Chapter 5.11 Matter of Great Urgency

Warning: Foul language, some skin is shown.

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„Hailey, we need to talk. It’s urgent.” My eyes widen as I look at Reggie standing at my doorstep, shocked. First thing that comes to my mind are the dirty plates all over the place. There’s a reason as to why he’s never been there in these 7 months that we’ve been dating. But at last his words hit me like a brick. There might be something even more important than just  these piles of stocked up dishes. Urgent… I think I remember hearing this word before. Oh, right. It’s what I told Cedric when I arranged our break-up meet. Suddenly, I am sweating uncontrollably, my heart probably skipping a few beats at once. Could it be…?

Reggie seems unaware of the whirlwind of emotions I’m experiencing as he pushes past me and sits down on the sofa, not even paying attention to the dishes. He looks weird as a huge frown is present on his usually happy and relaxed face. There aren’t many things able to spoil Reggie’s mood, maybe except for  mentioning the accident.


“Are.. are you going to break up with me?” The words seem strange coming from my mouth, barely audible, as opposed to my usual clear and loud voice. Reggie shakes his head impatiently.

“Are you signed for newspaper delivery? I think I saw one outside, no?” I nod, waiting for him to say more. “Go pick it up. Now.” I open the door to go do as I am told.


As soon as I see the first page, I feel blood rushing through my veins. There’s a huge picture of Reggie and me there, with the headline stating Shocking Backstory of Fast-Track Reggie’s new partner. I grab the newspaper and hurry back inside to join Reggie.



I sit next to him and begin reading the article, having it harder to control myself with each sentence. Finally the newspaper flies through the room and hits the wall. Reggie looks at me with sheer anger.


“Those fucking bastards, right? Do they think they can get away with it? I don’t think so, no!” He clenches his fists, sending angry looks towards the newspaper. I bite my bottom lip, holding back tears.


“Don’t worry, Hailey. We’re going to sue them bastards. They can’t just talk shit ‘bout you because they know I care lots about you and want to destroy relationships just for the sake of juicy gossip! How I hate such pseudojournalists and their ‘work’,” a stream of words escapes his mouth and he stresses the last one.


“But what if it’s all true? They might be right and you deserve better, Reggie.” At that moment I mentally slap myself. That’s not what you say about yourself when you want to get yourself a man.


“Fucking bullshit. In all honesty, they can take this truth and stick it up their asses!” I gape at this. I didn’t know this vulgar side of Reggie, though I must admit he’s kinda sexy like that. As if he was a knight with a kind of… colorful language.


“We’ll have to sue them for slander. Don’t give a rat’s ass if that’s true, but they have no right to dig up such private and touchy details about your life whatsoever.”


“Wait. I know what you should do – marry me!” Reggie looks at me as if I’d just grown at least 10 additional heads.



“You heard me right. If you don’t give a crap, why not show them that? Show them that you accept me as I am, and how much I mean to you.” Reggie freezes, looking lost.


“It’s not that I don’t want to, Hailey, but… You sure you wouldn’t want someone, uh, dunno, younger? Wasting your time with old chaps like me doesn’t sound like the most reasonable step, especially with one who still cherishes the memory of his lost family.”


“Wasting? Define it. Anyone can say you are no good for me and I will oppose every single time. You might even kill off my whole family and I would still want you as I do now. Don’t you see it? I want you, Reggie, no one else. I want to spend the rest of my time with you, and you alone. I want to marry you and become officially yours, because that’s been my goal in life ever since I met you in that bar that night.” He studies me closely, but I’m deadly serious. I want it all and I want to offer Reggie everything that makes me, everything I can give.


“Wow, I… I don’t know what to say. Is that… er… a proposal or what?” He stutters out.


“If you want it to be, then yes. You know I’ve always been pretty unconventional with my decisions. And, dude, it took you three months to sleep with me. We don’t have a lifetime ahead of us to wait ‘till you get over it.” A smile lights up his face at these words and he pulls me closer.


“The confidence of a sex worker and ready to strike at you like her criminal father? Isn’t it how they described you?” He leans in and I am able to distinguish a not-so-subtle hint of alcohol next to his usual scents. “Fucking accurate,” he says right to my ear.


“I’ll take that as a yes,” I say, grasping for air hastily as his hand travels up my thigh.

