Bonus Post: Teenagehood of Hailey Nathifa

Warning: Swearing (and it’s not even Sam’s narrative, wow).

Those days following Dellie’s death were hard for both Gemma (whose hair suddenly turned completely gray as if in grief after her father) and Hailey, but no matter how difficult it might have been to get back into the swing of things, time kept running away and not long after the funeral it struck Hannah that she was bound to leave to continue her education in a boarding school that year. Little did she know what was in store for her.


“I’m nervous, Gramma. I hope I will do well in the boarding school,” she shared her concerns with Gemma.


“You have nothing to worry about, honey, because you’re not going anywhere.” Honey coming from Gemma’s mouth sounded almost fake. Hannah was truly startled.


“What? But grandpa said…” She tried.


“The deceased and the underage don’t have a voice, I’m afraid,” Gemma had cut her short before she could finish.


“But, Gramma, you promised!” Hannah attempted to protest again.


“I’ve already called it off, hun. With the beginning of the school year you will continue your education in the Stary Community School here in Twinbrook.” Gemma was implacable; she’d made it perfectly clear she was not going to change her mind. Then she tried again, her voice a little gentler than before. “Aren’t you glad? I thought you’d be happy not to lose your best-friends.”


“No, Gramma, I’d be missing them, but the music is more important to me than anything else.”

“No one said you’ll be winding up with music, Hannah. I’m still going to pay the fee for your extracurricular school.” Hannah shook her head in disbelief. She felt like crying.


“N-no. It’s not the same. I’ve been working so hard to be accepted. It meant the world to me to study at Le Fromage.”


“You will do just fine. Look, your father was sent to Dribbledine Sports Academy and it didn’t get him anywhere far. Your talent will help you in life, Hannah, don’t you worry.”

“Y-yes, Gramma, I guess it will.” Hannah walked to her room so that Gemma wouldn’t notice the tears she’d been holding back and now couldn’t anymore.

It had not been easy ever since her dearest grandpa left, however she had made a promise to him that when he passes away, she will be strong and won’t let it get to her. Now she realized how difficult it was in practice. Internet helped her more than she’d have anticipated. On the support forums she met a woman under the username mother_to_the_broken123, who cheered her up at times when she felt like she no longer had the will to live.


haileynathifaR13: Gramma said I wouldn’t be going to that boarding school.

mother_to_the_broken123: I’m sad for you, Hailey. 
She probably meant good for you, though.


haileynathifaR13: I feel like she only means good for herself 
and no one else.

mother_to_the_broken123: Don’t put it like that. 
You know she loves you and I am also sure she does. 
Maybe she’s been through hard things in her life, too, 
and she needs you around.

haileynathifaR13: I know, I know. I just wish Grandpa was there.

mother_to_the_broken123: I’m here for you.


haileynathifaR13: But you can’t hug me when I need it.

mother_to_the_broken123: You’re right. 
But you know I will be always here when you need any advice.

haileynathifaR13: I don’t know what I would have done without you. 
Thank you for your presence.

mother_to_the_broken123: What you’re still doing here? 
Go tell Clara, Monica and Diana that you’re not leaving them. 
I am sure they will be thrilled!

haileynathifaR13: You’re right! I’m going to do just that. 
See you in the evening, then.

mother_to_the_broken123: Take care, darling. I’m sending you virtual hugs.


Hailey smiled as she closed her laptop. Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad after all.



Hailey was walking through the corridors along with her best-friends – blonde Clara, Diana the brunette and Monica with her chocolate skin. Her mind was drifting off to weird places because she had just had her Physics lesson and realized she had a crush on her teacher, which she found sort of disturbing. She couldn’t focus at all throughout the whole lesson. Suddenly she was brought back to the reality by the screams of boys from another class, directed at a guy who she realized was Frank from the school choir she used to attend.


“Look who’s there. Ain’t it Franny?”

“Get out of the way, you fucking faggot!”

“We have no room for gay asses, so you’d better get outta here in a heartbeat. Bet it’s your favorite cartoon for faggots!” The other guys applauded the one who made a reference to a short animated film that was trending on SimTube at the time.


