Chapter 4.14 I Am…Not as Close

Warning: Swearing and minor references to sex.

Note: Instagram Generator can be found here. I am still cracking up at Sam’s username, but you’ll see.

It had been four months ever since I hit the road and ended up in this small town in China. My hair was growing hand over fist and I ended up having this annoyingly long hairstyle, which reminded me of why I decided to shave my hair in the first place. Strips of hair were continuously getting in the way and attacking my eyes, unless I treated it with a gel, which fortunately had the ability to keep it in place when applied regularly. So at least it was that.

“There is no royal road to learning”– was one of Adaeze’s favorite sayings and she kept repeating it so consequently that there was no way in which it wouldn’t din in my ears every fucking time I got into anything martial arts connected. This woman really had her own way of teaching that I am not sure how worked, but somehow worked.

Every fucking day she had me up at 5 am and dragged me to the Academy before anyone else showed up because we “needed time for only time could save us”, as she liked to say. Then I was told to train on a training dummy while she was making her faces at me. I swear Adaeze was a master of various grimaces and it was extremely rare to see her beaming. I think she was dissatisfied most of the time and I came to believe that it was with the world in general, not with me in particular. Well, it made things better and when you had a way of seeing them from the right perspective, then the world became like an easy, paved street to walk across. The drawback is that people start to see you as an egomaniac, blinded by his own flights of fantasy. If you cut out people, though, nothing stands as a holdback to this method, which is really just another one great way of coping with life, which is the general goal of every creature right here.


“More passion,” she ordered with another of her signature grimaces.

“It’s not sex,” I protested half-jokingly.


“Not everything centers around sex, darling. Plus you’re just being lazy. I know you can do more than just that slouchy leg stroke.”

“Find us a reasonable training hour, then. I feel like sleeping, not doing physical exercise!”


“Try harder.” Are you sure I’m not fucking you at the moment, darling?

“Fine!” I swiped at the training dummy to the best of my ability and gave it a turn so that it twisted around and went back to its previous position. To my amazement, Adaeze clapped her hands.


“That was good, finally. Let’s move on to the board breaker. Your favorite,” she added with a smirk.

“Now onto the foam boards, darling. You are not going to evade them. No getting an orange belt until you master those.” I sighed in response. To my disappointment ever since I had hurt myself, Adaeze constantly tortured me with those silly foam boards like I was some sort of a beginner. Well, maybe in a way I was, but why treat me like a fool?


“And what are these movements for?”

“To look cool.”


“Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but you look like an idiot.

“See, it worked!” I said after successfully breaking the board. She just sighed in response.


But as she saw me proceeding my magical movements again, she couldn’t endure it. As I did my thing, she performed her own with grace.

“These are the right movements. Yours resemble some silly dance.” Which wouldn’t stop from repeating them, if only to irritate Adaeze.


However, this day was a special one for Adaeze clapped her hands again and said she’d had enough to present me with an orange belt.


I was surprised that four months of hard work didn’t turn out to be fruitless. I genuinely thought I would never make it past the yellow one and yet here I was. In front of the bloody board breaker yet again. As I leaned forward to try my hand at a harder, balsa wood board, Adaeze threw her hands in the air.


“Not at all what we are going for. What’s with the posture? Moments ago it was right and here wrong again. Keep your hand steady and hard and don’t let it loosen or you will hurt yourself again.”


“Like that?”


“Not at all. Wait! Hold your horses. Let’s take a break, I see it isn’t going anywhere, so you need another exercise.”


“Adaeze, this is the dumbest thing I’ve done in ages. Am I supposed to feel like a princess in her academy where she is taught to keep a straight posture?” I made a rapid movement and one of the books on my head hit the floor with a loud thump.

“We are in the Academy, Sam. And you are supposed to learn how to keep the right posture, that’s why we do that. And it hasn’t been going well for you so far,” she frowned at the dropped book. I sighed as I took the books from my head and a headed for the dropped one.

“Fuck it, I’m never going to learn this,” I murmured.

When Adaeze finally eased up on the posture training, she said we were going to have another sparring. To my amazement, I managed to perform a few successful strokes.