“I take that as an actual proposal, then. Ma chérie, fiancée,” he adds. There are many things you can say about Reggie, but not that he is fluent in French. Not at all. I’d normally laugh at another of his failed attempts, but he shuts me up with a kiss before I can utter any sounds of laughter.


“You’re so sexy, baby… Would you let that old man have some fun with you?” He doesn’t wait for the answer as he picks me up and carries me through the closest door which happens to lead to my bedroom.



“Well , I figured you had a messed up story hearing the grandparents theme, but I wouldn’t imagine anything like that. That’s pretty fucking wild, to say the least.”

“Yup, I know that much.”

“Daddy syndrome, right?”




“You know, the strive for having a daddy because you didn’t get one.”

“Uh, excuse me. I wouldn’t sleep with my daddy.”

“Please don’t ever call me that, would you?”

“What? Daddy?”


“Yeah, that. That’d be super messed up. As if I paid you for letting me be young again for a moment. Oh, Hailey, you’re worse than your mother, giving away all your shit for free, aren’t you?” He teases.


“Not to anyone, though. I love you, Reggie. You have everything that makes me in your hands. Take  or throw it away.”


“That’s pretty big responsibility. I don’t like them much.”

“But that one isn’t a chore, is it?” I smile suggestively at him and he pushes me to the bed, placing himself on my lap, then he lifts my chin with his finger.


“Aren’t you still super young?” He whispers, staring at my mouth and finally giving it a quick peck. My lips are slightly opened, as if they were waiting for more, when I look him in the eyes, disappointment written in mine.


“Nah, that’s not a chore… I want to protect you, in fact I have a strong urge to do so. And I think I love you, Hailey. I love you,” he tastes the three words slipping off his tongue as the most natural thing in the world. I snuggle closely to him, knowing I will not forget this moment ever in my life. This moment which gave “urgent” a brand new meaning.

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  1. Hailey is continually extremely lucky that Reggie didn’t hear about all that and freak. I guess he likes her enough that it doesn’t matter… even if his ‘I love you’ seemed a little lukewarm to me… And now they’re going to get married. Hailey moves really fast! I guess we’re going to have a wedding soon, so that’s pretty exciting 😀
    Yay for a new chapter – it was great! 🙂 I especially liked the soft lighting on the bedroom scene at the end.

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    1. Lol, she is extremely luck… that is, until she won’t be. Damn with that ‘I love you’. I suck when I try to be romantic, you see. So that’s probably my fault that it sounded lukewarm.
      And I don’t even think they’re moving that far, I totally just wasted half of my generation and most of it was Frank anyway, so.
      Thank you. I don’t like it, though. It’s so silly, this one. Funny thing the initial photos were super dark and I found this fancy effect to cover it up 😛

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      1. Everyone’s luck eventually runs out in Never Do It Again 😛
        I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that – I probably read it wrong, I’m sure!
        To be fair, I don’t know how much time passed between this and the last chapter 😛 just seems like Hailey is always jumping head-first into stuff and same goes for this marriage. Oh well, I’m looking forward to seeing the wedding!
        Heh, well, you got a good result, for sure!

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      2. Yes, totally 😛
        No, don’t worry. It wasn’t meant to sound lukewarm, but maybe it did. I don’t know, really. Reggie cracks me up, especially drunk Reggie.
        4 months passed between this and the last chapter 😛 Yup, not much. Hailey is always jumping right into another trouble, but what she wants, she wants right away. If I were Reggie, I think I would be a bit afraid to try to oppose to her ideas. She might not want to see him ever again 😛
        I hope I can get the wedding right. Preparations have already got me so tired and I’ve only just dressed up all the guests.
        Yup, even I was surprised by how good it looked.