Hannah watched it all with growing dismay. She felt bad for the boy, whom she may not have known that well, but he attended the school choir with her and she believed him to be rather kind albeit tranquil. She had to do something. As it was often for Hannah as soon as an idea popped into her mind, she took no time to think it over.

Hannah ran to Frank and, to everyone’s consternation, kissed him.


“How dare you call my boyfriend a faggot!” She turned to the other boys with an agitated expression.


It was clear that the bullies were all at loss for words. But no one was probably as confounded as Frank, whose face showed it all, as easy to read as an open book. Still, all eyes were on Hailey now as though everyone had instantly forgotten about Frank.


“Apologize, now!” And just like that Hailey made all the bullies apologize. As they were gone, her best friends were still eyeing her and Frank up with shock.


“You never told us,” Diana said aloud what all the girls were thinking.


“We wanted to keep it between us two, but you see, it just needed to be stated.” She looked at Frank, who looked very out of place. “Sorry, but we need to talk now,” she quickly said and dragged him to the boys’ bathroom.


“Why did you do that?” He asked as soon as they were alone.

“I wanted to shut them up. Now, can you tell me how it all started?”


“Well, uh…they thought they noticed me checking out the other boys when we were changing clothes for the PE classes,” Frank awkwardly admitted. Hannah started giggling.


“What’s so funny?”

“My friends probably think we’re making out now or something,” she said. “Don’t worry, I got ya. “ And before Frank could even think of where Hailey wanted to take it, she left kiss marks all over his face and purposely messed up her lipstick.


“There we go. We look like we’ve just had a heavy make out session.”

As they walked out of the bathroom, Frank looked as though he’d put on make-up himself for his cheeks were so red he could well have used a blush.


After more time spent “dating” Frank decided it was time to introduce Hailey to his parents. They decided to present themselves as friends as they really were only friends. He was also hoping they would have a chance to finally talk in his house, because at school there really weren’t any places in which they could freely discuss their fake relationship and not accidentally give their secret away. It was horrible for him because he felt like Hailey lost her chance to date a boy she wanted to date because of her trying to make the bullies forget about him, which proved to be rather successful. So as they set a date, Hailey said she was going to visit Monica because she knew her grandmother would never let her visit a boy’s house.

When they got to his home, his parents came to greet Hailey.


“Welcome, Hailey. Joanne Parsons,” the woman introduced herself and shook her hand.

“I’m pleased to meet you, Mrs. Parsons,” she kindly replied.


But as soon as she saw Frank’s dad, Hailey could not focus on anyone else. She went weak at the knees, sweat spreading all over her body, warmth finding its way beneath the clothing. Boy, was he a handsome man. Why did he stir so many feelings in her at once? Almost like they were meant to be, she felt as though he had been the one she was to spend the rest of her days with. The sound of his voice suddenly made her aware of the situation she was in.


“Cedric Parsons,” he introduced himself. “I’m glad my son has finally found himself a girlfriend. We were getting worried.” She cringed at the word girlfriend almost as if Cedric’s wife wasn’t standing next to her. Quick, she thought, I need to correct him, but the sentences weren’t fast-coming and she stumbled upon her words – she, who had always been the one with the clearest diction out of the whole class.


“I-I’m Hailey. And we’re just friends.” The man winked at her, to which she felt a cold shiver wending its course down her spine.


“I remember when I had my own ‘just friends’,” he said lightly.

During the lunch Hailey’s mind was full of Frank’s father. Only then did she finally begin to realize why she didn’t mind pretending to be Frank’s girlfriend. It was because the boys at her school didn’t interest her at all. Not as much as her Physics teacher or Cedric. Only grown men much older than her could give her a thrill. If only she could get rid of Frank and Joanne and live her own fairytale with Cedric…

After the lunch Cedric encouraged his son to show Hailey around his room. It crossed her mind how desperate he must’ve been for his son finally finding himself a girlfriend. As they got to Frank’s room, Hailey began the talk.

“I know you worry about me pretending, but that’s okay. As long as you don’t have another girlfriend, I could protect you from the hatred. People are cruel and just because you can sing…”

“And what if it’s true? If I like boys as they say?” Frank looked like he was about to cry.


“Oh no, don’t even say anything like that. Don’t let them trick you into believing you’re someone you’re not.” Frank couldn’t  hold it anymore. He stood up and as Hailey did the same, he fell straight into her arms, crying.


