Chapter 5.10 Having the Hots

Warning: NSFW content; nudity. Reader discretion is advised. Or just save me the embarrassment and skip it… lol.


I sigh as I place my wet hand on my stomach, inches away from the C-section scar, now exposed because of the short top. Blood is still boiling in me and I’m unnaturally florid. Yes, I am well aware that masturbation doesn’t exactly solve my problems, yet I can’t help myself, when I’m constantly exposed to such tension during my meetings with Reggie. I mean, it’s been three months and I’m now a 20-year-old. I deserve more than he gives me. Much more.


I know Reggie is attracted to me. It shows in his every gesture and the way he looks at me, the way he admires my legs, or secretly checks out my butt when he thinks I don’t pay attention. So close and yet so far away from me. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I agreed to these ridiculous “baby steps” with him. What does it even mean in this case? He’s a man in his prime, he must have his needs. What is it that stops him? Is he afraid he might not measure up to my expectations? Rise to the challenge? I almost chuckle, as I become aware of the context. Okay, that was admittedly a bad wording. But still, I’ve felt him being hard many times when we cuddled. And yet he never crossed the line. Why did he draw it in the first place? Doesn’t he realize how frustrating he’s being? He almost makes me feel as if I was a horny 15-year-old again, the same one who would give out her V-card as it was a Christmas present. It feels as if I hadn’t changed that much since that time. Sort of a regress, but I can’t help it no matter how hard I try.


I stare at the ceiling, as I go through our meetings. Or were it dates? Nah, I wouldn’t call them that.  I remember when he gave me his autograph, a wedding present from me for Waylon. I remember the twinkling in his eyes, the slight amazement showing on his face as he realized my friends were two married men. “Good for them”- he said. “Able to have sex whenever they want to, not having to deal with moody women. Virgin Mary made me straight and that’s the price I have to pay for it.” I faked anger, failing miserably to hide the grin forming on my face. I wasn’t that frustrated then, as I am now. Moody woman, huh, Reggie? If it was up to her, we would have already had sex. And I’m not talking about a single occurrence.


I roll to the other side, displeased. I run my fingers through my short hair, still amazed at how quickly I managed to go back to my natural color, as I became too lazy to regularly re-dye them (still, I had to dye ones that were still pink). I never thought I would do that and yet here I am, not a “pinkhead” anymore. It feels better when I don’t have to worry about it. Surprisingly, I no longer feel the hatred toward the light brown that I used to suffer from the most of my life. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Reggie told me he prefers it to the pink?


At last, I hesitantly get up from the bed. Today is another of my meetings with Reggie, so I’d better get ready. It’s really fortunate that it isn’t in one of the shopping centers, because, as much as I appreciate Reggie being willing to stock my wardrobe with all the expensive brands – does he do that because he feels guilty of not being able to offer me some other things? – there are always people in the crowd who want photos and autographs, or who start getting all too excited about him being there. I’m getting adjusted to the attention I start drawing to myself by being Reggie’s close friend, with the press still having doubts about the nature of our relationship. It is not really a problem, because being the center of attention suits me, however I don’t like it at the time when I just want to spend time with Reggie and not unknown people who are his fans.

This time Reggie takes me to MN8, which is probably called after “midnight”, because MN8 (meen-ate) is very close to how people from Starlight Shores pronounce this word. I know both Waylon and Reggie do it like that. I and Frank articulate words much more clearly, hence why people instantly recognize us as former citizens of Twinbrook.

Fortunately this local is empty spare for us, so we’re lucky lucky this time. I find Reggie waiting for me on one of the couches.


“Hello, Hailey! I still can’t get over  how stylish this new hairstyle is. You look beautiful, baby,” he says.


“Thanks,” I curtly respond. “How’s work?” I add, knowing it’d bring about quite a speech from him. But not this time.

“Good, I guess…” He looks like he wanted to start a tedious monologue about racing, but then he hesitates, noticing how tense I am. “Hey, why are you so down today?” Why aren’t you tense? As I look at him, I’m starting to have doubts about him being attracted to me. Maybe there’s a way to check it, though? I give him a look from under my eyelashes, batting them flirtatiously.


“I missed you,” I respond, looking deeply into his eyes. Green as spring grass, with his hair golden like sand on the desert.

