Celebrating my 2nd blogiversary! – Alternative Universes

Hello! I’m back here with a post on a unsual day – that’s Sunday – and a special date – that is May 20th, 2018, which marks a second anniversary of my blog, as I posted my prologue to Maddie’s story on May 20th, 2016, and my celebration for 1 year anniversary on May 20th, 2017. Before you dive in, here are a few words about this special.

When I was about to do a bonus for my birthday last year, one of my readers suggested an option, in which my heirs would experience their alternative endings, happier for them. After giving it some thought, I realized my plot is too centered around tragedy to achieve this without changing too many things and generally turning the story upside down. If you are interested, here you can more about that. This post is something different.

Below you will read about the lives of my heirs in alternative universes, however these are not endings, they are all at different points in their lives, and these are not necessarily happy. An important thing to note: every excerpt you read should be treated as one universe, they are not tied together, as trying to do so would likely create a completely new story. These excerpts refer to events you know from the story, however slightly adjusted. Enjoy your read and I will see you with more rambling at the end of the post! ❤

Generation 1


Maddie looked at her loving husband as he played video games with their son. She thought back to the time when she could not imagine him as anything more than just a friend. Things had changed from that from that time, just a “little” bit. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that her husband Frederick, who had earlier thrown her out of the house after finding out she could not bear a child, committed a suicide, a decision that Maddie found devastating. Throughout all the time it took her to relatively “heal” from the loss – God knows you never truly heal from losing your beloved life companion – Ethan was there for her, supporting her, especially as it soon came to life she was with a child, and that it was not Freddie’s, but Ethan’s. Maddie didn’t know if she would have endured it had she been forced to lose this child, as she was so weak through her whole pregnancy. She considered it a miracle when her healthy son, Edward, saw the world. It took Ethan a good dose of convincing for Maddie to finally agree to legalize their relationship and become Mrs. Berger. Not a Rosenthal anymore, the surname she carried for a short period of time, which felt like eternity. Promised to Freddie from a young age, as they were very close friends, with a friendship that later evolved into a relationship, she didn’t dream of being in a relationship with another man. And yet there she was, with a son and a man whom she loved with a feeling that had its source in something much deeper than something she had with Freddie. Ethan, after all, voiced his willingness to live with her, even when they both thought that she was unable to conceive, and he supported her, unlike Freddie who was nothing but cruel to her in the last stages of their relationship, shortly followed by his suicide. Maddie did not know what she did to deserve him, but she was grateful for him, and she was grateful that her life took such a turn. After all, where would she be now if not with Ethan? A soon-to-be spinster, hopelessly in love with a dead man? No, she couldn’t and didn’t want to imagine it. Her life was perfect just as it was.


Suddenly, Ethan looked at her back with those chestnut eyes of his that she learned to cherish. He gently grabbed her and their lips met. During the kiss Maddie couldn’t take her thoughts off the little baby bump growing under her clothes. She’d already decided to call the girl Annie, not even dreaming of the child being of any other gender. A girl would make their little family complete. The daughter, the son and the husband who cherished her. What more could she ask for?

Generation 2


Dellie looked at the image of his beloved girl whose image was slowly making its way onto the easel in front of him. He wished he could translate all her quantities to his art, but he feared he was not that talented of an artist, no matter how much he tried. His eyes suddenly met with Gemma’s as she looked at him with impatience.

“Are you done yet, Dad?” She asked. “Tony and Rosie are waiting for me to join in.”

“Go, then. Only final touches are left to work on.” Gemma quickly ran to her dad and planted a kiss on his cheek, then turned around to go out and join her boyfriend and best friend.


Dellie smiled as he watched her leave. She was so precious, this daughter of his. He thought that it was the worst moment of his life when his fiancée stood him up during their wedding, later giving away their daughter for him to take care of, but now he knew it was a blessing in disguise. He could not imagine his life going any other way, without his paintings and his beloved Gemma. It’s true that he was torn between painting and writing at one point, but writing about the lives of his characters seemed like too much of a responsibility to him. His paintings were by no means a series and he could present real people from his life on them, without giving away too many details (at least for a casual observer, who didn’t pick up on things visible only to him), as he would if he tried to write them into a book. Dellie was convinced he made a good choice when he took up painting. After all, he loved watching his mom paint when he was still just a teenager. It was much more than a passion and was more beautiful an art than creative writing. Additionally, it was a drama-free environment, without his manqué wife, who eventually ended up in a psychiatric hospital where she belonged. He tried to visit her several times, but she wanted nothing to do with him, so he soon gave it up. Now it was all just his painting and his Gemma. Life wasn’t bad, it was much better than he imagined it to be when Grace crushed his dreams about creating a family with her so many years ago. He wouldn’t trade what he had for a ‘proper’ family now. What did proper even mean? When asked, he would respond that Gemma and him were more than perfect to him. He did not want any undefined proper to rule his life, as it was good right as it was.

