Chapter 5.12 The Best Day in my Life

Warning: Some mild NSFW stuff at the end, swearing (because Jared)… and generally A WHOLE LOT of pictures – that is 90, to be exact, not to mention additional 9 in the note… So close to 100, not counting the family trees and pictures from Gemma’s wedding. Count the header and that’s 100 😀


I lean into Reggie, feeling secure and loved in his arms. I stretch my hand out to stroke the  back of his head with baby hairs growing. His grip is steady and strong, he smells his favorite perfume and gasoline, just the usual scents I learned to love. Scents that help establish the feeling of closeness and safety. If Reggie is there, nothing and no one is a threat to me. And soon I will be officially his. My lips twist into a smile at the thought. Hailey Nathifa Calloway sounds almost too good to be true.


Suddenly, Reggie whips me out from the happy thoughts as he makes a sudden movement, searching for something in his pocket. His legs fall onto the floor with a quiet thump that sounds painful to my ears, which are slowly getting adjusted to the reality around me. Earth to Hailey, it’s not a make-believe land anymore. I let out a loud sigh, voicing my disapproval. He touches my cheek and turns my head so that I am forced to look him in the eyes.


“Hailey,” he says, somewhat more softly than usual. “There’s something I need to do.”

“Don’t stop cuddling me, please,” I say quietly, leaning back into him so hastily that I cause him to lose his balance, one of his legs falling back on the sofa. He laughs (nervously?) and holds out his hand with a little box in the palm of it.


“I thought you might want to see my little gift.” I gasp in delight at the shiny ring inside the box, instinctively reaching for it.

“Whoa, hold your horses , darlin’.” He shifts away from me and I move to sit properly on the sofa, not sure how to react yet. Reggie kneels down in front of me and grabs my hand in a romantic gesture.


“Look, Hailey, I know we are in the midst of planning our wedding, but I thought it would be proper if you got the actual proposal you deserve. Not sure about the place, but fancy restaurant sounds a bit too cliché, don’t you think? Moving on… The question is… Hailey Nathifa Rosenthal, would ya make me vee pleasure of secndin’ your decision to become my vife?” I know he is nervous, because his accent is stronger as he distorts the words, making them sound funny. Not to mention his French again. Still, it makes me happy to see the man I love on his knees in front of me.

“Yes, Reggie, of course I second my choice to marry you. Now put that ring on it and get off your knees, fool, because your fiancée needs another hug!” Wide grin is present on Reggie’s face as he slides the ringer onto my ring finger.

“Now, that’s my girl!” He says, placing himself on the sofa next to me and suddenly grabbing my hand and pretending to kiss it while what he actually does is licking it.


“Hey!” I say, pulling my hand from his grip. “Gross! Now would you want me to lick you, Mister I’m-so-proper?”



It takes a fair amount of planning to organize our wedding, but we finally get there. I and Reggie are at the spot early, as he said he wants to greet all the guests as they arrive. I know he invited many celebrities from around the country to go and celebrate with him. I am always amazed at how well-known he is. How secluded were I and Frank in Twinbrook to have never heard of him?


Of course I get to meet Reggie’s parents, Carmen and Edmund, and his twin brother, Adam – I hadn’t even known Reggie had a twin brother until now. They must not get along that well at all.

Would you look at that?


Second ones to arrive are the two guys  whom, except for my darling fiancé, I love the most. Frank and Waylon. We mustn’t forget about my son, Clinton, who is already two years old.


“Say hi, Clint,” Frank says, forcing Clint to raise his hand in greeting.

“Hi!” Little boy says cheerfully. “Floor, daddy,” follows soon after.


“There you go, darling,” Frank says, gently putting the boy on the ground. Waylon smiles at this.

“Just don’t let him run away like when he almost got into the elevator. And welcome. The bride looks stunning, I must say.”

“Thank you, Waylon. You guys helped me pick.”


“Or rather agreed with what you’d already picked. “ Then he looks at Reggie and his eyes glisten. ”I… I am honored. My name is Waylon,” he says, extending his hand. I am a huge fan.”

“Oh, aren’t you the one  who asked Hailey for  my autograph? It’s a pleasure, Waylon.”

Waylon, Frank and Clinton are followed by whom I soon learn are the Luck brothers.


From left to right: Chad, Wylie, Isaac. These are the guys who were at the bar with Reggie when I first met him. Of course I receive their “sincere apologies” for how they treated me back then, but they had no idea, etc., etc…

A massive delegation from Twinbrook follows soon after. And by saying that I mean my relatives I decided to invite for as I figured it could be a nice family reunion. So watch out, because I am going to describe all the connections, diary, to the best of my ability. And no, it would be too convenient if they showed up sorted by generations or something, but I thought it would be neat to feature them like that in my diary.