“Is that so? It’s only been two days. You know I’ve been busy.” He’s beginning to irritate me.


“You are always busy,” I blurt out before I can stop myself. “And full of far-fetched excuses as to why you can’t even invite me to your house.” He looks at me, clearly taken aback by this sudden outburst of honesty.

“There is nothing stopping me from inviting you to my house,” he opposes.


“Is that so?” I mimic him, titling my head to the side and crossing my arms, putting on an almost theathrical display of annoyance.


“Of course not. We can even go now if mademoiselle fancies.” I roll my eyes.

“God, that is a very poor mixture of British and French. But yes, I would very much like that.”


And this is how I convinced Reggie to take me to his house in one of his “high-street” cars. As he parks, I get a chance to admire his garage. Seeing my expression, Reggie is visibly as proud as a peacock.


“These matter everything to me,” he says, gesturing to the parked cars. If only I was a pretty racing car, huh? Would he want to have sex with me, then?


Afterwards I have to endure a description of each of them, tuning out in the middle of the first one. I only hear his voice now and it’s the most pleasant thing I’ve ever heard. Words are just words, but the tone is something entirely different. I can now openly stare at his eyes shining with passion, as he gets caught up enough not to pay attention to me at all. I can admire the man, feeling familiar feelings overtaking me. How mad would I be if he resisted me even in his house.


Reggie eventually stops talking and as we walk out of the garage, I can take a better look at the building, which is impressing itself. I look forward to everything that might await me inside. And I am not exaggerating when I say that the interior is all beyond my wildest dreams. Everything that looks expensive enough to be out of my reach for the rest of my life. And Reggie has all of these highest class objects stored inside.


“Err… So how do you like it?” He says, as we enter his living room, or should I rather say play room, filled with all the newest consoles and a television that could almost serve as a movie screen. Until this moment I don’t think I’d fully realized how loaded he really is.


“It’s awesome, Reggie! Can we play sometime?” I ask, staring at all the consoles, thinking of how many video games he owns.

“Sure. Bet I would beat you! Not now, though. I need to show you something first. Let’s get to the elevator.” Elevator?! Is he kidding me, or am I stuck in some kind of a dream, in a house my lazy spirit always wanted and never even dared to ask for?


“Uh… yeah, of course. What’s that?”

“Surprise,” he responds with a sly smile, pushing the button with “roof” written on it.


It takes mere seconds for the elevator to deliver me and Reggie right under the roof. As we get out, a cold wind startles me with its cold. I shiver at the touch of Reggie’s hand touching my arm.


“Are you cold? I could get you a jacket.” But as I turn around to face him, I don’t feel any cold, just the unbearable heat. I quickly shake my head.


Reggie leads me straight to the fence. Standing there, you can admire the breathtaking view of the city and even the sea in the distance. Looking closer, I can see a pool in Reggie’s backyard. Is there anything this guy doesn’t have?


Suddenly I can feel Reggie’s arms closing around me. He grips my boobs and slides his tongue along my neck. I freeze, unsure of how to act, my heart beating so fast it could jump out of my chest if it wanted to.

“Hailey, baby,” Reggie murmurs, his voice unusually hoarse.


I stroke his cheek, but he suddenly turns me around, pushing me hard to the balustrade.



My head now sticks dangerously through the hole in the fence, but Reggie holds me in a tight grip, not letting me fall. He presses his lips against mine and we share a rough, hungry kiss, biting each other’s lips so hard they start to bleed. Of course I could fall out through the fence and this would be the end of this, but for the longest time none of us cares, caught up in the magic of this moment. At last, I groan with displeasure as Reggie moves away from me, pulling me to my feet.

“We can’t risk you falling away,” he says. “Let’s go get a room.” A smile plays around his mouth as he says it. I let him take my hand and lead me to the elevator, where I suggestively lean on him.




We take it fast, hungry for each other after these painful months of abstinence. It’s then that I finally realize that it was as hard for Reggie as it was for me, if not harder. It’s what we both wanted and resisted to give each other for far too long. After finally giving in to our desires, we drop onto the bed, satisfaction spreading over our bodies. I lean into him, as Reggie’s hand draws gentle lines around the bottom of my stomach and I shiver slightly at the touch.