“But it is true! I’ve never liked a girl in a special way, not even you even though you’re so pretty…” He whined, his voice shaking. Hailey was shocked, she never suspected Frank to really be gay. But her grandpa used to say that you have to accept everyone for who they are.

“You know, I also am not exactly like the rest. I…I don’t like boys our age,” Frank stopped crying and looked at her, startled.


“You’re lesbian?!”

“Ugh…no, but I sort of have a crush on Mr. Headwell.” Frank’s eyes grew wide as he pictured the Physics teacher in his mind.

“He’s like 40 or 50!”


“See, this relationship might be beneficial for us both…” Said Hailey quietly, thinking about a way to make his father take an interest in her.


The chance to finally talk to Cedric when they were alone came two years later when he said he needed to discuss something with her without Frank around.


“I’d like to thank you for staying with Frank for so long. I and Joanne thought he might have been gay so we’re glad that’s not the case.” Hailey was totally shocked as soon as his father said it to her.


“Oh, you’re wrong. We’re just friends.” She deliberated whether to tell him or not and finally decided Frank would not be brave enough. “And I, he…he came out to me.” Cedric seemed devastated.


“No…not my son. Not him. How could he resist a girl like you!” It wasn’t until he said it when he realized what had just slipped his mouth. “I’m sorry, I just…” But Hannah saw it as her chance.

“Don’t be. Because I, too, think you are a gorgeous man if I was to be f…honest, if I was to be honest,” Hailey let out a sigh of relief as she realized she almost said “frank” and spoiled everything. She reached for Cedric’s hand, but he recoiled.


“No, girl, it’s just a phase for you. I can’t hook up with a freaking 15-year-old, what would it look like? I am married and I could be your father!” Hailey didn’t give up that easily, though.

“Does it really matter when love is involved?” She leaned forward and kissed the man, who, hesitant at first, returned it with passion.


They both couldn’t deny the inexplicable attraction they had for one another.


Hannah’s life as a 17-year-old probably couldn’t get any crazier with her fake relationship with her gay best friend, her real relationship with his father, her virtual relationship with a mysterious woman hidden under the username mother_to_the_broken123 and her complicated relationship with her grandmother. However the real storm was just about to happen.


Hannah got tired. Tired of many rules that her grandmother set for her. Tired of the fact that Gemma couldn’t stand any men being around her granddaughter. Tired of the fact that she had to hide both Frank and Cedric from her. She couldn’t endure it anymore so she went straight to the hairdresser to dye her hair tips blonde. Then she asked Cedric to drive her home. As she walked out of the car she kissed his cheek.


Gemma was watching and she burst out as soon as Hannah got home. In one minute Hannah was banned from everything she could be banned from. But she had a plan.



Her grandmother was sleeping soundly as Hannah walked out of the house that day with a plane ticket to China hidden in her bag, in which she invested all her pocket money and some money stolen from Gemma. She was going to find her father no matter what.

Note: So it’s here and it’s rather lengthy when you compare it to my usual posts, but I had so much I needed to include here, all of my crazy ideas, and I think it is a good introduction to Hailey’s character.  This was super time-consuming to set it all up! I literally added all the Twinbrook teens to my family and it messed up my game, fortunately I could just quit it and if not, it still wasn’t an important save. On some photos of the school corridor you can see a blond guy with medium length hair in the background, who is actually a relative, son of Raymond and grandchild of Eddie. “In a heartbeat” is obviously real, you can watch it here, it’s very famous. This is the last bonus of Hailey, now we are going to focus on Sam until one day they may just clash onto one another as you probably gathered from the ending. Here, on my bloopers page (when you scroll to the bottom), you can see a little funny behind the scenes picture from this bonus. Oh, and of course bonuses are always CC-heavy, so if you need anything shown here 🙂

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  1. OH.MY.GOSH. I never expected this!! She has the same taste in men as her dad??!! Lmao, I can’t, this is priceless!!! 😂😂
    At first I thought “awww… poor sweet little girl!” but Hailey is really a little hussy, isn’t she?
    And oh my. She’s going to meet her father in China! Will we see what’s going to happen this Saturday? I can’t wait!
    That was sooo enjoyable to read! Now I’m so looking forward to reading more about Hailey, she seems like such an interesting heir!
    Oh, and I totally expected Gemma to pull a… well, Gemma, like she did. Shame! You will end up all alone lady, and I don’t even feel sorry for you!