Lisa and Raymond are probably the oldest people in my family right now as Raymond is Edward’s firstborn son. And Edward is the half-brother of my great-grandfather, so hopefully, you can imagine. Okay, admittedly, I found it hard to imagine, so just for myself I’m adding here the pictures of the family tree and them at my grandma’s ,Gemma, wedding as she got married to a granddad who had died before I was born. Makes things easier.

Edward’s next son is Raphael and he arrives at my wedding with a girlfriend he never married, but has a daughter with, Wendy, who’s apparently a sister of my grand-uncle’s George’s wife. But I will get into that later. At Gramma’s wedding they weren’t even together, but Raphael was there.

Finally the people I know more than just through some cloudy stories. These are of course my beloved Gramma and Rosie. I instantly rush to hug them, excited that they came to watch me tie the knot. I love them so much and not even the fact that my gramma is dressed up like a piece of poop is going to ruin that.

Next is my Gramma’s brother, George,with his wife, Mildred. Look at how cute they were as teens on Gramma’s wedding!

Of course Gramma’s brother, Gilbert, comes, too. He chose to walk through his life alone.


Laura is Raymond’s daughter and she comes with her husband Tanner. She was not yet born when the wedding took place.


Logan is also Raymond’s son and he comes with his wife Helen who, as to what I’ve heard, is in her early pregnancy.


Lincoln, another of Raymond’s sons, comes with his wife Sheila, who looks absolutely gorgeous to me.


Whitney is Raphael’s only daughter and she comes with her husband, Edwin.


Alice, Rosie’s daughter, comes with her husband David and newborn daughter, Dana.


Alexander, Rosie’s son, comes with his wife, Elisabeth, who looks very much like she just came from some sort of a tropical island.


Mark is George’s son and he comes with his wife, Wendy, and their little son, Watson.


Last but not least, George’s son Mason and his wife, Laura. Yes, another Laura in my family tree.

Yikes! That was long, but I need to keep it in there, diary, for I have no idea if I’ll ever get  a chance to get a hold of my family like that again. Valuable data here!

Moving on, here they are, rushing in, well-known actress with her director husband and son.


“Brady!” Reggie shouts as soon as he spots a familiar face. “Long time, no see.”

“Hello, Reggie. Yes, indeed. You know we haven’t left home much since that affair saw the daylight.”


“Oh, right. We had an unpleasant situation, too, but you know, it’s getting better,” Cecily chimes in.

“Hey, Reggie, isn’t this the same guy who wrote the article? He was involved in that affair. Dequan is his name…”


“Are you talking about me?” A tall, yellow-haired man suddenly emerges from the shadows. Hm… I think I recognize the yellow hair from somewhere… “Yes, that’s my name, Dequan. But I prefer when people call me just Deq.”


“Get out of here, rat! Ruining our reputation and now showing up to ruin our friend’s wedding! Who do you think you are?” Cecily shouts.


“Well, honestly I came to apologize. I didn’t want it turn out the way it d-“


“Shut up! How could you not know writing that article about Hailey!” Reggie shouts.

“It’s because I- I fucked up, I know, but I had my reasons. You see, Hailey, your father and I…”


“NO! Don’t you mention her father again! Security, get that guy outta here!”


As the men take Deq out, I begin to remember where I know him from. He’s one of my dad’s exes, the one whom he hung out with when in China.

I now take a good luck at Cecily and Brady’s son, who could well be my age. I follow his gaze and notice my best friends from high school standing a few meters away. I already know whom we’re going to greet next.


And indeed, blond Clara, brunette Diana and black-haired Monica are there. We haven’t seen each other in ages and yet the girls are as cheerful as ever. Monica instantly points at Frank and Waylon playing with Clint.


“Who’s that guy next to Frank?”

“Oh, yeah. You know, Frank got married.”

“What? So the rumors were true? He was actually gay…”

“Yeah, I know. But he’s very happy.” Diana smiled at that.

“And that’s what counts!”

Next ones to arrive are the brunette with huge, blue eyes, wearing a heart-shaped pendant ,with a redheaded guy. Reggie instantly rushes to hug him.


“Jared! I don’t think we’ve seen each other seen since that camp back when we were kids. All the girls were ours!”

“I didn’t think you even remembered me after all this fuss with being a celebrity everyone knows. And we totally got them all!”

“I could never forget you. Besides, I heard you, too, are doing good with that restaurant of yours, aren’t ya?”