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  2. Whoa, talk about yellow press! But the name of the article’s writer does remind me of someone… Dequan, Dequan… wasn’t that the guy that Sam used to “date” back in China? I never really liked him and if that’s him, the article gives me justice, lol!
    And wow, they said they’re gonna get married before they even said “I love you”! That couple really needs to get their timing straight! 😁 They do share a passionate, playful relationship though, always teasing each other – I really like it!
    And I really wanna see their wedding – I bet the press is gonna go nuts that day! 😉

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    1. Yes, totally. They must know everything! Yup, you got that right. That’s the same guy whom we know as I’m an arrant liar, who’s childish and my hair is totally not dyed. I guess Sam’s exes and not-so-exes cause mess in Hailey’s life again!
      Ha, ha, yeah, they totally did it. And methinks Reggie was too scared to oppose, because that’s Hailey and you do not disagree with her, lol. I think we haven’t really seen that much of their relationship yet, but I’m glad you like them.
      Yes, it’s gonna be big. And Jared and Rose are invited 😉

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  3. That was definitely an unconventional proposal, and the timing was interesting. But if they truly do love each other, I guess it works! Can’t wait to see this wedding, I have a feeling it’ll be quite extravagant…. 😉

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    1. Whole Hailey is pretty unconventional, wouldn’t you say? I’ve been dressing the guests for like 3 days now. And today I haven’t been in game, because I’m worn out. And I have not yet written or taken anything. So yeah… you could say it’s extravagant.

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  4. I can’t believe how invasive and judgmental that gossip column was! Wow! The facts might have been true, but comparing Hailey to a sex worker and a murderer just because of who her parents were is horrible. I would have been just as mad as Reggie was if that happened to someone I cared for.

    I guess there’s going to be a wedding and an heir soon… yay!

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    1. Well, Deq has some personal matters to deal with, and if he can’t reach out to Sam, he will reach out to his daughter instead. He really shouldn’t have become a journalist… Reggie was super mad. And he was drinking, hence why he was a little unstable and it’s partly why he agreed to the proposal.
      Yey. Or not. Legacy things really are not my cup of tea.

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      1. I feel SO foolish for not realizing Deq wrote the article! That makes a lot more sense than it just being a random creepy reporter digging up dirt! I can definitely see that. I’d still be just as mad as Reggie must be, but at least I can understand where it’s coming from now!

        LOL, you’re halfway through the generation (and halfway through the legacy!!) so whether you like it or not, the legacy things need to happen! 😛

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      2. Don’t worry. Yup, it’s Deq. I meant to add a note about paying attention to the article’s author’s name, but it sort of slipped my mind as I had a busy Saturday. Most of the readers thankfully noticed it, so I don’t feel too bad about forgetting. He definitely was easier to distinguish than Amanda. He is a pretty unique character with his ways of lying and being super childish. And he had the solid base to find it all out – Sam told him the altered version of the story and his job was only to find out what was true about it and what was not. It’s really funny, though, that Reggie was far more mad than Hailey. She lives in her own make-believe world where she is happy with her older prince 😛
        I am! It feels so weird to acknowledge. Legacy things is such a bore, can I just skip to adult babies? 😛

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      3. What’s so funny is that I figured out Amanda right away… but I wasn’t even paying attention to the article author, so I didn’t even notice Deq! Lol. I feel like most of Hailey’s big problems in life are going to be the echoes of the past more than anything she does herself — Sam set her up for a crazy life with a lot of secret vendettas! And Reggie’s past is just tragic enough to complicate Hailey’s life on its own.

        I’m actually the same way! The challenge I’m playing now is kind of forcing me to keep babies for 3 days, toddlers for 7, children for 7 and teens for 14. I typically hate the whole kid part and leave them free-range till prom, lol. I feel like I’m not giving the kid enough attention because I’m not really used to paying attention to kids! It’s a fun change, but it would definitely not be my priority (except for “what do they look like??”) in a more structured storytelling legacy like yours.

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      4. Ha, ha, that’s funny. Yeah, I always tell people that nothing happens without a cause here. And the overall idea is that heirs must suffer because of their descendants’ decision and I thought it would be a fun idea for Sam’s exes to get their revenge. I mean, maybe Cedric is not one of my Sam’s exes, but let’s be honest, he probably wouldn’t be that interested in Hailey in the long run if it wasn’t for her being related to Sam and him having the chance to get his revenge. And I just love throwback characters, you know, creeping on us from nowhere. We’re soon going to meet Deq. As you can imagine, he still didn’t get his life together and only relies on short-term affairs. I’m also going to tie down my other story I write in Polish and my main heroine asked Deq if he wouldn’t want to have kids. That triggered a good laugh for him. Not that he ever would, but she’s got no idea he’s gay 😛
        Normal gameplay bores me and I haven’t even tried a challenge in my life. I’ve made up stories for my Sims ever since I can remember and sharing them is a pleasure, because I can get them out of my head. I messed up, because I had too short a lifespan for Clinton and I think he almost grew up to be a school kid in my game. Lol, that would be such a messed up timeline. He’s 3 atm. The kid part is super boring, I don’t like it all, but when I have a family is like the only time I actually try to play the game and not just stage. It feels like a chore anyway. Don’t mention pets… I forget about them all the time when I have them and then they magically disappear from the story. Actually, stupid EA made me lost Twilight, Maddie’s cat, when she died. Fortunately, no one remembered her 😛 And I made Heather ran away, because it was too much to care about both her and Sam’s martial arts. I’m so cruel 😛

