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Gender Bend Challenge aka Gender-Swapping Fun


So I was unofficially tagged (thanks, Amy) – UPDATE: it’s official now! I’d like to thank Amy for the great badge that she made, all credits go to her! 🙂 – for a fun game, which involves changing the genders of your characters just for… you know, fun.


And if you know me, you know I love taking up various tags and awards just so I can ramble about my story. But you see, I think I went a little overboard this time, because I shot all the heirs, heirs’ spouses and Fraylon. But hope you enjoy it anyway. We will go in chronological order, starting with generation 1, of course.

That’s one big nose, isn’t it? Moving on…

As for generation 2…

Yup, still the cute and innocent one.

Pretty handsome. Though I know who looks just like that. I will save this for later.

On to generation 3 😀

You might know who’s her clone, because it used to bother me a lot and I love rambling about it.

I was shook. He is sooo pretty as a girl, however weird it may sound! A shame he and Gemma never had a female baby.

For generation 4 I’m not including all Sam’s partners. Sorry not sorry 😛

Still attractive. No surprise there.

So confession time. Initially Heather was meant to be Asian, but I decided against it, partly because I couldn’t create a decent Asian. This was so that the prostitution would be better explained. What stayed from this struggle, though, is  an oval face and pale skin. She was also meant to look decent. Too decent apparently, as her male version is such a potato.

Generation 5! Finally.

Not too bad. Guess it wouldn’t be a disaster if Hailey had a son looking like her. Now  I’d really love to feature Hailey’s spouse here, but I can’t. So I will feature Fraylon instead.

That’s totally not a spoilery picture from the Fraylon wedding here.

Tbh, I think the girl version looks more like friends.

Our current main characters with their genders swapped:

And some bonuses, aka things I promised I’d touch on later:

I still believe George to be a perfect genetic blend. If only looks had been considered, he’d have been the heir.

I can finally give you a good comparison and that’s what I’ve been talking about when I said these two are clones. Gen. 3 kids really were a disappointment to me.

A thing some of you have already picked up on 😀 I do believe Hailey inheited Heather’s oval face shape, though.

I will leave with a confused Frank and see you… or actually maybe not, because I’m leaving to Milan tomorrow, and so please don’t be surprised if I may not be as active. I’m returning on Sunday, though, so no worries. The next chapter is scheduled anyway 😀 Here is to hope I didn’t bore you with this picture-heavy post.

Frank’s clumsy trait kicking in at the right moment.


43 thoughts on “Gender Bend Challenge aka Gender-Swapping Fun”

  1. OMG! How ambitious to swap them all! 🙂 And incredibly fun to see what they would look like if they were the other sex… Over all they were as handsome both genders!

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  2. Oh wow, Seth really IS a pretty girl! 😀
    The pictures with the genderbent couples are really cute – maybe there’s an alternate universe where everyone’s genderbent and each generation ends with a happy ending! 😀 I forgot I was going to do this, but I have to now!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, he IS very pretty!
      Who knows… maybe genderbent happy couples are a thing. And about alternate universes… that’s my plan for the blogiversary. Not alternate endings, but just for things to be turned upside down. I thought it might be interesting!
      Yes, do, it’s super fun!

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      1. He is super pretty 😀
        Oooh, sounds like it’ll be very interesting.
        Hahahha, I just did it with Carlo and Vittoria and it’s terrible xD I’ll post it once I’ve done some of the other characters but oh dear…

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      2. Well, I think it’s not that accidental, because I remember putting a lot of work into him and checking the other gender to make sure the kids wouldn’t be monsters. But I totally forgot he was that pretty!
        I hope you will enjoy it 😀

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  3. Wow, I loved this gender swap photo shoot. Male Maddie looks so much like Dellie, I couldn’t believe it. And Sam makes a very attractive female (so real surprise there).
    I hope you have fun in Milan. I am super jealous. That is one place I have always wanted to go. 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you did. It took me ages to get this done, even though I used some of the photos I had saved from before. Editing the pictures was also a painstaking job.
      I know, although her nose as a male kills me, ha, ha.
      Yes, Sam is an attractive female just as his father, lol.
      Thank you 🙂 I’m very glad I’m going there! Hope you have a chance to go one day, too. Truth is it’s much closer to go there from Poland than from the US.