“You know, I almost got 5 stars, but quite an affair came out of it. I will tell you another time, maybe!” Then he looks at his wife, who seems like the saddest person on Earth. “Fuck, baby, we are supposed to have fun here. What’s up with you again, Rose?” Maybe I know now whom Reggie got the “baby” thing from.


“I’m just worried about Jesse is all. Calla called me recently and said that whole Skye left him. Our son has been a jumbled mess ever since.”


“He’ll deal with it. He’s my son, for fuck’s sake! Now let’s go join the others and don’t ever pull that sad puppy face on me again.”

Then we meet the successful journalist, Keely Diffy, along with her husband, Phil.


“Are there any cookies?” Phil immediately asks.

“Yeah, they should be there, on one of the buffets.” Reggie says.


“Oh, stop it, Phil, we have a son named Cookie, but that doesn’t mean you have to talk about cookies all the time,” his wife says, rolling her eyes.

As soon as they leave, a young woman walks over to me.


“Don’t ever do that. Don’t marry him. You will suffer just like I did!” She warns me.

“Calm down, Emmy, we know Alan died, but maybe you can get yourself a brand new-“


“No! Life will never be the same.”

“What about the cookies? Maybe you, too, want one? Get yourself a cheat day!”

“Hey, that’s a good idea.”


I look at Reggie questioningly, but he just shrugs.

“Her old husband has recently died and she’s been super dramatic ever since. But I know she’d make an affair if I didn’t invite her over.”

As I see a woman in her forties or fifties dressed up as a prostitute with silicone boobs and mouth, I mentally gasp.

“Who is she?” I whisper to Reggie, but she overhears it.


“Didn’t ya hear about dat greatest country music star of our time, gal? Reggie, ya should educate dat chick of yours in good music.” Then she suddenly pops out a CD (out of her bra or what?).

“Here, it’s free. Get a grasp of good music, gal.” She looks me up and down and leaves, shaking her hips. I look at the CD to read “Honey Darnell – Golden Hits”.

“Don’t worry about her, she’s a well-known country music star from Riverview. And kinda a slut, too, but don’t tell her that,” Reggie says to me.

Next, we are approached by two women, one of whom I recognize from the TV as Renee Littler (or what was her maiden name again?), another famous journalist.


“Rennie, Caroline, welcome! How’s life?” He looks at Renee, who he calls Rennie for some reason.


“Good as it can be. Bronson has a boyfriend now and Deidre, well… She trains to become a police officer. About Reuben… I don’t care what happens to him anymore. I heard that you’ve had your fair share of drama recently, though, haven’t you? That Dequan brings shame to all the good journalists out there.”


“Right! I could never imagine digging up such personal details about someone… Looks like he did that for revenge. But I’m not sure on whom…”

I am amazed as I look at the figures approaching. They can’t possibly be…


“Nancy, Geoffrey, Malcolm!”

….the Landgraabs.


But it turns they are Landgraabs, in fact. How many famous and wealthy people does Reggie know?

Well,  a lot, because next we are approached by a famous actor, Matthew Hamming.


Then Richie Striker, Stella and their son, Sebastian. Well, I admit, I’ve had a huge crush on Richie ever since I can remember, watching matches only to see him!


And finally, a well-known rapper and music producer, Tom Wordy.


That’s when Reggie announces he’s always the last one to arrive and we should finally start the ceremony.













However, none of us is really creative and we end up reciting the traditional vows, then we are united as wife and husband.














The party goes on for long hours before we finally call it quits. I am tired as I arrive at my new home, which used to be Reggie’s only. But I am not that tired.


“It was carry through the door, not carry to the bedroom,” I say, as Reggie gently puts me back on the ground. I suggestively slide my leg along his hip as my feet are back on the ground.

“Well, I made a little improvement…”




This has been an eventful day, and one I can easily call the best day in my life for I married the man I love the most in the world.

Note: I would like to credit Sempreviva for her Sims, Rose and Jared, who were featured in this chapter, as well as heatherfeather19 for Keely and Phil. It was so nice having them around. As well as all of the extended family I hope I didn’t bore you that much with – yup, I created every partner of every Sim in my family and some of them have history from my other old stories, like Tanner and how he got a married woman pregnant and then her husband jumped off the bridge at winter… Maybe that’s a story for another time. Also, a shoutout to Pralinesims for the wonderful wedding venue, as you know I can’t built. Anyway, the CC list  with all of the links for the CC shown here provided, and here is the character download page as you are free to give my relatives or anyone really some new/more story.

Also, there were some other pretty significant Sims for me there. What I’m talking about is the Swafford family.

If you are interested, I am going to quickly summarize their affair with Deq, which transpired on the TS3 site on April 7th.