She kicked my ass badly yet again anyway.


As we had ended it, she laughed it off.

“I could have sex with you if you ever defeated me,” she joked.

“What about a bet?” I suggested, looking at Adaeze’s slim, athletic silhouette.

“You can’t be serious. Haven’t I told you not to hit on a lesbian? I have a girlfriend, hon. Even if I was interested in men, I wouldn’t sleep with you. Never in a million years. Has the yellow-haired one bore you already?”

“You really don’t get jokes.”

“I guess so,” she replied with clear amusement. We both knew it wasn’t a joke at all.


At least I could always impress Adaeze with our regular work out sessions. I really wish she didn’t distract me as much with her delicate curves, which showed as she wore a low-cut top. Life would be one hundred times easier if I wasn’t bisexual. Sometimes I hated my orientation to the bone. Other times I hated Adaeze for being lesbian. When I needed a way to distress, however, there was always Deq.


During the times when Adaeze mercifully let me go and didn’t push me to do more training, I took a tour around the monuments with Deq, who spent most of his time taking photos and writing posts on his journalist blog. He also took care of Heather, which became one of his favorite models.

So I began to find out that what Deq said about his career wasn’t a lie and always wearing “something” on his hand wasn’t either. Yellow hair that started growing back on the back of his hair proved him right that the color was natural. However that didn’t mean that he didn’t lie anymore. He omitted the truth a lot of times, mainly in very small things like where he was or where he left Heather. For example he could tell me on purpose that she was in the bedroom, although he knew she was in the living room. That was for sure irritating, but I somehow learned to live with that. And we had a lot of fun together.


Sometimes we took Heather on a walk to the city center. She always found a way to jump right into the pools with decorative lilies. Neither Deq or I had the ability to stop her.




Who would mind a dog in the water when she seemed to be enjoying it so bad? I for sure didn’t as I felt in my element here as much as she did. I never thought I would feel like I belonged, but here it was different. Not in my wildest dreams, however, did I think I would spend exactly fifteen years in China.

40 thoughts on “Chapter 4.14 I Am…Not as Close”

  1. Sam’s training cracked me up! 😂 He really seems to get on Adaeze’s nerves (as he does with a lot of people apparently), but I really admire her patience with him.
    Deq’s fixation on lying worries me a little, as I have a feeling he’ll play a crucial role at Ssm’s downfall eventually, but I cannot imagine what he could possibly do.
    And fifteen years??! Oh, so we’re about to see adult, black-belt-owning Sam in the next chapter? It will be very interesting to see how those years will have treated him, both physically and emotionally. Can’t wait!! 😀
    Oh, also: Evilsam666??! Really Sam? Lol!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Me too! Actually,he has a common thing with Jesse- the poor jokes and sex references, haha. I am not surprised, because he constantly gets on m-y nerves.
      Maybe, maybe, I can’t really tell you anything.
      15 years, that’s right. I have crafted and planned out this generation really carefully, so I know. It fits perfectly and is a good combination for all that’s about to happen. That’s not in the next chapter, though, more like in 5 chapters. We are definitely stuck in China with him and we will be for a long time.
      I know, lol, I couldn’t resist using this nickname that popped up in my head, LOL

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  2. I like how at the start Sam says that Adaeze is probably dissatisfied with the world in general (not just him) that he’s right in thinking this, and that the world is easier when you see this and things from the ‘right’ perspective. The fact that right after that he says that people will view him as an egomaniac for this line of thinking and that he can just cut them out, I feel, is a great insight to Sam as a character and his personality in a nutshell.
    OMG THE EVILSAM666!!! Hahaha I laughed so hard, why is that so perfect? XD At least he knows it, lol.
    I’m surprised Sam has stuck to the martial arts for all these months, and managed to get an orange belt. I’m even more surprised he’s still with Deq, I would’ve for sure thought their personalities would clash and they’d go their separate ways eventually.
    Woah, what’s with the ending there?… Does Sam actually stay there that long? Are we nearing the end of this gen already? What about Hannah?
    (haha I have a lot of questions in case you couldn’t tell ;p)
    Great chapter !