“You didn’t tell  me,” he whispers softly. I look at his hand and then at my stomach, a realization washing over me. Reggie was stroking my C-section scar.

“It’s not mine… anymore,” I say, referencing the baby.

“Whose is it, then?”

“Well, Frank and Waylon raise him…” I look around the room, frantically searching for something to hold onto to end the uncomfortable topic. It’s not long before my eyes settle on the photo hung on the wall facing the bed.


“What’s his name?” Reggie asks, but I’m already focused on something else.

“Clinton. What was hers?” I point to the picture. Reggie looks in the designated direction, a grimace of pain forming on his face.


“April… Yes, you guessed it right, she was born in April. Guess we weren’t that creative. Five years ago… during the accident… she was 15. This photo was taken not long before it happened.”


“So I…”

“Yes, Hailey, you are her age… that is, if she was still alive.” Pregnant silence falls after his words.

“I guess there’s a lot we still don’t know about each other.” He finally says.

“And we’re not taking baby steps anymore,” I notice.


“And we’re not burning out from the hots anymore.”

“Right… And that’s good.”


That’s good, I mumble after him, as I position myself safely in his arms. And it’d better stay this way.

Note: Okay, so that was this chapter I called “the sex chapter” in my head. I hope that wasn’t too explicit. I tried, but I very rarely include any erotic scenes in my story. Actually, it’s Hailey who pushed me to, because – I don’t know if you noticed – she is very horny and has always been. Soo, moving on. I would like to thank Bee for creating the poses where Hailey and Reggie kiss with him leaning on the column upon my request. I think they are brilliant! Edit: she uploaded the set and you can download it here. She also created the portrait set I used for Reggie’s family’s portrait. Speaking of which, does Amanda remind you of anyone? She’s supposed to, but that’s the mists of time, so I am not sure if anyone remembers. Anyway, thank you for reading and hopefully I stop feeling awkward thinking that I actually posted it!

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  1. Well, no wonder he took it so slow. She is his daughters age. It feels weird knowing that, but that’s Hailey’s thing. She looking for not just a lover, but a father….

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  2. It’s no damn wonder Reggie didn’t want to sleep with Hailey when she’s his dead daughter’s age. Ick. But I’m not sure if I believe her here, either – I mean, he’s probably attracted to her, yes, but he seemed really hesitant to do anything and if it wasn’t for her being kind of forceful, I’m not sure he would have gone for it… I might be wrong, though 😛 I just think she’s suuuper pushy!
    And hey, I don’t think this was all that bad with the pics, Jowita. Not gross or too much and the ones where they’re nude are honestly just kind of sweet… in a fucked up I-just-had-sex-with-a-guy-who’s-as-old-as-my-murderous-dad kind of way 😛
    Ha, ha! But hey, it was a great chapter as usual ❤ Looking forward to seeing where this all goes.

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    1. Yeah, he thought it was super weird when he found out about her age and he covered it with this a little too loud, nervous laughter last chapter 😛
      She is suuuper pushy. And you’re right – Reggie would probably not try to do anything if not for Hailey. She’s been practically throwing herself on himself for a long time now and I get that guys might not get signals, but come on, that was so obvious that maybe even Reggie got it. 😛 And now that I think about it, maybe Cedric had close to little choice, too. I get it, though, if you’re not Hailey, the thought of having sex with someone when there is such a huge age gap between you two sounds weird and improper. But that’s Hailey, she had no problems. She was like: “been there, done that, got the T-shirt (or rather got pregnant)”
      I’m so glad I didn’t go overboard with the pictures. I tried, but I figured it would look kind of fake if Hailey tried to cover it all up and not mention it when she’s been wanting it all along. And you know what’s more fucked up? Well, there you go. Reggie is actually 3 years OLDER than Sam. So yup XD
      Thank you so much. I hope you like where it all goes. Maybe I will do the pics for the next one today.
      Also, it was kind of funny when I saw the note about partial nudity in your chapter. I thought: “so, is it all about sex today or what?” XD