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    1. No one could be ready for what I had in store for this bonus. I couldn’t warn you enough. You know I like connecting my characters in the weirdest ways – like Miss Reddings and Anthony – and I thought it’d be an excellent joke. I couldn’t wait to share it with you when I came up with it weeks go.
      You know, you said “sweet” and I was like: “uh…maybe not”. LOL.
      If you ever wondered what would come out of two personas as strong as Heather and Sam, there you have it. Little hussy, haha. She literally is the perfect blend. And if anyone tells me she’s similar to Gemma again, then um…no, she isn’t!!!
      No, we’re going to see in two weeks, this chapter is already scheduled and hence the “father” in the title which made Amy wonder what was going on. I had to make it happen like that, because Hailey was 13 at the end of Sam’s last chapter and we have to wait till she’s 17, so the chronology is okay.
      I am so glad you liked. I was a bit worried if I went overboard with the drama.
      Yes, that was definitely sooo Gemma-like.

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      1. I’m sure that when he sees her, Sam will be like “uuuuh….what the hell does this one doing in this place? Get out of my way brat, nobody wants you here!” Perhaps he’ll enhance this with even more swearing, lol! 😂😂

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  2. Woah, and here I thought Hannah would be a much better person than her dad was XD I mean, I guess she kind of is aside from the trying to seduce a married man part, lol. It was nice that she helped Frank, but he’s probably gonna freak if he finds out what she’s doing behind his back… with is dad, no less.
    Woah, some mystery here, I wonder who that online ‘mother to the broken’ person is, it can’t be good that she knows this much about Hannah and her life :/ Also, I had a feeling Gemma would change her mind about the boarding school, what a shame.
    I’m excited to see how the reunion between Sam and Hannah will be like, they both have headstrong personalities so I’m sensing a lot of potential clashing. Great chapter! 🙂

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    1. She isn’t a bad person, but she is young and in love, in fact, so she’s practically blind-folded. Lol, Frank is such an innocent boy, I whoheartedly adore him. ❤
      Hmm…Someday you will find out who she is.
      Yeah, practically all of my readers guessed that there would be no boarding school. Actually, female students of Le Fromage school were Sam's girlfriends, haha. I don't know if it's a shame, we got a lot more drama because she stayed home.
      Reunion between Sam and Hannah…yeah, this will not be easy.
      Glad you enjoyed it!

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  3. Oh My Goodness! This was completely wow… I have so many words but I also have no words. I’m going to start from the beginning. It’s totally unfair that Gemma wouldn’t let Hailey go to boarding school even though she promised. At first my speculation about who she was chatting with on the internet was Roselyn but now I think that it’s Frank’s mom. And I was totally surprised to see Cedric make a return! I had to look him up to make sure that was really him and I wasn’t mistaken. It’s crazy that Sam and Hailey are/were interested in him! I honestly can’t wait for the confrontation between father and daughter and I can’t wait for Hailey’s narrative!

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    1. Oh yes. So many feels throughout this whole bonus. I was wondering if it was too huge a bomb to throw at my poor readers. I’ve been building up to posting this for so many weeks now…
      I know, Gemma is not a great parent, but she also tries to protect her. When she looks back to the past, she probably feels as though this boarding school changed Sam for the bad when in reality he was already bad when he got there.
      Roselyn? Oh my, that would have been crazy. I wonder if you are right about Frank’s mom. I promise to eventually rise to this.
      Yes, it was really Cedric, you’re not mistaken. Of course poor Hailey doesn’t know much about Cedric’s youth and she has no idea about her father and him. At least he told the truth about being straight, lol.
      Me too! I wrote the confrontation and I got done 4.21 today, but I have yet to begin Hailey’s narrative. I hope I can do her justice.