Cecily is a famous actress, her husband Brady is a director. They live in Starlight Shores with their adult son Ace and his girlfriend, Kerrie. Deq is a journalist, so he wanted to write on his blog about Starlight Shores and asked Cecily to help him. Her husband was jealous of him so she brought him home where Ace felt weird as Deq seemed like he was trying to flirt with him. She and her husband Brady had a talk and he was overprotective of Ace, eventually fearing he might be gay and he’s their only son after the younger one drowned. Ace’s girlfriend Kerrie was interested in Deq and irritated with Ace and people making suspicions he’s gay, she wanted to prove them wrong. She found him drunk in the bar and told him her name was Samantha and short form would be Sam, to which he said he rememembered Sam.They made out until Deq realized what was going on and said he’d never been as drunk as to hook up with a woman and left her in the bar. Next day it was all over the news as Ace’s parents are famous. Ace broke up with Kerrie that same day and kicked her out of the house.

I started writing Cecily’s story as a loose gameplay and a fun break from the main legacy  last year on May 27th. It is in Polish only and I’ve been sharing it through memories on TS3 official site (the quality is just so bad, don’t even get me started on that) under my nickname ziutobol12345678. Fun fact: in the Swafford’s home there are 2 urns of their dogs next to Brady’s film industry award on the table in the living room. Their dogs, Sheba and Dazzler, are the only animals in the Sims that I have played long enough with for them to die of old age. It’s not the case with Cecily’s younger son who drowned in that story. Also Cecily’s husband has a weird obsession with her wearing blue, so that’s practically the only color she wears.

Oh, and remember that avi?

Yup, that’s her!

Anyway, I should really stop rambling and trying not to get started on the crazy amount of time it took me to shot this chapter. Hope you enjoyed it and kudos to you for making it this far!

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  1. Wow! What a wedding! :O I’m absolutely blown away by the amount of pictures and the effort you put into this. I would have keeled over before I made it halfway through all those sims. How did no one pass out? Pee themselves? Give birth? Run off to play the guitar? You must actually be a witch! I loved this.
    And of course I loved the Rose and Jared cameo and the reference to the current story-line in their story. Cameos are always nice 😀
    I’ll have you know that you’re mean, though. I actually for once thought Reggie and Hailey were sweet at the beginning of this! I’m not going to root for them, though, because it will all end in tragedy and tears eventually. At least they had a nice wedding, apart from Deq showing up like that. What a sleaze ball.
    The wedding venue and the pictures from the party were seriously nice, though. I loved ALL of this. The family is SO BIG and I can’t believe you got them all in there! I know this chapter nearly killed you, so let me say this: Your effort paid off. It was epic 😀
    Thanks for sharing your hard work with us, Jowita ❤

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    1. I can’t believe you’re blown away. I always admire YOU for putting the work into your stuff. Mine was just… a creation of someone with massive OCD, who has to get everything right, LOL.
      I sure hoped I wouldn’t tire everyone out with this amount of pictures.
      I dressed up all of these Sims. And I think they were running on static needs hence why they didn’t pee. They didn’t want to dance, though, when I told them to, so some of them were standing outside the building. And I totally got rid of the babies during the ceremony. I couldn’t bother with them. Not to mention Renee randomly lost her dress, I don’t know why. And I reset her not to let it show. There were too many Sims anyway for anyone to notice. And I totally stalked Sempreviva’s chapters to make sure Jared and Rose look as close to how they looked in her story as they possibly could. I changed the percentage of Helen pregnancy, too, so that she wouldn’t give birth. And I made everyone have days off from work and I baricated the lot with hedge, so that they wouldn’t run away – it wasn’t a party after all, as my game crushed when I tried to invite everyone over. So I set it up manually.
      Noo, I’m not going to split them up. Both will have something bad happen to them seperately. Just so you know 😛
      Deq is so silly!
      Thank you so much for complimenting the pictures. I stayed up until 1 am yesterday, I think, to put the effects on them all. I think they’re a bit too bright, but you know I always put the blame on Hailey, so Hailey made it look too bright, LOL.
      The family is super big. But at least some of them are dead (that doesn’t sound nice). I wanted to include Dellie as a ghost but I had to give that idea up, because it was too much work.
      Thank you so much for saying this. I think it was worth it. ❤

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      1. I don’t feel like I do nearly this much with my set-ups 😛 Don’t build houses, rarely have more than ten-fifteen sims on a lot because I hate dealing with all that… The most I do is decorate a bit 😛
        But this really is amazingly done, and so big and extravagant 🙂 It’s very Hailey! I understand why you’d set it up manually. I hate all kinds of socialising and parties in Sims. So when I play and my sims roll a wish to throw a party, I’m like – Nope!
        Pahaha, so they can be miserable together. Yay! XD
        I think they’re exactly as bright and lovely as they should be, truly 🙂 It all looked amazing ❤