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      1. Hailey is really a force to be reckoned with, because she just won’t give up. Though Cedric was waaaaay too quick to give into a relationship with a child. At least she’s legal now, though… still so icky with the difference and the fact that she’s still so young and not mature at all…
        Oh lordy lord, Hailey really does like them old, doesn’t she? o_o
        I’m sure no matter what’ll happen, it won’t be boring and I’ll definitely like it! 😀
        Hah, it crossed my mind, too! Like, guess it’s just a hot and steamy Saturday! (Though my nudity is *very* mild – I had a bit more, but I got too shy and it didn’t fit in anyway so I left it out…)

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      2. Yes, and she’s manipulative, too. I guess Sam would be proud (and we all know that’s not a compliment). Cedric made a mistake, but Hailey was at fault, too. She’s totally not mature.
        Yup! 😀 And to be fair, Cedric was older than Sam as well (after all, he attended the police academy when Sam got the job when he was just 18).
        I hope so! I have a suspicion nothing is really boring with Hailey on board!
        I thought yours looked good! In fact your whole ending was really beautifully done. 🙂

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      3. Funny thing is, WP tried to sabotage my pictures. First, the sex collage disappeared right after I uploaded it. Then I checked yesterday and had to reupload all the balcony pictures. And I found out not long ago I had to reupload my featured image, too. So frustrating!

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  3. Whoa, it’s no surprise Reggie felt weird about sleeping with Hailey when she’s the same age his dead daughter would be now..! Talk about complicated! 😕 And I have to agree with Audrey, Hailey must harbor some major daddy issues to always choose older men like that!
    And I agree with Louise, those naked pictures were more than fine – I think a sexually frustrated character like Hailey demands them (in a way)! It showed her agony and relief at the same time of finally getting it over and done with..!
    I wonder what will happen now that this is out of the way – I honestly have no idea! But I have a feeling that Reggie’s affection is genuine… I guess we’ll find out eventually!
    Oooh, and I wanted yo ask you about the balcony/boob pose lol, thanks for sharing! It’s brilliant!
    I really look forward to see what’s coming next! 😀

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    1. Yup, that’s super weird and kind of complicated. But he is attracted to her and can’t help it. Although, he’d have probably waited before doing it had it not been for Hailey and her pushiness. She has daddy issues and ironically, she’s also proud of it. If you tried to tell her that, she’d start a tirade about how original she actually is because she likes older.
      Thank you so much, I’ve been stressed for about 2 weeks because of these pictures. I felt like I did some porn. It was funny, though, because I took them like after midnight real time and I felt like I was watching a pixel picture porn at night XD Hailey surely demands them as a character, probably even more than Sam. The act of sex and what it meant alone wasn’t that important to him. He just wanted to feel better about himself and that’s what he needed it for. For Hailey, it’s a display of love and comittment.
      Hm… I have written this chapter already, I just need to take the pictures. You may be surprised what Hailey’s pushiness eventually leads to! Reggie’s affection is genuine, you’re right.
      The balcony/boob picture is not by Bee. The one by her is the last one before they get to the elevator, but she hasn’t posted it yet, only sent the poses to me by FB. The pose you are interested in comes from this set I thought it was sexy and knew I had to use it. I even included it in the header image that I’ve just added to my pose. It was there of course, but my pictures keep vanishing for some reason and maybe WordPress thought I was being too explicit, lol.
      I hope you like what’s to come!

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  4. I feel the same way as everyone before me. I really like that you were tying in Hailey’s age with Reggie’s reluctance to go further. I also agree that Hailey is very pushy but I think you kind of have to be in the singing business to some extent so I’m looking forward to seeing where it all goes.

    Bee’s poses are great! And so is your chapter!

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    1. I’m so glad the pictures weren’t too much!
      Yes, Reggie wasn’t sure how to approach Hailey, because he turned on this protective dad thing and Hailey’s super young for him. Yes, Hailey’s pushiness may help her in making it to the top, that’s a good point.
      Bee is so talented! Thank you so much for saying that ♥

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      1. No they weren’t too much. I often wonder how much is too much also. lol Holden is not as conservative as previous gens, you see. Anyway, the pics didn’t bother me at all. 🙂

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  5. I also agree with everyone else — but one thing that really stood out to me toward the middle of the chapter is that Hailey is pretty funny, in a bratty way, when she’s irritable. “That’s a very poor mixture of British and French” and wondering if he’d have sex with her if she were a racecar both made me giggle a lot. It was a great chapter, Jowita, and really true to who Hailey is.