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      5. lmao. I’m horrible with pets too. I actually changed their lifespan (WHY DO THEY LIVE FOR SO LONG??) so they’d die in like a third of the time because I’m so bad at taking care of them. The stuff that really bugs me about the random legacy challenge is the everyday stuff — having to do laundry (I usually skip it because who wants to play a video game about doing laundry?!), take care of pets (again, their default lifespan is SO LONG; I would never adopt a pet IRL if it was going to live for 30-40 years!), no cheats and I have to use a specific career to make money — I don’t mind my Sims being poor, but I’m used to them not being able to sell all the random stuff they find!

        It is making me look forward to writing for the more structured legacy story I want to write, though! I feel so boxed in and helpless about everything that happens, lol.

        I don’t think you’re cruel. We gods can’t keep track of everything, lol. We do the best we can for our little virtual people.

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      6. I feel it’s an accomplishments that I had 2 dogs live up throughout the whole default life span. Damn, this was a wild ride. It was the dogs of the other story’s heroine. She and her husband who wasn’t her husband at that moment adopted them antonomously and I wanted to see what it would be like. Now they have their urns on the table in the living room next to Brady’s director award, lmao. Yup, laundry is stupid, imo. Why would you buy a washing machine when you can just avoid buying it and not have to worry about it? Stupid decisions.
        I can’t wait to read the story you’re talking about if you decide to start writing it.
        I’m a cruel god, though. But I am not that cruel, because I genuinely care about my Sims. Even if it. just. doesn’t. show.


  5. Rushing into things much Reggie. And the fact he had been drinking didn’t escape me. Hailey I get rushing in…she does everything without thinking. She just happened to push all the right buttons with Reggie I guess…maybe his lost daughter and her horrid father makes them a match made perhaps in hell. We will see if they can be happy. I hope so and that I’m way off base.

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    1. Yes, I think Reggie agreeing to this offer that came out of nowhere partly came out because of his drinking. He was so angry when he read the artictle, that he downed a few bottles and then came to Hailey and started the scene.
      Hailey’s style of living is rushing into things. First Cedric, now Reggie. I mean, at least he’s not taken.
      A match made in hell sounds accurate. They both happen to have weird preferences, other than people usually do. Hm, maybe they can. Or maybe it’s my story.

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  6. Wow, that was intense. So, they are getting married. Seems like too soon, but that is Hailey for you. Act first, think about consequences later.
    Even though the article is true, it is an exaggerated truth. And the fact that is is written by Dequlan (Sam’s ex) shows that he can’t be unbiased. They might have a claim for slander after all.
    PS- Hailey, you should invest in some curtains for our bedroom window. 🙂

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    1. Yes, it was. I don’t like this chapter much, though. It’s mostly drunk Reggie freaking out and stuff. And that is the true Hailey spirit you got there.
      You’re right, Deq really couldn’t write an unbiased version. He has some very strong hatred toward Sam, so he reached out to his daughter. That’s mean and childish acting, but then again, Deq is childish after all. Yes, they might get it 🙂
      LOL, that’s a good point. Although I don’t think Hailey is the one to get embarrased 😛

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      1. It certainly is drunk Reggie freaking out, but it was a great chapter nonetheless. Personally, I don’t think you have ever written a bad chapter ever. And I know I am not the only one who thinks that. 🙂
        I guess that makes me so different from Hailey. My first thought was of a paparazzi popping up to take a bunch of photos of the two of them mid woohoo. I would die of embarrassment, but Hailey wouldn’t care.

