is a heavy sleeper, so she didn’t really take it well It’s a miracle she did wake up up after all.
      Yes, I didn’t want twins out of nowhere in my story, hence the Adam character who did come out of nowhere after all. But, since there are twins in Reggie’s family, I guess the probability of a twin pregnancy was higher. Or rather that’s what I wanted it to be like.
      Hailey is still pretty childish and hasn’t exactly grown out of her teen ways. As Addy has mentioned, both she and Reggie has some growing up to do, no matter if they like it or not. Ha, ha, yup. Hopefully, she doesn’t try to get Fraylon to take care of them, too 😂 That’d be just tragic and I don’t think Reggie would have allowed that to happen anyway. They should have, but they’re both just moving too fast.
      I wanted to make Reggie’s relationship with Amanda sound at least a little dysfunctional, because I thought this way Reggie would have it easier to commit to Hailey. If he was more attached to Amanda, it’d have been harder for him to remarry.
      I don’t even know myself. It’s just been going well this gen, I guess. As I’ve mentioned at one point, there are not even any signals before the inevitable bad comes. So enjoy the good while it lasts.
      Thank you 💕 😊

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah, sorry about that, I’ll be posting an update later 😅 Yup, it should be! I appreciate it 💓
        I was wondering if perhaps that was the case – since Reggie’s a twin the likelihood of him having twins would be higher. Lol I could imagine Fraylon taking care of Clinton and helping around the Calloway house, and I feel like Hailey wouldn’t mind but Reggie definitely would, haha. I shall indeed enjoy the peace while it’s here then 😊

        Liked by 2 people

  13. its nice to see its all going right for Hailey, it seems some of relationship in this family haven’t to work out to well, so this makes me think you will have a surprise for us soon, but I cant help to hope its all works out for her…. and twins is going fun,😊 I wonder what they are going to turn out like….

    Liked by 1 person

  14. (you can tell I’ve gotten behind on reading again XD)

    Hailey can’t stand being woken from sleep but she’s about to have twins! They better get a nanny, lol!

    That was really interesting to hear about Reggie’s past marriage and the differences between Amanda and Hailey. I wonder if Sam influenced Amanda’s controlling behavior.

    Good thing that they feel comfortable telling each other about their pasts. Things are actually so good that I’m nervous something bad will happen soon. D:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup, I can tell that. Props to you for still wanting to read it, though XD
      Oh, she might need some help. Dumping kids to Fraylon isn’t an option anymore.
      I’m glad you think it was interesting. I wanted to delve more into Reggie’s life before Hailey. He and Amanda had been married for a long time and I thought it was important. Maybe he did in a way, but Amanda was already a strong, controlling woman when he met her. He somehow managed to break her, but after he ruined her social life at school, she never let anyone get a hang of her again.
      It’s important to know such things about your partner. Hm.. Hopefully not yet. Or maybe. Can’t promise anything.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Nothing like a dialogue to get to know characters better, and to get some awesome news. Twins, indeed… I wonder how Hailey will manage becoming a mom again, 200% this time… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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