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    1. Yup, Hailey is still a brat at heart, even if she looks like a grown up woman. And I mean, she wasn’t even kidding. I imagine Reggie’s accent to be American to the core, so he fails miserably when he’s trying to imitate any other accent. He just doesn’t get it. Ha, ha, I’m glad that you had a good laugh because of her silliness. Actually, these snarky remarks somewhat remind me of Sam. Thank you so much 🙂 I must say I had difficulty with it because it was so Hailey and so not me.

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  6. “The Sex Chapter”. Yup, that pretty much sums it all up. But don’t worry. It wasn’t too much, or offensive in any way.
    Now we can see why Reggie wanted to take things slow, and was so reluctant to start a relationship with Hailey. The fact that she is the same age as his daughter is a bit creepy. The fact that they were taking things slow, but still didn’t know much about each other does not bode well for the state of their relationship.

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    1. Yeah, if you call a spade a spade, then that’s exactly what this chapter is. Can’t say I’m too proud of Hailey for how she acted here. Thank you, I’m relieved that it wasn’t offensive.
      That is a bit creepy. Not for Hailey, though. She knows what she wants and she’ll come and get it no matter what. It’s funny how Hailey was ready to sleep with him and all this, but not ready to tell him about her family.

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  7. Who knows? Maybe it’s no longer just Hailey who has a thing for men of a certain age? Possibly, losing his daughter did that number on Reggie, too. It feels like they are happy together, though.

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    1. That’s a good point. Reggie does sound like he’s protective of her – in a way, as if she was his daughter. Yes, they are happy, although some things about their relationship may sound weird.

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  8. Well, well, well that was quite heated. Aside from the slight awkwardness of Hailey being the same age as his daughter, Reggie seems like a nice guy. I kept on laughing whenever Hailey would get annoyed at his conversations XD As for who his wife could be, her bleach blonde hair seems so familiar, I thought maybe we’d seen someone like that during Sam’s grand master arc because I could’ve sworn there was that kind of blonde standing next to Adaeze once… (so I tried to do a quick scan through random chapters during that time to see if she was there, but she wasn’t) so I’m sorry to say I don’t remember & nothing else comes to mind 😅 I’m looking forward to the revelation~
    I agree with the others that Hailey is a little overly persistent, but hey, like she said, people have needs… Speaking of which it makes sense considering the way Hailey is to include the photos that you did. I liked the bit of conversation they had afterwards, it shows that despite Hailey wanting Reggie to quench her ‘hots’ :p she also is willing to talk to him about her past a little and wants to know more about him as well, I’m interested in seeing how their relationship develops. Can’t wait to see where this goes 😀

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    1. I know, kind of heated. Reggie is in fact a nice guy 🙂 Hailey was so done with their conversations. She was like: “oh, come on, let’s to that already, you’re boring me”. Okay, so I’ll tell you. Amanda is the first Sam’s person to have appeared in the story. He meets her as soon as he gets to the boarding school and uses her as a stairway to fame since he figures out she’s popular. Then, after some time, he breaks up with her in front of everyone. If you switch back to the boarding school bonus, you should see her there. It is not that surprising she and Reggie got together, as they both used to be the popular kids and she’s a bit older than Sam, so they’re almost peers with Reggie.
      Hailey has her needs… Yes, I figured Hailey would include the photos. Also, sex is so important for her, because that is like the declaration of true love, as opposed to Sam viewed it. Yes, or she just wanted to avoid the topic of Clinton that Reggie brought up 😛 Lmao at these “hots”. You will soon see where this goes 😁

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  9. To anyone but Hailey, finding out that you slept with a man who had a daughter your age would be creepy. But they seem happy enough together, maybe they’ll end up developing a better relationship? And ugh I definitely feel you on how awkward writing scenes with nudity can be… I know I always find my scenes super cringe, but I thought yours were tasteful and true to Hailey’s character. And it was a necessary point for their relationship to hit lol. Great chapter!