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      2. Thank you. I don’t know what I did to deserve your countless compliments. You always give me them, even if I admittedly do not try that much.
        I am so different from Hailey that I cringe writing her chapters and I barely stop myself from not posting them at all. She embarrasses me with her behavior. You see, the whole article case and it was Reggie who cared much more than her. Even if it was about her she wasn’t really bothered.

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  7. My WP is so trippy, I kept on refreshing my reader for this and for some reason it didn’t show up until now… :/
    Well, onto the chapter I go~
    Random side note: The Moose Count story headline made me laugh, hahahaha.
    Wow, that was such a spiteful paper, even though most of it was factual, the wording was straight-up vicious. Dequan is a unique name, so I figured there was a chance it was the same one from China, which was confirmed in the comments above. Reggie is a saint for not freaking out after reading that. Most of the stuff in Hailey’s past is pretty crazy. She is definitely rushing into marriage too soon when the girl can’t even do her dishes for crying out loud, haha. Something I noticed this chapter, is that Hailey looks extra… curvy? Unless it is something I didn’t notice before (which I feel like I would’ve since I’m always admiring her outfits) but is it weird if my first instinct would be to think she might be pregnant again? XD Haha, although after what happened last time, I figure she’d be extra careful…
    I have a feeling something is going to go wrong in the near the future, just because this is a tragedy and everything has been working out pretty well for Hailey so far… I also can’t see her having a perfect blissful wedding… But I suppose we shall see :p Great chapter!

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    1. Oh, hi, nice new avi!
      Don’t worry, my WP has been acting strangely as well. One story update was said to have been uploaded 7 hours ago when I found it in my reader. If you ever have trouble with it again, go ahead and check out the site directly. If it’s Saturday, then it should be there.
      It’s not even Moose County, lol. It’s Shores Citizen, except I cut the second word halfway. The font might have fooled you, though.
      Oh yeah, it was. I guess you could say Deq wanted his revenge and he couldn’t get Sam, so he went for his daughter. Deq has African ancestors, so maybe that’s why his name sounds weird. He grew up in an orphanage in Isla Paradiso anyway. Reggie freaked out, he came to tell her while being drunk, hence why he was so unstable and started swearing uncontrollably. Don’t worry, there is a solution for Hailey and her dishes. You will see soon.
      Oh, you have a good eye. Yes, Hailey is extra curvy. No, she is not pregnant. It is actually my fault because I entered some of my older saves and she was post pregnancy there. If you remember her outfits, she was still wearing the green shirt, platforms and her pink hair in a braid. So that’s the timing of Third Wheel Blues chapter. So it’s me who messed up. I kept telling myself how fat Hailey is all the way as I was taking pictures.
      In the near future maybe not, but sometime it definitely will. Oh, the wedding. I haven’t staged that one yet. Hopefully not everyone pisses themselves or goes into labor 😛 Thank you.

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      1. Thanks! I figured it was time for a change~ Yup, I was going to do that if it didn’t show up since I know you’re super consistent when it comes to posting 😊
        Yeah, I wasn’t referring to the newspaper itself (cause I could see it says Shores) but the blurred article to the right of Deq’s story that says: “International Moose Count Underway” 😂😂😂
        Yeah, Reggie was more freaked about the fact the story was posted than he was about what it actually said.
        Ohh okay, that makes sense. So no immediate babies then 😉 Haha sims weddings are always a spectacle, I’m looking forward to seeing how Hailey’s goes.

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      2. Oh, that one. Lol, it’s a default article. I would cut it out fully if it wasn’t for Hailey/Reggie photo I needed to include. It’s a fancy app for making fake newspapers, so that’s not even my doing, lol.
        Well, babies, sure. But not now at least. I am not even halfway through the wedding pictures, oh my.