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      1. Yes, both Sam ans Seth made very attractice females. That is a sentence only a simmer would say.
        That is what I love about visiting Europe. I can take a plane to one country (usually Germany since that is where most of my family lives), hop on a train and in a few hours I am in a different country.
        My husband has never been to Europe, so we are definitely planning to go sometime in the future.

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  4. I was ready to say the same thing about Seth too as a female! Stunning! 😍
    I loved all of them – but except for Seth, I think Dellie and Gemma were my favorite! Dellie is always a sweetheart ❤
    Oh, and I can't wait about Frank and Waylon's wedding!! 💕

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    1. I know. Although, as I’ve told Louise, that may not be accidental, as I worked hard on Seth in every angle and swapped his gender in CAS a few times. I forgot about that totally, though!
      I’m glad you liked them. I was suprised at what an innocent girl Dellie makes. Somehow he is still a cutie!
      Oh, you read the caption. Ha, ha, yeah. In 3 chapters unfortunately! I’ve just scheduled this one. It was meant to be called ‘Match Made in Heaven’ because of their wedding, but I changed it to ‘Baby Steps’ because of what happens to Hailey in this chapter.

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  5. What a fun challenge!!! It’s so interesting to see the characters swapped. Sometimes the other gender looks so different, I’d say that goes for Maddie. The male features look a lot different with her genetics. Seth and Sam are especially gorgeous females, but of course I enjoyed seeing everyone. And Frank’s confused face, lol.

    I’ll probably steal this one, it looks so fun!

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    1. It really is a lot of fun! I do it when I create my Sims, so that the kids wouldn’t look horrible. Yes, Maddie as a boy isn’t that pleasant. True, Seth and Sam are really gorgeous. Frank was soo confused.
      Feel free to steal! It is not even an actual tag, just something Amy did and nominated everyone who would want to give it a try. I thought about showing things like that and it gave me that boost to finally go around to doing that.

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  6. Wow these all came out so great! Wasn’t it fun? 😆 Dellie, Seth, and Sam all make hot girls 😂🔥 I do see the resemblance between Sam and Hailey that you keep mentioning now. Ooh~ I’m looking forward to the wedding! I hope you enjoy your trip!

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    1. It was a lot of fun, although it took me far too long to take all these pictures 😆
      I know, such hot girls. How weird it sounds when you don’t know what it is all about. The resemblance is strong! It’s good I finally found the time to give you a decent comparison. I enjoyed taking pictures for the wedding two days ago. Yay, I’m writing using the hotel Wi-Fi now 😀

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I really tried to make the pictures’ quality better, but they kept getting so bad because of changing the size I wanted to cry. I sharpened them anyway. I know, Seth as a female is really gorgeous! Sam’s nice, too, although he looks similar to Hailey.
      I am excited, too!

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  7. This is so much fun! I’ve been really loving seeing these challenge posts.

    Freddie makes a really pretty girl! Dellie, too!

    And wow, Grace as a guy is really cute, too!

    Wowzers, Seth!!! Who knew?

    Did I hear Fraylon wedding? :O 😀 ❤

    I hope you're having a good time in Milan!

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    1. It definitely is! I know, Amy started the challenge and I believe mine’s the reason people decided to follow suit and didn’t forget about the nomination. Well, mine’s quite a big thing.
      Dellie is a cute girl! 😀
      Grace as a guy is essentially George(ous) , so yes she/he/the genderbent creature is.
      Seth was an absolute shocker for everyone! 😮
      Uh, maybe. *walks away whistling, shamefully murmuring something about it being 3 chapters away*
      Yes, I am, although I’m a bit overrun by the tight schedule.