Generation 3


Gemma looked around her little ‘laboratory’, content that everything was right where it belonged. She thought back to her trip around the world that she experienced as a teenager and smiled at the thought of Seth, her very good friend from Twinbrook. Her smile quickly vanished as she remembered his harsh words telling her that she couldn’t forget about a boy who was nothing but an ass to her. True, maybe Tony was not a perfect gentleman, but surely Seth wasn’t either. Gemma couldn’t help it, she just wasn’t able to direct her feelings from Anthony to Seth, and so she had to break the poor boy’s heart. However she knew she made the good decision, because how foolish would it be of her to marry a man who she had no feelings for? Deep down, in her heart, she also knew that she wouldn’t be a good wife, as she came to realize that she didn’t enjoy sex at all.  Yes, maybe she didn’t try it with any guys except Anthony, but she just knew that it wasn’t it, it wasn’t what she was supposed to feel. Although, if you believe Rosie’s stories, he was a good lover, to Gemma it just didn’t make a difference. She was as content as she could be, living with her younger brother Gilbert, both of the siblings talented in the field of science. She and Gilbert were close to a prized discovery, even something they could receive a Nobel Prize for. Or at least Gemma strongly believed in it. She deeply believed that her struggles would not come off fruitless and that she would be awarded for her work. Her ambitious brother also had high hopes about it, but secretly Gemma was jealous of his abilities, which obviously surpassed hers. She was well aware of their neighbors and how they called them The Scientific Twins and, though it was not true (Gilbert was three years younger than her), Gemma felt flattered because of the name. She could just imagine the headlines of the newspapers talking about The Scientific Twins making a breakthrough. Sure, it would take some time, even years, but she believed it would be all worth it when they reached the point when their work brought about good results. She was not yet aware of it, but at the point, she slowly started her way toward the complete loss of her, then, still high hopes, and toward the later, much more bitter version of herself, who would realize that she devoted her whole life to a lab work, which did not only bring her any prize, but was just fruitless. It would be the end of the optimistic Gemma, once and for all.


But of course she couldn’t be more clueless about her future, happily humming to herself, as she worked on another invention.

Generation 4


Sam was lounging on the couch in the living room as his wife was busy making dinner, their little daughter trying to interfere in every way possible. Not that Sam cared. He was perfectly okay as long as Hailey did not bother him. She knew better than to try, though, because her daddy shouted a lot at her every attempt of making any contact with him. Sam smiled to himself, downing another bottle of beer. He would be on shift with Lane later that day, and working with Lane meant a quickie. He was looking forward to that, as Heather hadn’t been enough for him ever since the pregnancy. He found the gain of weight gross. Surely, the athletic posture of a fellow criminal was more than enough to cause his erection. Their relationship had been going on for quite some time now, bringing the needed stress relief for both guys. Lane wasn’t in a relationship and he was okay with promiscuous sex with Sam. Sam was married, but he longed for adrenaline, which Lane could provide him with with his daredevil ways, always coming up with more and more ideas and places where they could blow off some steam. Not that Lane was Sam’s only side partner, but this relationship was lasting and there to stay, as opposed to his other random hook-ups.


Sam went back to the beginning of his relationship with Heather. He remembered the first time when he almost lost her, as he hit her in heat of the moment, after finding out about the nature of her job. He quickly managed to repair the damage, as he showered her with his far-fetched declarations of love, which poor Heather desperately wanted to believe in. He then made her promise that she would be there for him and him only. After that he was nothing but a loving boyfriend to her, treating her like a princess. That is, until she finally married him. Then he could go back to his egotistical self, the one Heather knew from the time when she was just his butler. Then there was the second time he almost lost her, when Heather’s father’s people tried to threaten him. However when they found out about his position in the gang, they backed off. Criminals stuck together. Yeah, he thought to himself, I fought hard for the life I have right now. A decent fuck and a good housewife, two in one package. He truly lived like a king, didn’t he?