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I like putting thoughts that refer to Sam’s personality somewhere along the lines. I thought it’d be good to bring it back once in a while since we mostly see them in the more reflective chapters.
      I know, it had me cracking up as soon as I came up with this and I couldn’t resist using that.
      He did! And he is there to stay for a long time, actually. Sam and Deq haven’t yet broken up, but who knows what’s in store for them.
      Yes, he does. No, it is not a generation’s ending (like, where the never do it again, where chapters 21 and 22, woah, hold your horses, it’s too soon! XD). Hannah’s bonus appears on January 17th and the next one February 7th. We aren’t anywhere near the end. The epilogue is supposed to be published on March 24th. I hope I got the dates right, because I was just frantically checking the calendar XD So your questions are answered, I believe.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh ok, lol I knew it was too soon, but the 15 years at the end made me think you were fast-forwarding the story XD I see now, you’re planning on going to go through those years in this gen. I’m looking forward to seeing Hannah again, she’s so adorable.
        Yup, you answered everything 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, I realize now that I put it in a rather confusing way, so my sincere apologies. There will be time skips here, but the longest is 5 years. Actually, after 16 years from there Sam will put out an epilogue, so that wouldn’t make sense. Huh, I wonder if you will still think she’s adorable when she will be a teenager XD Not spoiling anything, though. And plus, I really don’t like throwing such long and unexpected time jumps. We would miss out on so many things!

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  3. Amy Queen said a lot of what I was going to mention about Sam’s character, so I won’t repeat that. 😀

    But evilsam666!! LMAO How funny! It definitely fits. 😀 I loved seeing his time with Deq and their sweet dog. I also enjoyed the training a lot. It cracked me up reading the banter between Sam and Adaeze. I think they must be so much fun to play and write.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh yes, she had some good points and I see you thought about that, too. 😀
      I know, it still cracks me up that I managed to come up with this nickname. Adaeze and Sam are both strong personalities. I was truly amazed when I saw that like I wrote- Adaeze isn’t straight. In fact, she’s bisexual and has a crush on Sam. No way I’m incorporating that into the story, though, haha. So at least I did it a half of justice and Sam fell for her. They are super fun 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, practicually every person of every gender falls for Sam in my game, so it wouldn’t be much fun if everyone made themselves into the story that way. I’m afraid I set the numbers too high when making him bisexual, LOL. I love how Adaeze’s unimpressed, too, otherwise the training would be about something else than martial arts, haha.

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  4. I have to agree with the comments above. Evilsam666 is hilarious!! 😂
    The banter back and forth between Sam and Adaeze was so funny to read. I am glad that she don’t put up with his crap. Hitting on a lesbian, Sam just can’t help himself can he?
    I am proud that Sam stuck with it for 15 years. Good for him. A lot can also happen in those 15 years, so I can’t wsit to see what else has changed (besides Sam’s black belt)

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    1. Haha, I’m glad you think so, too.
      Nope, she doesn’t. And Sam can’t help himself, he really does what he thinks.
      Well, the general idea is every heir may add touches to their diary years later, when they already know everything that happens later. In this case Sam mentioned 15 years, however we will now go through those 15 years with him, in the next chapters till the end of his generation.

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      1. I misread that. I thought that there was going to be some sort of Time jump 15 years later.
        I am looking forward to seeing Sam progress in martial arts with Adaeze, and see how far Deq’s lies will go.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Yes, I see a lot of people interpreted it like that. I only threw it here as a sort of introduction to how long we are going to stay there. Actually, after 16 years Sam will finish his diary, so it wouldn’t make sense. No, thankfully,no scary time jumps like that. I’m not really into so much jumping, the most you will get in Sam’s story is 5 years, I believe.


  5. Wow, China is suiting Sam better than I thought it would! I love him and Deq together but I still suspect something about Deq… Maybe I’m overanalyzing this 😅 Also Sam’s username had me cracking up!