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      1. Yay 😀 Thankfully, you fixed them. As if I didn’t know WP hates me to the core. I stayed up almost until 1 am getting 90 pictures on and it kept popping system errors 😂

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  8. Oooooohhhh boy.
    We both know I don’t like Hailey, but that article was scathing. Jeez. I do hope they will be able to sue them successfully, that last part was especially cruel and biased.
    Okay… on one hand I’m shocked they are getting married so quickly and the proposal was that informal… but on the other hand, it’s Hailey, so I’m not even surprised. I am worried about the fact Reggie was drinking beforehand. He seemed to hesitate when she initially ‘proposed’ so I wonder what his thoughts will be when he sobers up and has time to think over what he has so rashly agreed to.
    I don’t know if I’m reading this wrong, but how Hailey said “you have everything that makes me in your hands” doesn’t particularly strike a good chord. It sounds like she is nothing without Reggie, and she is unhealthily obsessed with him. So I worry for what will happen with the eventual disaster I feel might come for their relationship…
    Nice chapter, glad to have caught up 😀

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    1. Well, that’s a lot of o’s. I’m sorry for you having to catch up and I can’t even imagine the amount of cringing it caused in you. Sorry.
      That article was plain vicious. But that’s Deq and his vendetta, you know. Everyone hates exes, but his exes have a special sort of hatred for him and all Sam-connected. And Dellie is actually connected to Sam! Can you imagine?
      Well, I think Reggie mostly agreed because he was drunk. I don’t think he would jump into another marriage after his ex-wife died in an accident and that quick. But he’s having doubts because Hailey is so young and he would want her to be happy with someone who would be there for longer than him as he’s not that young anymore. Reggie was drinking because he experienced the article strongly and needed something to release the stress. He was acting pretty unstable because of the alcohol, though.
      You are right, Hailey is dangerously obsessed, that doesn’t bode too well for her. And I won’t even try to break them up, which might be a surprise. But disaster will come in another form.

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  9. When I saw angry Reggie and an article in newspaper, I thought about huge scandal. I’m not surprised Reggie’s reactions. I think I could react similarly. I have known the other side of Reggie, but I could expect that. He looks like man who can be very pissed off.
    I don’t know if it is right to write about Hailey’s private life. Is she a public figure? I know she has performed in karaoke bar, but I wonder if she is considered to be a famous person. Journalists have gone too far (their activity can accept tabloids – very possible, and they could have an explanation). Maybe they should sue the Shores Citizen (of course if the law prohibit writing about non-public figure).
    Nevertheless I’m glad Reggie accepts Hannah who she is, and that this confusion didn’t destroy their relationship.
    I can’t believe Hailey proposed to Reggie. I’m not used to seeing woman who is offering a marriage. It was unconventional but Hannah’s is right, Reggie would propose to her in a few years. Nobody wants to wait that long. She must have taken charge of their future.
    I hope they used protecion, because if they hadn’t done it, they would be parents soon. I think they aren’t ready (who is?), so they must remember about that.
    Should I expect the wedding in the next chapter?

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    1. Yes, it was a scandal. Reggie can be quite hot-headed when it comes to the people he cares about and Hailey definitely means a lot to him. He isn’t usually the one to be vulgar, but when the situation calls for it, he can be harsh.
      Hailey is a public figure just because she dates Reggie. People start noticing her and want to know about her because Starlight Shores values Reggie as its reknown citizen to be proud of. There are a lot of fans of him there, i.e. Waylon. Hm… You are right in that they can very easily win this case against Shores Citizen.
      It’s a relief for sure.
      Oh, no, I think they were quite careful. I hope so 😛 I don’t think anyone is really ready until it’s time to face the fact that they are going to be parents. Then they have to be ready and just go with the flow. Unless you are Hailey, then you can dump the kid to your gay friends 😛
      Yes, totally!

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  10. This is the most evil legacy I have ever read…and that’s a compliment! Most of the other Simlits I read have the characters get put through the ringer but they get happy endings. No such luck for the Rosenthals. I’ve kind of ended up reading it out of order and I haven’t finished yet but I do hope to read it all at some point.

    Sam was possibly my favourite-to-read character so far. He was well-written. In the end, he got his just desserts.

    Hannah…girl’s a mess, that’s all I’m gonna say.