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    1. Well, Hailey has already done that – I mean, she slept with a man who had a son her age, which happened to be her best friend. So maybe she’s done even worse. Who knows what this may lead to? Now they’ve done it and we have to wait to see what they’ll do next. Super awkward! I was forced for their talk to go on naked because there is no way Hailey would be wearing a bra under that dress and I somehow didn’t want to dress her up partly and have Reggie put on his boxers. So I left them at that. Didn’t Link mother have a sex scene at one point? I think so. It was on the grass or something. Dunno why I remember it 😂 Thank you so much. I just wanted to avoid going overboard with descriptions and not include genitals, because I thought that would be too much. It was awkward for me nonetheless, I felt like I was doing porn and it was only with poses. I can’t imagine how people can use the sex mod, sounds like watching a pixel porn. Creepy. We can’t avoid such scenes forever, though, because as storytellers, we have to stay true to what life is and sex is undeniably a part of life. For some people this part is a tad more important than for others – like for Hailey.

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      1. Hailey gets herself into the most interesting situations…… Hmm yeah I can’t see her and Reggie taking the time to put on a few clothes before the post-sex cuddle lol. And goodness I know what you mean. Whenever I just have naked sims on my screen I get paranoid that one of my family members is going to see it and wonder what I’m doing with my life. But as you said, it’s a very important part of life! Ugh I’m remembering that sex scene right now….. You have a good memory 😂

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      2. I know, Hailey can get so cringy, too, lol.
        Yup, who would care about that? Maybe some people would, but I think it shows that they’re comfortable around each other and with their bodies, as they can have a casual conversation naked. If you are insecure, you immediately put your clothes back on.
        Yes, totally. And you know, sex mod has actual animations of your pixels having sex and I find that disturbing that people can just install it and watch their Sims fuck. I’d feel suuuper uncomfortable. I’m so thankful that no one caught me. I was doing those pictures around midnight and I felt so alone, lol.
        Yep, I just happen to remember the weirdest things and never the ones that I should. So my memory is good like that.

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      3. I don’t know how people can do that either! Oof personally I’d find that concept too awkward to actually use. Don’t know much about how it works because it’s something I never even considered using. But to each their own, I guess

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  10. Pictures looked fabulous! And no I didn’t read the chapter because I am not caught up. They looked very realistic so bravo to whom ever did the poses! I shall return to read shortly

    I’m super sorry, my time was too short to do all you needed for this chapter. Hopefully that will change soon

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    1. Thank you so much. These poses were very good ones, I had to gather quite a collection for this chapter.
      Oh, don’t apologize. I couldn’t find the time to try out the new ones you made either.

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      1. These are the poses I used here. They’re great, although at times I think they get a bit too heavy to be featured on my blog. I will look if I find a use for them later 🙂 I’m sure it’ll be a great pose pack.

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  11. I have finally understood why Reggie behaved like this. He had a daughter about Hailey’s age and it was strange for him to date with woman who could be he his daughter. I’m glad Reggie sorted things out because he loves Hannah so much. He should be with her and doesn’t worry about age difference.
    It’s good Reggie has finally invited Hailey to his house. Lucky Hannah, she has to hit on rich man. I think she will be a rich woman soon.
    Anyway, I’m happy they have taken their relationship to the new level and found out more about each other. They need honesty and more dates. Hailey has a boyfriend for such a long time and she can’t waste this relationship. Frank has a husband, it’s her turn now 😉

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    1. Yes, it was definitely weird for him. Age difference and everything. But he couldn’t hold back too long with a woman like Hailey. I think he loves her, too.
      She will not be needing that career as a singer as being with Reggie means both celebrity status and money. But that’s not what it is all about, right?
      They need to be honest with each other, it’s the foundation of a happy relationship. Hopefully, she will take this chance.

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  12. I can see why Reggie was holding out – having sex with someone the same age as his deceased daughter must be traumatizing at least! I’m happy they finally got over their restictive thoughts though, and I hope they’ll have the time to be happy – before you conjure up something dramatic! 😉

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    1. Yes, he just couldn’t bring up himself to do it. He was a father and he just thought it’s weird to have sexual feelings towards the girl who could well be his own daughter. But then again, like one of my reader mentioned, something may have gone off in him after the accident, and now he seeks younger partners the same way Hailey seeks older. Who knows really… Yes, time to be happy… for some time 😉

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      1. Elder men younger women – that’s a theme old as the world! I think Reggie has real feelings for Hailey, she doesn’t seem to be just a trophy to hang on his arm! BTW, you’ve included the sex scenes naturally, not too explicit at all!

