Bonus Post: Toddlerhood of Hailey Nathifa

Note: Surprise, surprise! I know I didn’t mention anything about any extra posts this week, but I have finally come up with a plan/scheme of how I want to go in this generation, which means it’s the first one in the series of 3 posts talking about the life of Samien’s daughter. This way I imagine it will be easier for you to get a hold of her personality earlier, not like with Samien whose huge part of life we just missed out on. I hope you will enjoy it! PS: is it too obvious I’m in love with the featured image?!

The story was never meant to center around Samien only. In fact, the complex Rosenthal family is much more than just the person of our favorite villain. Apart from the distant relatives, the mother and grandfather of our heir were still there, living their lives, along with his own daughter, Hailey Nathifa Rosenthal of the 5th generation of the Rosenthal family. Now, I imagine my readers wouldn’t want to miss out on the life of this girl, who is, obviously, the first candidate for the  valued role of the heir. This update’s purpose is purely to tune you all in as to what Gemma and Fidelio were up to and how they handled raising their granddaughter and great-granddaughter.

Sam going out of their house and leaving his daughter behind unleashed the cycle of  passing months that felt like nothing more than just mere seconds. It was because of the fact that both Gemma and Fidelio felt like the girl entering their lives of sorrow and worry was a bliss rather than an additional trouble. While the woman still dealt with a post-rape anxiety that successfully managed to turn her into a person who was afraid to leave her house even if only for a while and a depression caused by the tragic death of her husband, Fidelio didn’t want to avoid the responsibility of taking care of his mentally-ill ex-wife. Nothing could take their thoughts away from the brutal casualty as successfully as something that would demand their constant attention and, of course, a baby worked perfectly in this field.

Newborns are obviously tough and demanding, but toddlers are a whole new game, and so it would be wise to start telling you about the early times in the life of Hailey Nathifa with her birthday to this crucial life state, as is toddlerhood.


It was a small party–it probably wasn’t even a party if only two adults and a little birthday girl were involved, but for Gemma and Fidelio there was nothing as good as a small celebration. Whilst Dellie had always been a loner, Gemma preferred solitude, mostly due to the trauma that was still alive in her.

Dellie, who was keeping his great-granddaughter in his arms, closely to his chest, leaned forward and blew the candles. Both he and his daughter sang the classical birthday anthem, without which no birthday party, even as small as this, could happen, and soon a little toddler girl was right in front of them.


Gemma was in awe and tears of joy started streaming down her cheeks as she saw the very color of the hair of her granddaughter. If there was any doubt left at all as to who Hailey’s father was, now all of it should’ve disappeared for there were only three people with this hair color in Twinbrook–and they were all members of the Rosenthal clan. Pride filled Gemma’s heart and she felt overwhelmed by the love that she had for the little girl, who was now in her arms, bounced on the hip of her grandmother. Her laugh filled the room. Gemma turned her head to see the genuine, wide smile of her father. They didn’t remember hearing laughter in the house they lived in before Hailey stepped into their lives, carried by her father who despised her.


“She looks  a lot like you,” said Dellie as he looked at his daughter. Nothing could make him as glad as seeing her this happy.


“It’s because I’m her grandmother,” responded Gemma with pride, hugging Hailey even tighter. Her maternal instinct was never this strong with Samien and she found it confusing. Do one only realizes what true love is when they hold their very grandchild in their arms? Or did it work like that only for her? She would probably never tell. But she didn’t care as long as her beloved girl was there to stay.


Hailey’s entrance into toddlerhood had Gemma and Dellie even more occupied than they were while caring for the smaller baby she used to be. Now the girl started showing her personality in bits and as it was such a crucial time in her life, it was important for her to learn all the valuable skills like talking, walking and using a potty, which could then be extended to learning other additional skills, which could make her better prepared for the education in school that was yet to come. It was Dellie that looked forward to this the most. Of course, it was to be expected since he spent most of his life teaching and before that–babysitting. His love for children never quite went away, it was there to be awakened by his great-granddaughter. He was more determined than ever to pass on the knowledge, so that he would have the greatest great-granddaughter in the world.