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  4. Oh boy…
    I can’t believe she ended up going for Cedric, out of all people! Hayley’s personality is almost as forceful as Sam’s although she is much nicer, I liked that she helped Frank. But her seducing a much older man who is married, as a minor, is just 🤨
    Oh gosh Sam’s gonna meet his daughter! I don’t imagine that would go particularly well, lol.
    Great bonus!

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    1. Yes, the Rosenthals are all in one big web with their connections. I do everything I can to connect all the dots. Hailey gets what she wants, she definitely is a manipulator, although she has a good heart. Hannah can’t help the need to find herself a “daddy”. Lol, I kind of regret that your emoji didn’t show up for me.
      Haha, no, that will be hilarious.
      Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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  5. I have been looking forward to this update since you created the calendar. And let me tell you that it did not fail to disappoint!!
    Haley is certainly her father’s daughter, and doesn’t apologize for it. At least the things that she does are not as selfish as Sam’s intentions. (although it was pretty selfish to out Frank just so she can get close to Cedric).
    I can’t wait to see how Sam reacts to meeting his daughter. But they do have one more thing in common; they couldn’t stand living with Gemma.

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    1. I’m so glad you aren’t disappointed. I’d been looking forward to this update much longer and I had such a long note in my notebook on my phone to make sure I’d contain everything. I was sorry that I had to reschedule it for a week later not to mess up the timeline. It had been waiting for you for such a long time and I couldn’t wait!
      Hailey gets what she wants. Her father may have been rejected by Cedric, but Hailey got exactly what she wanted from him. Hailey grew to love Frank (as a friend). She wanted to out him so that his father would believe they weren’t dating.
      Yes, these bonuses had a few purposes and one of them was to introduce Hailey to you before they meet. This chapter is already scheduled, hopefully you’ll enjoy it! 🙂 And you are very right, but who can blame them? Also, current Gemma is worse than Gemma who raised Sam, believe me. I don’t think Hailey necessarily hates her, but she helds a lot of grudges towards her. But Sam definitely didn’t like Dellie at all while Hailey loved him.

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      1. I could never be disappointed by anything that you write.
        I could tell that current Gemma was way worse than the Gemma who “raised” Sam (I put raised in quotes, because she wasn’t really involved in Sam’s life).
        And who couldn’t love Dellie?! Only Sam!!!

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      2. Aww you’re so sweet. I tend to sell myself short when it comes to my writing. Also, these bonuses are so long because I have to include so many years in them. I, too, found I feel much more comfortable when I can write as myself. It is a great break from Sam. He’ s excruciating even for me.
        Oh yes, if she got involved more, Sam would probably hate her even more. Actually, this is such a complicated situation because when Sam was young for some time he had truly longed Gemma’s attention, but as she wanted to redeem herself, it was already too late because he developed hatred towards his mother.
        Sam probably doesn’t love Dellie because their personalities are complete opposites.

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      3. You are too sweet. I think you have nothing to worry about as well ❤️ Btw, I’ve recently messed up words Physics and Psychics, what am I doing with my life? I tend to often write words that sound similarly and it doesn’t happen only in English.

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  6. Oh my, I’m shocked. I never expected her to like older men! What she did with Frank’s father is slightly creepy, how would Frank feel? Regardless, I’m glad she helped Frank out. He seems like a good guy 🙂 I wonder if she’ll run into Sam in China…..

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    1. Oh yes, I may have planned out that bit about her liking older men before she was even born…I figured everyone is different and my story’s overall goal is to show these differencies and respect people for
      who they are. No matter who the heir is
      and how they see the world, the curse hangs above them like a dark cloud ready to burst with acid…
      I love Frank, he is very vulnerable and
      sweet. But if he ever finds out, it may not turn out well. Yeah, oh boy, this encounter…

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  7. Oh, wow! And here, the crazy continues! LOLOL Hailey is so different from anything I imagined she would be – but that’s a good thing! Your story ideas are so fresh, I love it.

    Hailey is going off looking for Sam! In a way, I almost think they’ll get along. lol

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    1. It does! Haha.
      I’m so glad I managed to surprise you. I have a lot of my crazy ideas in store and I’m never sure how far I should go with introducing them here, lol. Thank you so much ❤
      Hm..getting along with Sam is hard. But they have the same taste in men, lol.