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    1. Hello! I am very glad to have you on board! Thank you for taking the time to read, it is appreciated.
      The idea with the bad endings came to me as I had to type the blog’s name and I wanted it to be meaningful, not just The Rosenthal Legacy, which sounded just too cliché, plus it’s not even a legacy and I was sure my computer wouldn’t make it past gen. 1. It kind of stuck. But I also have always had the trouble with not getting attached to the stories. I don’t think I’ve ever written a proper ending before this blog. It just seemed to go on and on and I wasn’t sure what to do. I knew that if I did a happy ending, I would get bored with the story and characters altogether, so I avoided it. I felt like having a tragic ending would be something more interesting, a good point to start with the new generation.
      I don’t blame you for not reading it as I cringe if I have to get back to my older chapters, so I can’t blame anyone for not bearing with them. No rush. Read it or not. I think you saw the summary pages, so that’s really all you need to know in a nutshell.
      Thank you so much for the compliment. Sam was… Well, he got a lot out of me and was very frustrating to write about. But I am glad the work with him wasn’t fruitless and people enjoyed it after all.
      You are so right about Hannah. Sometimes I think she’s even worse than Sam. Even he wasn’t that annoying.


  11. Not a very good reason to get engaged imo, lol! Just to prove something to other people. And it seems like Hailey was looking for an opportunity to bring up them getting married.

    Other than that, things are going pretty well for them so far. I look forward to the wedding!

    I love Deq as the writer there, that’s a nice touch!

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    1. That’s such a poor excuse to get married, I know. Desperate much, Hailey, aren’t ya?
      Yes, the wedding. I stayed up taking pics up to midnight yesterday, but I’m not even halfway through!
      Thank you so much. We’re going to see Deq in person soon, too. And some special guests like Keely and Phil 😉

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  12. The article speaks the truth, yes. But somethings should not be published for the whole world to see. Especially as Hailey is not her father and is just trying to move on with her life. I guess I see now why Reggie was trying to keep things on the down low so hard.

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  13. Wow, what a story in the paper! And Reggie barely blinked an eye as if he wants to think the best about our girl. She is so lucky, I think, to have him in her life. It was really vile that the paper told her whole story like that.

    It makes sense as to why Reggie didn’t want it out there that they were dating.

    I love how Hailey just proposes out of the blue. haha It’s so her!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, indeed. Reggie loves her very much and she is in fact lucky to have him 🙂
      Definitely he didn’t want Hailey in the spotlight.
      It’s so very Hailey! I figured her mind often wanders and then she’s like: “hey, let’s get married”. Lol.

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  14. looks like your going to be working on a wedding too, hope you`re having fun doing these pictures, looking forward to see what kind of wedding you choose for Hailey, I’m sure it will be something special and I liked the paper effect, that was a neat idea 🙂

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    1. The wedding is to be published in about 3 hours. It has about 100 pictures, which took something like a week to take and was a very tedious job. Thank you 🙂 It is from the newspaper generator.

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  15. Well they’re a good looking couple and I’m pleased he doesn’t care about her past, and of course I always like it when we can subvert the typical stereotypes so good on Hailey for proposing, if you can call it that. Though it feels a bit fast, a spontaneous decision. But she’s not exactly known for her foresight haha. Still, I’m sure they’ll be a happy couple for some time until things inevitably go wrong 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think they are a good-looking couple as well. Who would care *cough, Grace, cough*, it’s not her fault after all. Yeah, the stereotypes. Reggie actually proposes to her in the next chapter, so I’m not sure if it’s all about subverting. Hailey and foresight, sure 😛 Inevitable misery in the past.

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  16. Hailey and Reggie are so good together! I’m glad his angry reaction to the article was directed towards the authors, not towards her! And it’s great she’s got a new meaning to “Urgent”… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so glad you think they make a good couple. Not all of my readers are convinced when it comes to them. It sure may look like they’re just constantly having sex, but it’s mostly because of Hailey and her nature. It’s a relief he wasn’t mad at her! Always good to have some new, good memories connected to the word 🙂

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      1. I think they’re toxic, and her being exactly the same age as his daughter… Well. They are good for each other, not letting go even though the opinion is against them and I think that’s a truly good thing.

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  17. “Reggie looks at me as if I’d just grown at least 10 additional heads.”

    I love this line! I really hope she know what she is getting herself into! Okay I know because I was reading ahead to keep up. But I wanted to come back and read proper and leave comments. My husbands computer has some sort of block so when I come home on the weekend, I don’t have usual access to WP. But anyway, shouldn’t the article have meant something to her? I mean, given her some sort of pause?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup, that line was fun!
      Oh, she somehow managed to cope with this all, but wasn’t that easy. Deq caused a lot of chaos with that article of his. I don’t know what’s up with your husband’s computer, sounds really weird.

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