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      2. I am mainly jealous of your pretty pictures and pose-making skills. I plan to try it all out myself at the end of June. I only build houses for heirs, because I force myself to, but I really can’t build at all. My most recent build is Reggie’s house, which is pretty extensive.
        Thank you again. I’m glad you appreciate all the work that went into it. Generally, I imagine this as Hailey continuously saying: “I want me a wedding and I want it big” and Reggie applauding her: “I want all of my folks there!” So they forced 😛 The only trait they share is the social butterfly one.
        Well, I was forced not to make it a party so that my game wouldn’t crush. All of these taxis coming, it was a mess.
        Yup, miserable together is a good way to put it! XD
        Yay, I’m glad they weren’t too bright.

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  2. This is one of the prettiest venues for a wedding that I’ve seen! And everybody was there! I thought it was cool how you put the family tree pics in to remind us who is whom.

    All the pics are so beautiful! Hailey had her dream wedding! I’m glad that Deq was quickly shown the way out. lol

    And I thought I recognized Jared and Rose! That is so awesome!

    I really, really enjoyed this, Jowita. ❤

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    1. It’s a venue made by Pralinesims. You should check her venues out. They’re all beautiful, however I had to download the base game one, because most of them include ITF which I do not own.
      Thank you so much. Yes, I got everyone there, because I’m kinda obsessive, LOL. I wanted to make sure you’ll know where they all come from.
      Thank you so much. The pics are a bit too bright, imo, but I’m glad you like them. Lol, we needed Deq out of there.
      Yes, I wanted them to look as close to how they look in Sempreviva’s story as they possibly could. I hope I did them justice!
      Thank you so much ♥

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  3. What a massive undertaking! I did a couple of TS3 weddings and you had sooooo many more sims than I was willing to have. Just dressing that many probably took days and then getting them all there…. ugh. But it was wonderful. The venue was gorgeous. I miss the color wheel so much in TS4. Well done…. I wonder if Dequan showing up has any significance or if he was truly sorry. I am so glad Hailey is happy. That is something we haven’t seen a lot of in this story. ❤️ And Clinton…❤️

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    1. I know! I don’t think I’d be able to ever respeat it. It completely wore me out.
      Yes, dressing them took days and then organizing it. I had to give up the idea of the party because my game crashed. So I had to teleport all of them there.
      Thank you so much. The venue is by Pralinesims and I agree that it’s utterly beautiful.
      I didn’t even use the color wheel that much here Most of the dresses are from Rusty Nail and were already colored. But the lack of it is one of the reasons why I would never switch to TS4.
      Oh, Deq. I don’t want to deal with this guy again and I suppose Hailey doesn’t want to either, nor Cecily.
      She is ♥

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    1. I am glad that you appreciate the work and effort I’ve put into this chapter. It cost a lot of my time to put it all together. I am also happy you like my pictures. Wow, it is good to know I can be an inspiration 🙂

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  5. Wow! That wasn’t a wedding, it was an event and could easily be one that is talked about for years to come. Can’t even begin to imagine how long it took you to dress, gather and coordinate all of these sims for your gorgeous screenshots. Beautiful job. Absolutely beautiful.

    Congratulations to Hailey and Reggie. Hailey found the man and the lifestyle she wants … hopefully it will be everything she expects as they live together and “take off their makeup and let their hair down”.

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    1. It was… purely just a lot of mess. I began the preparations last weekend and since then I’d been working practically every day up to today at night. It took a few days to dress everyone up, then take seperate photos and finally – arrange the event. Reggie is a very famous celebrity after all and I think it can’t be forgotten. He and Hailey are both extroverts and that’s the kind of wedding they wanted in my head. So I did it. For them. And now I’m severely worn out. Thank you so much, I’m glad that my efforts are not fruitless.
      Yes, hopefully Hailey and Reggie can make it work and will be as happy with one another as they can be.