Generation 5


Hailey couldn’t contain her laughter as she lied down on the bed next to Frank, right after hastily putting her lingerie back on. She did it. They did it. And no one even caught them! She turned to look at Frank. How she loved this boy! It is amazing how life sometimes work out. She could never imagine that their fake relationship would eventually evolve into a real one, and that they would fall in love with one another. She and that awkward kid from the school choir, who would have thought! And yet here they were, having experienced their first sexual encounter. The guys from school really had no idea what they were talking about, when they called Frank gay. He was far from it! Hailey was aware of the affection in his eyes when he looked at her, and she knew that it mirrored the one visible in her own. They were such a good couple. Look at their feet, even they fit together! Hailey was already making plans for their wedding. How many children would they have? One? No, at least two! She would have to do lots of what she just did to get the kids. She giggled. That was even rather nice! She knew she would have to get used to it, but she could definitely see herself doing much more of it in the future. Hailey knew her grandmother often warned her of the boys and their ways, but Frank was so special and she knew that he would never hurt her. He was gentle and tender, and nothing like these other boys from her school. Sure, maybe she would have preferred some more adrenaline – as with a motorcyclist, yikes! – but she couldn’t really complain, because her love for Frank surpassed it all. As Frank caught her looking at him, he smiled at her and asked how she liked it and if he was good. Hailey leaned in to kiss him in response.


Oh, that boy and his manners! Hailey couldn’t imagine being with anyone else now. Who else could she be with anyway? Maybe Frank’s dad? She heard other girls talking about policemen being hot. She laughed at the thought as soon as it popped in her head. Oh, how crazy would that be, a sixteen-year-old girl and a forty-something-year-old man! Such stories only happened in movies and she wanted no part of it. Still giggling to herself that her mind managed to come up with such a crazy idea, she snuggled closely to Frank. Hailey couldn’t imagine having a better boyfriend.

So that’s it. Now, please don’t make me try to imagine Frank being straight and having sex with Hailey EVER AGAIN. That’s so horrible. Eek.

Moving on, I wanted to touch on some things that I find important, so be prepared for a lot of ‘trivia’. I guess. *coughs suggestively*

Ethan was a computer whiz and hence why I thought the video games theme would be fun. Also, that kid there is not real Eddie (just a lame fake I came up with after mixing Maddie and Ethan’s genetics and editing the child in CAS, lmao), but I found out that I don’t have him saved in my library too late (how is that even possible, I have 71 Sims saved and not Eddie?!). Guess I deleted him right after the ‘escape’, because I thought I wouldn’t need him anymore. So that’s why you keep backups, kids, which I fortunately have, so I will make sure to get him back into my game. Also, what I was talking about. Freddie was said to die from the very beginning in my head, so I can’t imagine him living on, not even in any sort of an alternative universe. It’s either committing a suicide because of fright of being sent to prison, or killing himself because of his feelings for Maddie and not being able to live with her being with other guy, which is the version presented here. Such a tragic character.

Now I want to bring your attention to the painting hung in Dellie’s studio. It’s marcorse’s creation, you can find it here. And as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to include it. Here’s why.


So I’m sorry, Dellie, but no matter how much you claim you’re happy with the turn of things, here’s the proof you’re lying. Wait, have I just said Dellie’s lying…?

Actually, Dellie being a single father was not something I came up with specifically for this bonus. It was my actual plan for him. That is, until I realized Kymber had a single dad in her story and I didn’t want anyone to think that I did it because of her. So I decide to change this plotline, so long as Dellie’s wife would be an interesting character. It took me a lot of planning to come up with the Grace we know now. And since I’ve already had a hatred for classical legacy things, like marriages, kids and stuff, it’s no wonder Sam hasn’t married at all (at least not in the original story).

I decided to place Gemma in her laboratory because I thought it would make her much happier than she was in the role of a wife and mother. However, as I started delving deeper into this new situation, I realized there was truly nothing that could save Gemma from her obsession, no matter what path she would choose. I thought Gilbert would be a nice touch, because he has the genius trait and I even found him once living on the swamps with the house made for an inventor.