It was Dellie who shared with the girl her very first step that she made only to fall straight into his arms.



What’s less pleasant, but important nonetheless, was potty-training. With the little help of his great-grandfather it became another skill that little Hailey mastered. Who would care to remember the amount of times she fell off the potty when the result was there for everyone to see. Dellie was filled with pride.

Next was talking and the first word that Hailey spoke is definitely worth remembering.


One time she pointed at herself and said “Hannah”. Dellie didn’t know what she meant at first, but soon it appeared that the bright little girl realized how uncomfortable her great-grandfather and grandmother felt when referring to her as Hailey Nathifa each and every time. Well, at least it was Gemma’s interpretation. Dellie claimed that children as small couldn’t think as clearly and that it was a pure coincidence what she said. It doesn’t matter what the cause was for it immediately stuck to her and  soon neither Gemma nor Dellie could imagine calling her any different than Hannah, a nickname taken from the first two letters of each of her names. Traditionally, they began to count it as her first word.

When Hailey learned all of the basic skills, Dellie tried his hand at getting Hannah interested in math, then arts and then cooking, in all of which he failed for Hannah fell asleep each and every time he tried to read to her. However, Dellie finally managed to gain her attention when he bought her a xylophone.



Hannah could proceed different sounds on it for a long time every day until she fell asleep– and you should know that Hailey was able to fall asleep practically everywhere and in any circumstances. God knows how hard it is to keep a child at certain age’s attention focused on one thing, so encouraged by the interest she showed, Dellie bought her a book with basic information about music, such as recognizing musical notes. Hannah listened carefully as Dellie explained everything to her. Then it was time for the practical part, during which Dellie taught his great-granddaughter to use the gathered knowledge on her xylophone, telling her which colorful part of the xylophone was assigned to which musical note. He cheered for her and clapped when she got it right.


Dellie, however, was not the only person that took care of little Hannah. While it was true that both of them didn’t need to leave the house for work–Dellie earned from his books, while Gemma used to sell her inventions and then gave it up due to the memory connected with Anthony and the working table–one person couldn’t be constantly awake to look after the child. So, inevitably, there were times when Gemma took over.



While the time Hannah spent with Dellie was focused on improving baby’s skills and expanding her little knowledge of the world, as soon as Gemma came along everything changed and it was just hugs and play. Her grandmother didn’t care as much for developing baby’s intelligence as she cared for the fact that it was truly her granddaughter and each time she came she wanted to make sure Hannah would never feel unloved, as she could clearly see the mistakes she’d made while raising Sam and she by no means wanted to repeat them. Hannah seemed to truly heal her and although it wasn’t possible to ever forget about what she’d been through, it was possible to ease the pain even if just a bit and for a moment take the thoughts away. Once more Gemma felt like she had an aim in life and even if the aim was as unrealistic and absurd as breaking the “curse” that was supposedly put on the family, it still was an aim and life with an aim was this one factor that could at least successfully keep one from suicidal thoughts. Gemma needed just that.


And then there was resemblance. She could stare at the face of her granddaughter for long minutes, slowly recognizing her own features like hair or eye color (straight hair undoubtedly came from Heather, though, as Gemma had curls), blended with the features of the young, pregnant girl that once visited her. For Gemma only her own were important for she felt happier each time she reminded herself of their existence. She was hers and she wasn’t going anywhere. She was hers and she was to be the child she should have had in Sam.

And who would blame her for the little innocent games she played with Hannah that involved some tossing? She could tell that Dellie wouldn’t like it, but she knew it was going to be okay as long as he didn’t know.

And it wasn’t that Hannah wasn’t content with that–quite the opposite, actually.


The important part was that both Gemma and Dellie loved the gift that entered their lives in their own ways and they showed the girl at least ten times more love than she would have received from her father. They wanted to ensure her that for them she could have never been more of a wanted child. And this is the atmosphere the first few years of Hannah’s life were spent in.