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    Wow, Jared and Rose??? That was really unexpected, but I love it! Very very cool to see another story’s sims, especially with context in what is happening with Jesse right now.
    I was surprised that Reggie was so enthusiastic at the start, I was thinking he might have reservations after sobering up. Maybe that might happen after the wedding though… these two seem to be living mostly off physical attraction… so I wonder what will occur when Reggie has to deal with Hailey’s less attractive traits, such as her laziness.
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    1. Thank you 🙂 I thought that venue was really nice and it required base game only, so I went with it.
      I somehow managed, but I can’t say it didn’t take me so much of the time I could spend doing something more productive with my life. Lol, the venue isn’t even minex so I wasn’t the one to decorate there. Sims are super annoying to deal with. It was a mess staging it.
      The very same 🙂 It was nice having them over and I think I did them justice with having them as close to their current versions in Sempreviva’s story as possible.
      It was a few months later and since then Reggie has actually come to terms with his “drunk decision” to marry Hailey. He realized that even though it was reckless, he really wanted to do so after all. Yes, they are behaving like magnets in the presence of their other half. Who knows when they may burn out and how it will work out for them in the future. Yup, not all of Hailey is the sexy and pleasant one.
      Thank you very much ♥

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    I’m glad I could flashed on all Hailey’s family members. This family is so big and (in the majority) blonde hair. Hannah, Reggie wasn’t a good choice, because he is blond. The autor will be crying again, if the baby turn out to be blond.
    It was good to see old and new friends. Brady and Cecily, I have missed them so much. I can’t wait to see them again. Have Ace find a new girlfriend?
    I thought Reggie’s twin brother will have blond hair. What a shock. Adam should find Eva as soon as possible.
    I’m glad Cedric didn’t showed up at the wedding. He could destroy everything. I know, I have an obsession about his presence since Frank’s wedding, but I’m really scared.
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    Anyway, I’m glad the wedding took place. Hailey and Reggie are together a bit, so they should be a marriage. And they finally are married 😀 I know why Reggie propose to Hannah. I know some story in which a copule decide to get married. A man wanted his future wife to remember the best things related to marriage. That’s why he proposed to her, because women love romantic things, and he knew she will be remember it forever. It was nice of Reggie. He wanted to fix his previous, unsuccesful engagement. And now he has a wonderful wife who he loves with all his heart. Happy married life and live happily ever after. Maybe I should write more happily than the rest of heirs.
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    1. Thank you!
      For sure, Hailey didn’t make a good choice with Reggie and his blond hair. Maybe she should have chosen Adam instead? You are right with the author crying again. That does sound like horrible foreboding.
      I hope to write about Brady and Cecily again soon. I know we both missed them. And our “pleasant” friend from the site as well. Hm… About Ace, you will see.
      Reggie proposed to Hannah because he’s older than her and more traditional. To him, it’s the man who should propose in a conventional way.
      Who knows really? A girl? Maybe…
      Honey Darnell was the absolute star of this wedding ♥

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  8. All I can say is WOW. Just WOW. I admire (and am a bit jealous of) the amount of effort it took to have so many sims under one roof. I loved seeing the different family members. Most legacy writers focus on the heir and he/she is the only one that gets a spouse. But your family tree is so very detailed with not only names, but fascinating backstories as well. I am in awe.
    And of course it is always great to see Fraylon.
    PS- If you ever need more sims let me know. You can have anyone from my stories (or my simself). I don’t like the Exchange, but I can maybe email them to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Nothing to be jealous about. It was all a tedious job that ate up all of my free time. Not all of them was family and I didn’t even write detailed stories for them. The other ones were EA townies who are celebrities. And of course my lovely Cecily, Ace and Brady ♥
      Yay for Fraylon!
      Thank you for the offer 🙂

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  9. Wow. That wedding was spectacular!
    It must’ve taken ages to set everything up. From the venue to everyone’s outfits, you didn’t overlap anyone’s hair or clothes colors. So many wonderful dresses 😍 That takes some work! Normal sim weddings are a nightmare and this one was that to the power of ten. I love the details you put into everything; including the family tree and showing the flashback screenshots. That RosexJared cameo was such a pleasant surprise ☺️ Everything was so organized, it must’ve been a hassle to sort out but I can appreciate the consistency! Ummm, Reggie’s twin brother is a hottie 😏 Are we ever going to see him again? Man, Deq has some nerve showing up like that… I was applauding when Reggie called security on him 👏 The dancing shots at the end were lovely~ I didn’t think Hailey would manage to have a blissful wedding but she proved me wrong! I only wonder how things will go from here… I keep on thinking something bad is going to happen any moment 😂 This was great! ❤️ Can’t wait to se what happens next~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It was meant to be, as we’re talking about Hailey and her super popular partner after all!
      The venue was created by Pralinesims, as I can’t build at all. So I just placed some speakers and a wedding arch, and there we go. The dresses are mostly by Rusty Nail. His site doesn’t work properly as the download links are broken, but his dresses have been reuploaded, so you can just search for the name you want here, you can also check out the names on my CC site 🙂
      And there you’re wrong, because Hailey has the same hair as Laura, Mason’s wife. So I did overlap after all.
      Agreed, it WAS a total nightmare, and I can’t argue with that. It was fun. Again, my OCD tendencies showed. Some of this stuff was mainly so it would be easier for me to get a hold of all the relatives. You know, I HAVE to have everything under control, including everyone’s spouses and children. I’m a pretty despotic queen if I say so myself.
      It was fun having Jared and Rose there. I tried my best for them to be as similar as they could be to their adult versions. I think they turned out okay 🙂
      Thank you, yes, I had to sort out when everyone would make an appearance so that it makes sense and isn’t confusing.
      I know Reggie’s brother is handsome, because he looks exactly like Reggie with different eye and hair color. I know because I edited Reggie in CAS to get him 😂 I don’t know, he’s rather unimportant and he and Reggie don’t get along well.
      Yup, Deq had it coming for him!
      The dancing was horrible to stage as the people refused to dance. Fraylon danced asap, though.
      She did have a wonderful wedding. Don’t worry, nothing bad… For now 😏