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  8. I’m late to the party but wow – Hailey is quite the character. I like her 😀 What an odd one! But then, it kind of seems all your characters are a little on the strange side. I somehow don’t think Sam’s going to take too kindly to his daughter coming to see him… He’s been a dingus to everyone so far, so I don’t see him being any different with her.

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    1. Yay, glad you like her! I was wondering if you’d leave a comment when I saw you liked the post yesterday.
      Aren’t we all a little stranges, though? I think everyone has something in them that makes them a bit odd compared to others.I just like trying out different options, because the world is too diverse to just stick to ‘normality’ when it means something different to everyone.
      Hm…you may be right that Sam wouldn’t be thrilled about having a guest.

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      1. Yeah, I’m sorry about that! I’ve been a little off with headaches for a few days and it makes socialising – even online – hard at times.
        You’re definitely right 🙂 Everyone really is odd, and I do enjoy Hailey’s specific brand of weirdness. I do like all the personalities you’ve created for your legacy – they’re all so different!

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  9. I’m so mad at Gemma!!! How can she go against Dellie’s wishes now? And I think this is negatively affecting Hailey for sure. If she were at boarding school I think she’d have a lot more focus on her studies instead of getting distracted like she is now.

    I am so shocked that Cedric made it back into the story, especially with the role he’s playing now. I really think it’s disgusting that he’s going through with this relationship with a teenager, especially since he also has a wife. But I guess Hailey has left him behind for now. I’m really curious how Sam will react when they see each other again.

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    1. Gemma is paranoid. She wouldn’t stand it if Hailey left for boarding school, she sees rapists readying themselves for her granddaughter everywhere. Definitely, although you can have distractions everywhere. Girls from Le Fromage were actually the majority of Sam’s girlfriends…
      ItIs definitely not the last we see of Cedric. He’s messed up for sure, I was hinting at the fact he’s married when Sam met up with him to discuss Hailey. And how ironically, his own son has homosexual longings…Yes, this reunion will be rather interesting.

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  10. Ah, here we go, Gemma is beginning with the control! I understand why, I mean, as much as I can, but damn does it make me frustrated. Poor Hannah, it’s going to be a very rough start to her high school years. I can’t blame her if she feels resentful – I certainly would – and Gemma is really just making things worse for herself. If it ever blows up in her face she’ll just say it’s to do with the curse rather than as the consequences of her actions… (I see now that it did blow up in her face, but I was writing as I was going!)
    I like the messenger conversations! Though I MUST be getting more ‘adult like’ since my first thought was to be wary (especially of a username like that), despite the fact that at her age I was doing the exact same thing, plus roleplaying on bebo.. wow, what a throwback XD
    Look at her standing up for a stranger! Albeit in a very interesting way, haha. I wonder now if he was gay or if he’s going to idolise her.
    I know I shouldn’t laugh, but man, she’s got a textbook case of ‘em, right? That’s why she’s so into the older men. Okay but girl, don’t try to seduce his dad!! OMG, noooooooo. NOOOOOOOoooo. What a mess! She’s how old right now? I sincerely hope no one takes an interest in her back…
    Okay, and also, don’t out your friend, you bitch! My god, that’s like, LGBT ally 101! Especially not to parents, good god >.<
    Aaaaaaaaaand Cedric, you’re gross, plz just go to jail or something and do the world a favour.
    Well at least she’s off to China. I’m rubbing my hands together in anticipation for the inevitable meeting.

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    1. Lol, your comment was so hilarious XD
      Gemma is somehow trying to protect her, but she couldn’t protect Hailey, she gets into trouble just like her dad did. At least she’s not being a bully, lol. Being a mother figure doesn’t suit Gemma…she’s always been a crappy parent.
      Yeah, I found a cool thing I could do directly in WordPress and then I just colored the usernames. I love how Hailey’s username is so lame and there’s her age in there, haha. Yes, she just couldn’t resist the forums, it was all too tempting. Although, she probably shouldn’t have spilt all her life details onto a stranger.
      Daddy issues, in fact! I thought the same thing, that she was a textbook case. For some time Dellie could be her father figure, but at the same she’d never treated him quite like the father and after Grace’s death (which happened when Hailey was 11), he’d never been the same. So Hailey didn’t have the proper environment to grow up in. But it could’ve been even more of a disaster if Sam tried to bring her up xD
      She did seduce him after all, I’m sorry, uh. She was 15 at the time, talk about improper relationships XD
      She shouldn’t have outed Frank, I know right, but she didn’t think of a different option, she just so desperately wanted Cedric to believe that she wasn’t dating Frank. She’s a mess.
      Well, at least he’s not a pedophile, but an ephebophile (attraction to ages 15-19), so I guess that’s better, I don’t know? Probably not much better 😛
      Yes, we are all waiting for this encounter, aren’t we?