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      1. Actually, I’m talking about my trip atm. My feet are sore from walking, lol. At least I’m 3 chapters ahead on WP. Really sorry I will not be able to read your new chapter as one of the first, but you know, the last will be first.

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      2. Your poor feet. 🙂

        It’s good you’re ahead. There’s a sense of freedom when you are.

        Don’t worry, my chapter will be there when you return. I will miss you. 🙂

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  8. Thanks for ensuring me fun. I have never wondered how your heirs look like as different gender. I have an answer now. When I saw male version of Maddie, I thought it was Freddie. It’s probably because of this haircut. Her husband looks different, he has green eyes and smaller nose. I agree that she has big nose in male version. I think she looks better as female. For me, Freddie has weird face shape and too big lips. I definitely prefer male version.
    You have right, Dellie still looks so inocent. He is an angel in any embodiment. You know me, I love him as a man. George really looks like Grace. He only has hair and eyes color from Dellie. I have always liked Gilbert appearance more. George has too big nose for me. That’s why he is in second place. Back to Grace, no change. I’m used to your characters. Her hair and skin color don’t match to her male version. Fun fact about Grace: She looks like she is missing her tooth from a distance.
    Gemma and Gilbert look like twins. It’s a bit weird because there is the age difference between them. I’m glad she has Grace’s hair because too many blond hair in this family isn’t good. I like Seth’s female version. This girl is so pretty. I wouldn’t mind if she appear in your story. You should regret that they didn’t have a girl. Seth ought to impregnate his lover.
    Sam is beautiful too. He has beauty in blood. In my view, if he looked worse, his confidence would make him appealing. No, Heather’s male version is ugly. This guy has awful face shape. You are right, real human potato. I’m relived because this could be Sam’s boyfriend. I’m glad Sam has appropriate taste.
    Hailey looks like a heartbreaker. Story of this man could be very interesting. The only man I like, success. Fingers crossed for boy like him as a sixth heir. It’s so sad that I don’t see her future boyfriend or even husband. I want to know him!
    Frank looks good, but please. I prefer Frank the way he is. If Waylon looked like this, I wouldn’t like him more. This is the same person, for me, but in another body. His character can’t be camouflage. They (as a female) really look like a friends. I think I wouln’t take they relationship serious.
    I’m wondering if it’s Waylon’s house or somewhere else. Wall color is unusual. See you in the wedding 😉


    1. Well, now you know it. It really wasn’t that much of a surprise for me, as I often gender-swap them in CAS just for my knowledge, to see how their children take after them. Yes, it was on purpose that I gave her this hair, but really, they aren’t that similar. Plus Freddie’s hair is practically golden, as opposed to Maddie’s very light blond. I agree that they don’t look very good as opposite genders.
      He always looks innocent, I’m not that surprised actually. I still love George the most out of all Dellie’s kids. You’re right about the tooth, it’s probably the fault of this pose as posing Hailey suffers from tooth lose at one point, too.
      Truly, I’m already tired of Grace’s/Gemma’s/Hailey’s hair color hence why Hailey overcomes so many hair dyes 😛 I don’t regret it that much. They could only have one child because of Gemma, and this child was Sam. I can’t imagine my story now without him in there.
      Yes, you’re very right, Sam’s over-confidence makes him more appealing to other people than he really is. Doesn’t hurt that he’s already very handsome. I know, Heather as a guy is probably the worst gender-swap I’ve done for this post. Oh, Sam wouldn’t go for a guy that ugly, no worries 😛
      Hailey is in fact really good-looking, though please no more gray eyes and Grace’s hair color for an heir. I wouldn’t sustain it. Maybe you’ll see met him 😉
      I, too, love Frank the way he is. His gender, sexuality, kindness… all of it makes him the person he is and I can’t imagine him as a girl. He’s very fine as a boy. Waylon is very similar to his girl version in style. I’m sorry you still don’t like him.
      That’s what I thought – it’s funny how gender stereotypes and many close female relationship make us treat lesbians less seriously than gays.
      Hm… I will keep my mouth shut and wait for you to find out for yourself in 2 weeks 😉

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