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Mood Board – Sam

Hello! Another extra post, are you excited?

The wonderful and talented Carys (seriously, I love her SOL story so much and how well-developed the characters are) nominated me for doing this fun thing called mood board. From what I gathered from the one she did for Dash I just needed to combine a bunch of rather random images that I connect with my character. I picked Sam, because we never can get enough of him. Seriously, though, I think that combining this with the OC tag would be a fun start to Hailey as we reach her generation. I will also be working on the other OC tags you suggested in the comments and I have to prepare my game for the next generation (and start writing it).

So these are just random images I found on Pinterest and Google. This was definitely fun to stalk some appropriate tags to get something Sam-connected!

My nominees:

  1. AQ Stories
  2. booomcha
  3. Not Just a Book Sims
  4. Once Upon a Legacy
  5. Sempreviva’s Sims
  6. The Kingston Legacy

At least I didn’t nominate everyone this time (I love you all, guys, I promise). I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did! And I left out some people so you can nominate them, too 😛

32 thoughts on “Mood Board – Sam”

    1. Lol, it was a lot of fun for sure! And it was actually hard to find something about narcissists which didn’t come from their ‘victims’. But I’m rather satisfied with the outcome! You definitely deserve all these compliments! ❤️

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  1. When I saw this pictures I felt like I was looking at Sam’s instagram profile (Let’s just assume he posts this kind of photos because we all know that he doesn’t do it). This quotes show how he thinks in perfectly way. Good job! Maybe you deceive us all the time and you are Sam or the person who is similar to Sam in real life. Don’t answer me, I know that Sam can lie

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  2. These are hilarious and sooooo Sam! This is gonna be a fun challenge to do, although my moodboard will be a much different type of board because I care too much about the ~aesthetics~ LOL, thanks again for the nomination! I’m really liking these non-award tags popping up.

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    1. I loved those images, I couldn’t resist posting so many of them. I figured so, but aesthetics and Sam just wouldn’t go well together and hence it is how it is. I’m sure your mood board will be beautiful! I seriously adore these tags. Actually awards are kinda tedious, because our lives aren’t as exciting as our Sims’ and everyone ends up asking the same questions and responding the same things.

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  3. Lol, the me, myself and I in the header photo is Sam in a nutshell XD Along with the martial arts, cursing and narcissism of course ;p
    This looks really cool, I’m not super artistically inclined but I have something in mind already. I agree with Lila in that these non-story awards/tags are fun so thanks for the tag! I shall probably get around to it after I finish the next chapter 🙂

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