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    1. So many superlatives here. I am so glad that you weren’t disappointed in my bonus and that you had fun reading.
      Hailey does things first and then thinks about the consequences, which I think you could clearly see in this bonus. Some people? I wonder who, maybe Adaeze without “eze”? Frank definitely didn’t deserve to be treated like that, he is a good guy and he deserves respect from his peers. It’s good that Hailey could help him.
      Gemma has a fear of boarding schools because we all know what Sam was like when he graduated. But she should be more objective and not let this worsen her relationship with her granddaughter. But this is Gemma, we all know what Gemma is like.
      I am a genius? Wow, that’s a huge compliment, thank you very much. Yes, Tony’s mother is Mariah Reddins, Tony’s grandfather is Henry Livingston. And Tony’s surname is Mitchell because he was later adopted.
      Bow to the queen!
      Yes, Cedric changed quite a bit from that time he worked with Sam. Sam had a huge impact on him because he ruined his career and Cedric was having difficulty wih getting back into the law inforcement. You’re right, he probably uses her naivety as a way to get himself an easy to obtain lover on the side, which is very sad. I don’t think he connected her to the child who he had to give to Sam years ago. And she has a different surname. He probably didn’t know, at least not at this point.
      Hailey definitely suffers from daddy issues. She had Dellie, but Dellie has never been like a father to her and then he was completely ruined by Grace’s death when she was 11. It definitely reflects her longings for older men.
      Father and daughter meeting will happen in the next week’s chapter 🙂

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    I fear her reunion with dear old Dad won’t be well received and will give her even more reason to seek out older men to fill the void. Great chapter!

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    1. I know right! I love connecting my characters in the weirdest ways. Hailey in some ways takes after her father because she doesn’t apologize and always takes what she wants. Gemma and Dellie tried hard, but they weren’t able to replace her real parents. Oh, he’s really into older guys. Fun fact: everything stays in the family, in my game even Gemma has a crush on Cedric.
      Hm…who knows. Thank you very much, this bonus is my pride.

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    I saw one of my poses in there too! Thank you!

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I wouldn’t mind if you missed one of Sam’s martial arts chapters because these aren’t that important, but this one was super important plot-wise and I thought you may not want to skip this, especially if you would be reading Hailey’s gen soon.
      Yes, I wanted to mention that I used your poses, too. It fit in perfectly!


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    I love how she stood up for the poor boy who later turned out to be a good friend – meeting his dad was destiny, you don’t choose when love hits you. It’s better when there’s not a marriage involved…

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    1. How I was confused reading this comment. I was thinking it was about the previous bonus. I think you skipped the childhood one hence why you missed the scene in which Hailey found her grandfather dead in his bed. She also met Frank in the choir when she was a child. You may read this one if you want to.
      Yes, it’s very Gemma-like to behave like that. Hm… The identity of that person on the forums might be a surprise.
      Yes, poor Frank. At least you should know from my gender-swapping post that he’s much happier now. Hm.. Yes. Actually, her situation is somewhat similar to Shasta’s, though the consequences were worse.


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    1. Oh, exciting! Now you know them. Yes, he was distant, however that’s when I first introduced him 🙂 Hm… To think about it, Hailey and Frank should sing together at one point. Might be fun!


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    1. I know, she is! Gemma is… uh… Gemma. I’m glad you think it’s in character for her to do that. She has always been a bit weird, but now… I don’t think she’s able to think straight anymore. And she’s pretty selfish. Also, she’s worried after she’d sent Sam to a boarding school… But Hailey is not a psychopath by any means. She’s special in her own way. Ha ha, Cedric is back! I told you he’d play a big role. Oh, definitely interesting!

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