So I will be honest here and say my initial idea for Sam’s alternative universe was making him marry Aaron, the most ridiculous thing I could come up with. But again, as I delved deeper into this, I realized my Sam (although these are other universes, you can see my heirs don’t change their personalities) wouldn’t go for it, purely because he would only marry for benefits. Being with Aaron would not be beneficial, because he wouldn’t get to have kids if he wanted, he wouldn’t cook for him and he would have to deal with being completely out in public, and we know Sam has always had problems with it. That’s why I decided on Heather. And yet again, I realized there was no hope for this woman, who couldn’t be saved from her unfortunate fate. People say girls from home like hers tend to fall for abusive partners and Heather went from her father to Sam. I am sorry for her, I really am, but there’s nothing I could do.

Please let me refrain from saying anything more about the last excerpt. I will leave it to you. Here is a photo from the bonus for reference, though. You can see they probably “did it” in Frank’s room.


Now that I’ve said it, I want to thank you for sticking with me. I can’t believe it’s already been two years! I would like to thank everyone for being there and reading it, I hope you had fun with this special and that you’ve been enjoying my story so far, and will continue to enjoy it! Thank you for all the likes and comments, and for being such good friends to me! I really appreciate all of what you’ve done for me and I have no idea what I’ve done to deserve it all. ♥

35 thoughts on “Celebrating my 2nd blogiversary! – Alternative Universes”

  1. Happy Blogiversary! 🎊 This was such a great post 😄 That opening shot with Maddie and her family was so heartwarming and Dellie with Gemma was precious. Him painting was so sweet~ It suits him and it’s nice to see him not hung up over Grace. I thought the boyfriend Gemma rushed to when she was with Dellie was Seth, but when I got to her part and saw ‘friend’ in italics I was surprised. Then I remembered you said each universe wasn’t connected so that made sense. It hindsight considering Gemma’s personality it’s much more realistic that she would choose to be alone, and I almost forgot about her inventing phase, it was nice to see how she’d be if she stuck to it. I feel sorry for Heather and wonder how on earth she can put up with Sam, lol, but at least she’s not dead so that’s a plus 😂 Aww I wonder how different Hailey would be personality wise if she got to grow up with her mom (and deadbeat dad). Speaking of which, her with Frank was a surprise, lol. Her line at the end about how crazy it would be for a 16 year old to be with a 40 year old made me laugh, haha.
    This was fun to read~ I’m glad I got to see a happy and alive Dellie 😢 after so long. And it was interesting to see how Sam’s personality is pretty much the same but the life he has is soooo different. While everything here was pleasant I do have to say I love the tragic turns your story takes, even though I hate to see the characters suffer at times, that’s what makes your stories so great 😊
    Here’s to another great year! ❤️

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    1. Thank you!
      It’s heartwarming to think about Maddie’s family, but not so anymore, when you think that there would be no Dellie in this universe, as he’s Freddie’s son. Maddie’s second pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, so I wanted if it would as well in this universe.
      I love the fact that Dellie was painting his daughter. I think it’s adorable. Yup, Dellie had an artistic trait so he could well become a painter, not a writer as he was in the story. I thought there might be a problem with getting the hang of the universes. Again, these are not connected plus there is an age gap between them anyway. In Dellie’s part Gemma was a teen and she dated Tony at that time, even in the original story. That’s why you see him in Dellie’s part. In Gemma’s part she is an adult and she is already after meeting Seth, however she broke his heart. This did not happen after she was raised by Dellie only. That way, there would be no Gilbert. That’s why I tried to warn you not to take all the universes as a whole, but each one is different and you should only refer to the original plot while reading. I hope that’s not too confusing now.
      I think Gemma would have winded up single if not for me forcing her to carry on the legacy. She would have been much happier, then. She has never been good in the role of a wife and/or mother.
      At least she’s not dead. Who knows what could happen if the soup turned out to Cole for Sam’s liking? 😂 I, too, wonder how that would be like if Hailey was raised in a “proper” family. Though neither Sam the criminal nor Heather the prostitute can be considered normal parents. I know, this Hailey had no idea about her alter ego 😂
      I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Oh, Dellie, don’t we all miss him terribly? Yup, Sam could have such a different life. I wonder if in this universe he ended up nude on the swamps. Probably not because he wouldn’t still be with Lane, LOL. Actually, not everything was pleasant, but probably better than it was in the actual story. Thank you so much for saying that. As you see, my mind doesn’t exactly come up with happy endings, so that’s great that you think so.
      Thank you again. I hope so ♥