      Liked by 1 person

      1. True – celebrity weddings are on another scale 😂 I’ll definitely check out your CC stuff. Again, you are so organized it’s amazing 😄
        I didn’t notice, probably because the screenshots were spaced out and the hair colors were different. Either way~ well done! I’m not surprised Fraylon would dance quickly, haha they are so compatible. Hmm I wonder how long it’ll be before that bad stuff shows up then… 😇 I probably sound evil, lmao.

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      2. I think it was small for a celebrity wedding if compared to a decent one in real. But for Sims it was super big.
        Feel free to do so if you want to. It took some time to complete this CC list, too. Fortunately I have a special folder called wedding and I even put character names to the packages’ names for better navigation. OCD much?
        Thank you 🙂
        Yup, I think Fraylon is a lovely couple. They genuinely love and care for one another. Imagine if Frank had to raise Clinton alone. They didn’t even know each other well at that point and yet Waylon agreed to help him raise his brother.
        The end of the generation is long enough? Lol.

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  10. Oh.Man. That whole wedding must have been do excruciating to stage! Really, you have my ultimate respect! I could never pull that off, no way – my laptop would have been torn to pieces first, lol!
    Bahahaha, I loved Jared and Rose’s cameo! Rose! What are you doing sobbing in a wedding for your son’s lost love?! I thought you were better and more discreet than that! Lmao! 😂
    I really enjoyed seeing Deq getting thrown out of the wedding – he had it coming! 😈
    And of course Hailey was only thinking about that particular moment after the wedding – of course! Haha!
    I loved this, that was an epic wedding – fit for a superstar like Reggie! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. I really have no idea how it is that my laptop hadn’t blown up by the end of it. It did crush when I tried to organize the actual party and had to invite them over manually.
      I have no idea what Rose was doing. She stood that crying like that and I couldn’t resist 😂 And then she was so distracted she tripped on Jared’s foot during the dance.
      Yup, Deq definitely had it coming!
      That is Hailey for you 😆
      Thank you so much ♥

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  11. Well, that was a journey through all sims with fame and name. Great chapter for a big event.
    I think Hailey Nathifa will fit wonderfully among all those celebrities and the best of luck for the newly weds. It was fun to view all nice pics and the who is who..
    My compliments for putting all those sims in nice clothes and bring them together.
    What a diligent work, Jowita.
    Besides, Littler’s Bronson is one of my favorite sims and married to a man im my game also.
    I told their story in my blog on the community site.
    So, to see him mentioned in your story put a broad smile on my face. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. It was fun choosing which Sims to include.
      Hailey Nathifa will definitely fit wonderfully!
      I did that on purpose as a tribute to you, as I know your Ace is married to Bronson, if I remember right ♥

      Liked by 1 person

  12. I’m also blown away with everyone else!!! So many Sims!!! I love the way Hailey and Reggie greeted everyone like a royal couple, haha! They are celebrity royalty now. And everyone posed and dressed up is just impressive! I love all the different guests from Hailey’s family to your other Sims, plus me and Sempreviva’s, and the premade celebrities. I think it was such a great mix.

    Oh man, you really got Jared and Rose’s characters. Of course Rose can’t help but worry about her son. And Phil and Keely were hilarious! Of course Phil will take any chance to talk about his son while trying to mooch cookies. xD The pic of Reggie laughing at his silliness was perfect! They look great too, I especially love Keely’s coloring, she’s so pretty!

    I really can’t trust Deq. Maybe he showed up just to get more drama and another story. Why else show up at the wedding instead of contacting them at any other time?

    Also very interesting to see Reggie’s family. I wonder what’s up with his twin brother, and why he never told Hailey about it.