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  6. I see what you mean about his Instagram 😂😂😂 This is so very Sam.
    I wouldn’t mess with Adaeze if I werr him. He already knows she can kick his butt – propositioning her = bad idea.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Attention: The great comment in front of you. Wow, Sam has been in China for four months. He has been there for a long time. He must love this country. I’m glad he feels well there. Getting out of bed at 5 a.m. is horrible. I know what he is going through then. That’s why I love Tuesdays so much. I feel sorry for him. You know what else I like too? Their little jokes. Someone could think that there is some chemistry between them but we know they won’t be together. Adaeze is a good trainer. She is adamant and Sam needs someone like her. Success won’t come immediately. The most important thing is that he can’t give up. Speaking of success, congratulations for achiveing an oragne belt. You are doing great, Sam! Finally, we don’t have too much love but romantic moments are visible. I’m surprised Sam is in a relationship with Deq so long. Sam must adore him. I knew Deq wasn’t lie. He is a true journalist but I’m concerned about his another lies. What if he keep some dark secret. 😮 I hope he doesn’t. I’m glad there are happy together. I must admit that a new haircuts suits them. Take more pictures boys, you will have more memorabilia 😀

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  8. That username is hilariously perfect 😂
    The banter between Adaeze and Sam is really entertaining. It’s honestly great to have someone who simply won’t fall for him and won’t cave in to his flirty ways. And she’s a badass!
    Deq’s constant lying sets me on edge, but its nice to see them in a ‘good’ relationship, considering Sam’s past partners.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you. Each time I post something stupid that I think is funny only for me you surprise by saying you find it funny as well!
      I’m glad you like the banter. If it was up to my game, Adaeze would be his next catch because she fell for him straight away, but it won’t be happening in the story. I’m getting sick of everyone falling for Sam.
      Yeah, they have a rather good relationship. Feel like this won’t long enough, though.

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  9. I love seeing Adaeze training Sam! The way she was teasing and joking with him was perfect!

    I do think Deq and Sam are pretty cute together. I wonder how long they will last. Maybe they’ll surprise us. And Sam666? He is too much. 😂

    15 years? Wow. I’m really interested in how this is turning out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you like it! Honestly, I first took the photos with Sam training and Adaeze standing next to him and all they did were some EA interactions that I combined and came up with what I thought would be matching.
      I’m happy you like Sam and Deq together. I do think they are cute as well. Actually, it’s evilsam666. Sometimes, I just really love Sam. For me, it’s love-hate relationship xD
      Yes, 15 years. He will come back home in chapter 20, so we have a long way to go here in China.

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      1. I assume the username might have come as a joke when Sam was at school and one of his teachers called him evil because of his bullying. This would lead to Sam making this account in response.

        Liked by 1 person

  10. Fifteen years! My goodness. Well, I’m glad he likes it then. And it seems to be doing him good – actually admitting that he might not be amazing at something, and being admonished by Adaeze and not just brushing her off or throwing a tantrum! There’s hope for him yet (but probably not, lol).
    Though maybe it’s just getting up at 5am. That sure does weird things to a person’s brain!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I have already come up with all the chapters’ names for his generation and I know what will happen in them. I even updated my chapter list with names if anyone would like to guess, haha. Well yeah, he can’t really brush Adaeze off since there aren’t many trainers who would stand his behavior. I think that he knows it deep down.
      LOL, true, true! I don’t even want to imagine what’s that like, doing extremely excruciating training at this hour!

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  11. Fifteen years?! Dang! I think it’s great that he has finally met people that are strong and spunky in their own way that aren’t scared of him. I love Adaeze’s personality, it’s just so fun to read her and Sam’s interactions. She really shows him he isn’t so ‘great’ after all, haha. And Deq. I’m still not sure exactly what to think about their relationship since they are both liars and all, but it takes one to know one 😉 At the very least, I’m glad that Sam is actually in a RELATIONSHIP and not just in it for the sex – although I’m sure that’s part of it. I think he is genuinely intrigued by Deq and how different he is from other people he’s met.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, he was there for a long time, but it’s a reference for the times yet to come. He’s not been there that long so far.
      I love Adaeze! Well, she isn’t my Sim, I got her from EA, but I’ve grown super attached to her. She knows how to deal with Sam’s bullshit!
      Well, Sam would refuse to be in a sex-free relationship, you know it 😛

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