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  2. Happy blogiversary!!!! ❤ ❤
    I loved those alternate universe stories!
    I think my favorite was Sam's though lol, what a complete waste of human essence!! And I loved your reasoning about why you made him marry Heather – he never felt comfortable to come out, and he always wanted a 24/7 live in servant he could sleep with! So Sam! 😂
    I also loved Dellie's! To see him so calm and content… that was the life he always deserved, poor adorable Dellie ❤
    I'll agree with Amy, seeing Frank in bed with Hailey was definitely a surprise!
    But, again like Amy already said, I love how you make every heir's story so tragic, it's one of the things that make your stories so unique and satisfying to read!
    This was awesome! Here's hoping you'll stick around for another year and that we'll see your 3rd blogiversary post in 2019! 😀 ❤

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    1. Thank you ♥
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the alternative storylines.
      Lol, Sam and his ways. I thought that would be so him to marry just for having the benefits of it – such as obtaining a slave. Heather’s used to this kind of life, though. After all she used to be a prostitute who cooked for her dad. Now she cooks and has sex, too, so maybe it doesn’t feel as much of a difference to her. I know, that’s soo Sam. And coming out was such a no-no for him.
      Yes, he seemed very content in his studio. Even if the painting may suggest he still misses Grace, he definitely leads a good life in this universe.
      It was so weird. It messed up my head to see him get married yesterday and now see his teenage version having sex with Hailey. Oh my!
      Thank you so much, and I’m glad you think that’s satisfying. You know, I and happy endings don’t go well together.
      I hope I will see you still here, too, in a year! 😀 ♥

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  3. Congratulations on two years!!!! 😊 Wow, what a walk down memory lane…. Very interesting to see how things could’ve turned out. I have to agree and say that Sam’s was my favorite, just because of how true to his character it was. Ugh. Jerk. Anyway, I love how each heir has a distinct personality even in these alternate universes! Keep up the good work! 😁

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    1. Thank you so much! It’s so much fun doing this.
      I’m glad you found the alternative timelines interesting. Yup, Sam is still a jerk, who would have guessed? Lol.
      I think all my characters have some very distinct traits. And it was nice seeing some of the late heirs again! Thank you again ♥

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  4. These were so fun to read 🙂 Freaking Sam, though! Of course he would marry Heather to have her as a slave. Lucky for Heather she’s not dead but still… eh, bit not so great. It was sweet to have Maddie and Dellie be happy, though – I think you chose exactly right when you had him as a single dad. He couldn’t be truly happy with Grace.
    Anyway, happy blogiversary! So glad you have you in the community and to have your story and your insightful comments on our posts! As others have said – hopefully this is only the beginning of another year!
    😀 ❤

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    1. Oh, I’m glad you had fun with them. Yup, Sam – once a jerk, always a jerk, that’s how it is for him. Heather wasn’t dead at this point in the actual story. But Sam believed she was.
      No, there is no way Dellie could be happy with Grace. That’s one of the things that just couldn’t go right. At least this Grace was probably wiser, not marrying him at all. But we know from the story she was already pregnant when they married, hence Gemma is there.
      I also am very glad to have you in the community and so many other amazing members of it. 💕 I always enjoy our discussions. I hope I will stay here for long!

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  5. “Please don’t make me try to imagine Frank being straight” That shouldn’t have made me laugh nearly as hard as it did.

    Man, even in an alternative universe, Sam’s still a douchebag, huh? It was also amusing to see a more down-to-Earth version of Hailey.