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      2. Yes, totally! At least she’s not a trophy for him, that would be horrible, because Hailey has some very strong feelings for him and it would break her heart. Thank you so much for saying that. I was worried about crossing the line between tasteful and pixel pornography.

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      3. I guess you haven’t, it’s in part 1. You could always just check the pics and tell me what you think! When you have the time – it’s getting late!

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  13. Hailey must be pretty happy now. xD She finally relieves her need, and Reggie, too, lol!

    It’s really awkward seeing his family pictures there right after sex. And realizing she’s the same age as Reggie’s daughter would be – yikes. It’s no wonder he held off, but hopefully they have gotten to know each other well enough to look past that and just see each other as people.

    Amanda!!! Isn’t she Sam’s ex from high school? I recognize her hair color because she’s one of your sims that I downloaded.

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    1. Yup, she’s very satisfied. Reggie, I think, wasn’t it as much about it as she was. Usually it is the other way around xD
      Super awkward. Maybe he shouldn’t have hung that right there on the wall opposite the bed. But then again, I don’t think he imagined having sex with anyone else after Amanda’s death. Hopefully, they moved on or will soon.
      Yes, exactly. She’s his first partner who appeared in the story. He used her to get his fame. It also makes sense that she was older than him, because Reggie is, too. She is the very same as you remember.

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  14. Ahh………….. Hailey. You must have been cringing writing this as much as when I was reading. She’s so darn horny, LOL. I felt a bit bad for Reggie at the start because he must really love racing, and must talk about it quite passionately, but Hailey just referred to it as a tedious monologue. The entire focus of her mind throughout this chapter was literally just if Reggie wanted to sleep with her. As much as I like Reggie — he’s quite sweet — I can’t bring myself to ship them at this time, because Hailey just doesn’t seem to care about him apart from the sex and money. And the thing about her being the same age as his dead daughter… gah, that’s too far in my books. How old is Reggie? 40-50? I guess I will hope that they can find more in each other now they have finally ‘done it’?
    Great chapter 🙂

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    1. Well, I gave a fair cring warning at the beginning. I will be honest – I hardly managed to get out this chapter because it was so painful to know that I’ve written it all. So damn cringy, I was like: “gah, Hailey, stahp, that’s too much”.
      Reggie loves racing, but Hailey really doesn’t seem to care. Or maybe I tried to cover up the fact that I don’t know anything about racing? Maybe both.
      Hailey cares about him, but she cares about other things, too, you know, ha, ha.
      Reggie’ll soon be 46 and Hailey 21. The age gap is 25 years. For comparison, she was born when Sam was 22 😛
      I hope so, too. Or they will rush into other things, because why not? That’s Hailey for you.

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  15. I love the name of MN8 and it’s little story. Touches like that really give the world and story such life!
    Gosh, every time you give us a shot of Hailey’s face I have to admire her.
    I totally understand the nerves and embarrassment of posting NSFW stuff! But I’ve read far dirtier stuff 😉 It was good! And it suits Hailey, you know?
    Speaking of Hailey, she should just invest in a vibrator. Can’t always count on a man to be around when you need him… 😛
    I think age differences get more flak than they deserve. She’s not that young, and she’s mature enough to understand what she wants. No one is taking advantage of each other. Seems healthy enough to me! But not everyone will get that, like the press…..

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    1. Yes, people from Starlight Shores speak in a very specific way. Or maybe they just do in my head! MN8 is a venue EA created, but this little story around the name i mine and it’s “midnight” is the first thing I thought as I looked up the name.
      Really? Because I don’t really like her, tbh. Maybe that’s why I always have her wear tons of make-up 😛
      I know, it’s not even that dirty. But getting too dirty is too embarrassing for me. I’d feel super awkward and that’s not the point here. Thank you, I’m glad it was okay.
      She should totally invest in a vibrator 😛
      I think so, too. She’s not a teen anymore, so I’m pretty sure she can decide what’s good for her. Yes, not everyone can accept that. That is just life.

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