    I remember that profile pic! Cecily does looks good in blue!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That wedding was a huge mess to stage if I say so myself! There were definitely too many Sims, I think over 60 even.
      Yup, Hailey practically became like a princess marrying such a famous and loaded man Reggie is. And to think she hadn’t heard about him before that infamous meeting in the karaoke bar xD
      It was easier posing everyone than just having them stand there and waiting for them to either run away or perform some weird EA animations, lol. Thank you, I wanted various Sims there to attend and I thought it would be a fun idea to use your and Sempreviva’s ones, as well as EA townies (I picked carefully for celebrities) and of course my beloved Cecily and her family.
      Yes, I thought it would be a fun challenge to try to write the characters like Sempreviva does. Funny thing is I went in game and Rose autonomously started crying, matching the text I’d already had written. She has the over-emotional trait, so probably that’s why.
      I thought that joke with Phil and Keely was so lame. I went to reread some of your early stuff to see if I can distinct something, but I didn’t have a chance as you write so close to the game. So I picked this silly joke instead. The reason why I chose them was because I figured Keely was one of your Sims who could be famous enough to be invited to the wedding and I didn’t have to come up with some story on how she and Reggie met. Of course I had to change their coloring to match my game standards more as I aim for realistic. I think I kept them as close to the original as I could. Also the download link for Keely’s hair didn’t work so I used another hairstyle which I thought was close to hers. When I changed the skin to some “normal color” in CAS, she got that dark brown skintone and I didn’t change it. I thought the light hair and dark skin looked rather nice combined. Reggie laughing at his silliness is just a random animation connected to his good sense of humor trait, but it went well with it.
      Yup, Deq can’t be trusted. I think he was really the best pick for Sam, out of all of his exes. They’re both mean xD
      Reggie’s family is one of the last I created. They are so important and yet I almost forgot about them with all of the mess. Hm… Yeah, Adam and Reggie don’t really get along.
      Thank you! Blue definitely matches her eyes.

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  13. Wow, her family is huge. And it must be quite something to see just how many famous people Reggie knows!
    Dequan apologizing… hmm. I mean, he should’ve known not to write that article.

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  14. Such a lovely, huge wedding! I especially like her dress which was quite rock n’roll! I’m a tad disappointed though about the vows 😉 , she’s a singer and must be at least a little creative??? Not that I mind, I think the traditional ones are the best ones – I used them both times I got married… Congratulations to succeeding in managing so many sims, it’s not easy even with options off!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I couldn’t picture Hailey in a traditional dress. She’d refuse to put it on. All her creativity goes into song-writing at the moment 😉
      Thank you very much. I look up to you for all the times you’ve done it for your story!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No, actually her voice is more similar to Lana Del Rey’s. Marina has a strong Welsh accent and Hailey is American, so it wouldn’t add up. She was also raised in Twinbrook and people from there are known to have very good diction.

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  15. Wow, what an amazing chapter!! The wedding pictures are gorgeous, as are the nsfw ones at the end 😉 It was so nice to get an update on all the characters, nothing like a wedding to bring sims together. Clint is super cute btw 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  16. You put so much time and effort into the wedding, that’s awesome! it was a nice touch to include the family trees, because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to visualise who you were talking about and how they were related to our heiress. Speaking of Hailey, I love her dress here.
    It was fab to see sims from others included here! Sometimes I consider putting some of mine up for download, but it would take so much energy I don’t have to do it properly. Maybe some time in the future I’ll do it…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’m very glad my effort wasn’t fruitless and is appreciated. The family tree is mainly for me, because I can’t remember it all and it can be hard to visualize, so if it’s hard for me, then for readers it must be a nightmare. I figured no one would be able to get what I was talking about without the family trees.
      I thought Hailey wouldn’t want the cliché long, white dress.
      I had fun including other people’s characters.
      I’d love it if you put up yours so that I could include them, too, next time I have a chance. Myself, I upload all my characters, so anyone can get them. But no pressure 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Wow! My head is just spinning I’m telling you…..what a wedding. Did you really get all those sims to attend? Amazing! No wedding goes off without a few hitches…or arguments…or someone being tossed out! LOL I can tell you put a ton of planning into this event and the pictures were so beautiful! Well the deed is done now….let’s see how they fair….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a mess setting it all up but I couldn’t treat it as a party, as my game would crush each time. So, I had two families full of Sims (so may Portrait Panel made two pages of portraits) and got them all in one place, gave them free days in their jobs. I don’t think I’d ever do it again! Oh yes, I wish I had known how to make poses then, I’d have made those Security Poses ages ago! Lots of planning! I still how my notes with all the names of Sims who attended, all the family members and Sims belonging to my friends…

      Liked by 1 person

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