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  6. Happy Blogiversary!!!
    This alternative universe idea is so creative. I loved the different stories, but I think that Maddie’s is my favorite. I was always a big fan of Ethan, and I was so sad when he died. And this universe has them together.
    On the other hand, Dellie is my favorite character, no matter what universe it is!! 🙂 This Gemma seems much more happy as a scientist with her brother, than she was when she was Seth’s wife and Sams mother. Although she still doesn’t get the Nobel Prize in the end.
    And same old Sam, only thinking of himself. I could totally have seen him marry Heather, but still have relations on the side. I just don’t know about Hailey & Frank. I ship Fraylon forever!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    I think I say this every post, but it is worth repeating: you are such an amazingly talented writer. I love your style, and tone. You are so unique and creative. I look forward to your updates every Saturday. Here's to what was a great year, and here's to many more!!! 🙂

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    1. Thank you!
      Well, it was the idea that Joanna aka MMSimmerific suggested, but I had to tweak it to actually have it happen. I figured some of my readers were fans of Ethan, and hence why I made him Maddie’s spouse in this world. Maybe she’d be happier, then.
      Ah, Dellie is still super sweet, isn’t he? Writer or painter, talented nonetheless. This Gemma is as happy as a clam. She never wanted to have children, but she was forced by me and having to carry on the legacy. Nope, she never achieved anything great.
      Sam is such a douchebag. It is very much like him to do what he did in this universe! I agree, Fraylon forever ♥
      Really? Aww, you are so sweet. I don’t know about me being unique or talented, but if you say so. Well, maybe it shows I’m more comfortable with third person
      Thank you so much ♥ I hope you will continue to enjoy my story for the blogiversaries to come.

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      1. I remember reading that post, and thought that is was so fascinating how one story impacted the next generation. And if one thing was changed, then everything would be different.
        And I will definitely be enjoying your stories for as long as you will be sharing them with us!!!

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      2. Yup, it was my initial plan for each heir to carry on the burden from the previous generations and especially his parent’s. They are connected in many ways. That is why I couldn’t connect them in this post. I would have to write a completely different story. And that is how it is in real life as well. One thing is different and all can be turned upside down in your life.
        Thank you so much. That means a lot ♥

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  7. I don’t know where to begin. Maybe I should start from the beginning.
    I wasn’t shocked when I saw Maddie and Ethan together. It’s obvious that they would be married if Freddie wasn’t alive. When someone helps you in hard times, the chemistry starts to sizzle. So Maddie would love him anyway. This is how love works. I think their relationship would be interesting. It’s something new, Maddie and a computer maniac. I mean long-term relationship. What kind of father would Ethan be? And what kind of husband would he be? What decisions would he make? There is so much thing we don’t know about Ethan. His history turned out differently, that’s why this couple is, in my opinion, interesting. We can only imagine alternative endings.
    I was a bit surprised when I saw Dellie as a painter. I wasn’t expect that. Such an artistic soul. Personally I prefer him as a writer but he looks good with paintbrush in hand. It’s sad that he is alone in that story too (within the meaning of relationship with another person). It’s written into his life. At least he has his beloved Gemma.
    Another thing I didn’t expect. Living with Gilbert and making experiments together, this sounds like an alternative life. Gemma and her dreams about becoming the famous inventor. I’m curious if that would come true someday. Loneliness suits her. She doesn’t need partners in her life. I know, she had Seth because she must have given birth. It’s a better alternative for her, because she doesn’t experience a rape.
    Sam with a beer in his hand, typical. A perfect dad and a dream husband, who doesn’t drink alcohol at all. True Sam. I could imagine Sam like this, but in my imagination would be no place for Lane. I would consider their relationship as something which never come back. Maybe in this story Sam wouldn’t go to jail.
    The best for the end. No way. Hailey and Frank, it’s impossible. I know, I wanted it at first but now, I don’t want Frank to be heterosexual. Their story with Hannah helping Frank with bullies could turning into a relationship but not with this Frank. I’m used to current situation and I don’t want any change.
    It’s funny that one thing can change so much in their lives. Generally in life. One history can have infinite amount of endings. And the best part is that the writers decide how the history will go. And the readers swallow everything like a pills. They can have theories but theories musn’t turn out to be true.
    It was fantastic to get to know another stories. Not everyone is wondering how some situations can go. Maybe other dimentions exist and we are experiencing all endings. Who knows? Thanks and take care 😉

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    1. Starting from the beginning would be wise 😉
      Yes, Ethan had been treating Maddie with respect from the beginning, as opposed to Freddie who tried to ‘pay for his sins’ and win his girl back. They would have had trouble marrying if Freddie hadn’t killed himself, because he would never allow a divorce. So many questions. Who knows how it would have turned out? Ethan died way too early to actually live his life.
      Dellie has an artistic trait, so he could choose either path. Yes, staying single was written into his story.
      Hopefully she doesn’t experience rape in this universe. She definitely was much happier without a man.
      Yes, this Sam isn’t an abstinent and does nothing meaningful with his life – no fulfilling his dreams about martial arts. Lane came back, yes. It’s fun to see some characters back.
      I know, I know, it sounds super ridiculous. I don’t want Frank to be heterosexual either and I especially don’t want him to end up with Hailey. No way it could happen with the Frank we know. He would never be happy in a relationship with a girl.
      This is so true about the infinite of endings. Theories are fun! I love reading them and making them up.
      I’m happy you enjoyed the other universes. Thank you, too, for your comment. Take care :)!

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  8. It is so interesting seeing these alternate universe storylines! The Maddie one is so sad, it made me miss Ethan a little. He didn’t deserve his fate.

    Dellie is so sweet in any universe. He even visited the woman who stood him up. Really makes you wonder, because Grace would have totally done that if she’d been in a depressed state on their wedding day.

    Gemma’s fate is sealed either way. 😦 At least in this alternate she seems to have made up with Rosie sooner?

    I was totally shocked seeing the first picture of Sam with such a perfect domestic life. Then I read his excerpt and he’s still the same messed up Sam.

    Hailey and Frank, huh? xD Okay, we’ll never speak of this again.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the idea. Ethan definitely didn’t deserve such horrible fate.
      Dellie is still our Dellie, no matter if he married or not. Grace would have definitely done that if she had been “in the right mood”.
      Oh yes. About Rosie, I don’t know. In the one with Dellie she was still just teen and they were teens in the original story as well.
      Perfect domestic life, huh? Not really xD Yup, still the same Sam.
      No, I’d rather not speak of this again. Thanks xD

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  9. Congratulations 🙂 you done so much in a short time, I cant believe you’ve only been doing this for only 2 years, and you`re characters are so rich in there personality’s, you’ve done a great story and I love the Alternative Universes idea for your Blogiversary jowita 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Darren. Yes, it’s only been two years 🙂 You are so sweet to say such nice things about me and my story. I remember when you jumped on board as I’d just begun Gemma’s story. It was around my first anniversary. Do you remember when she traveled around the Simworld? How time flies 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Congratulations on 2 years!! Woot woot! 🙂 Thank you for providing us with a great story since the beginning. I am fan numero uno. 😛 😀 And, I really enjoyed the alternate endings, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Happy Blogaversary! I read to generation four and then I thought I should stop. Simply because I’m not all caught up yet. I loved the idea of alternate endings for this post. you have such a good imagination for the regular story, but it shows when you can do this as well. I’m sorry I’m a few days late with this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Bee. Actually, generation 5 alternative would not spoil you anything, as it refers to the teenagehood bonus. I didn’t reference adult Hailey here at all. And it’s super ridiculous if you read it with the knowledge you have of Hailey and Frank when they’re still teenagers. So you should be safe to read it!
      Thank you so much and I’m glad you enjoyed this idea. As mentioned in the post, I tweaked the idea one of my readers once suggested. And thank you for the compliments. You don’t have to apologize at all.


  12. Everyone impresses me so much with how much time and dedication they put into these stories. It’s really hard to keep being creative and having new ideas and just maintain that commitment. So congratulations on two years! (You’ve really written a lot already!)

    Like everyone else mentioned, it was so nice to see Maddie and Ethan happy together, but it was so sad to realize Dellie would never be born! I guess even with all the tragedy, everything works out for the best, really. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, do I impress you? In all honesty, I don’t find that particularly hard to work it out all out. This story has been my baby and so have all the characters. I love them, I constantly think about them and the ideas come to me just like that. The hardest part is to actually down and gather all the thoughts. Thank you so much. And I think it’s an accomplishment you’ve read all of the loads of stuff I’ve written for this story. Congratulations to you, too, for sticking with my crazy imagination!
      Oh yes, I wanted to hint on that. That’s the main reason why the alternative universes are not connected. None of the heirs would exist if the first one played out, as they’re all descendants of Freddie. I can’t imagine not having my precious Dellie. I think so, too. It’s good that I haven’t gotten too tangled in this tragedy web yet!

      Liked by 1 person

  13. A belated congratulations on your second anniversary! ❤
    Ooh, these were quite interesting and enjoyable to read. Although the last one was certainly a shock to the system, haha. It feels very weird to think of Frank as anything other than gay.

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