Challenge for today: Based on what you read, guess Hannah’s two traits she has a toddler. 

30 thoughts on “Bonus Post: Toddlerhood of Hailey Nathifa”

  1. Awww…. it is so sweet to see Gemma and Dellie with this precious girl. Sam is really missing out, but of course, he would never realize that. I love how her presence and growing relationship with Gemma and Dellie is helping to heal the things that hurt them in life.

    She is such a cute toddler, too. I’m glad you’re doing these posts about her. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Dellie, I still do and that picture where he hugs his great-granddaughter melts my heart. Oh, Sam would never realize that, very true. I thought it would work like that, her presence really managed to light up their lives.
      I’m glad you like the idea ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww little Hailey/Hannah is adorable!! ❤ ❤ I could never expect that Gemma would fall for her granddaughter so bad! I knew our sweet Dellie would, but Gemma… that was a surprise! 🙂
    About her traits: are they genius and virtuoso?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, it was super adorable, I had fun searching for some cute CC and taking pictures. I especially love the one where Dellie is hugging Hannah. Yes, I don’t think Sam as her caretaker would be a good thing. I guess the xylophone made it quite obvious. It’s interesting, I don’t remember the last time I played with this trait.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Aww these photos were too precious 🙂
    I’m glad you shared this since we saw no word of Hailey/Hannah last chapter since Sam just dumped her and left. I think her being with Dellie & Gemma is a much better environment, Gemma seems to be in a good/healthy place.
    Dang it, I saw your reply to semprevivia’s comment, I was going to guess genius and virtuoso as well (because of the her walking/talking and xylophone playing) but I see one of those was wrong XD
    Cute chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you liked them 🙂 I love these poses, they were adorable, especially Dellie hugging his great-granddaughter.
      I couldn’t just go on with another generation with barely hearing about the child, and I’m so far yet again with only child! I think it’s healthy for her, too.
      Haha, yup, it’s not genius, but I guess I can see why you’d think that. Geniuses usually want to take up more, though, and Hailey fell asleep on everything that wasn’t connected to music, so XD
      Thank you 🙂 It rarely happens here, I mean cute chapters, so I guess you can now be grateful and wait another 100 years for the next one.

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  4. What a surprise! I’m glad I can have read a bonus. It’s good to see Gemma and Dellie involved in bringing up the child. Hailey changed their life, they are far more busy now. Dellie loves kids and I see how much happiness Hailey gives him. She can’t find a better great-grandfather than Dellie. The old man who is both tender, good and caring person. This is our beloved Dellie. Thanks to him she will definitely become a wise woman. She will be the exact opposite of his father. In fact, this is good, because this family don’t need such sims like Sam. It’s so sweet Dellie teaches Hailey everything. I’m glad Gemma forgets about horrific events in her life. This little girl is a cure for her. Hailey is a lot like Gemma. She looks like her daughter. I think I will call her a little Gemma 😀 Hailey is smart enough to come up with a nickname for herself. Hannah is interesting, because it consist of the first two letters of her names. Brilliant idea! I like the idea of showing us what Hailey life is like. I have an opportunity to get to know her better from the beginning. I could have missed a lot of action without it. And finally, my favourite game. I guess she is heavy sleeper and excitable. Am I right? See you on Saturday 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  5. “the first candidate” that’s interesting. Is it possible Sam will have more kids? O.O

    Thanks for showing Hailey growing up. I was worried we wouldn’t get to see much of her!

    This seems to be a great thing for Dellie and Gemma, too! They both have their own problems that maybe can’t be fixed, and this gives them something else to focus on. They seem to be the perfect blend to grow up with, too, with Dellie focusing on life skills and Gemma on just showing her love and having fun.

    I’d guess Hailey’s traits are virtuoso and heavy sleeper.

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    1. Well, yup, I kind of wanted to leave this open for interpretation, since I’m not that sure myself.
      I thought you’d like to see her more often!
      They do have a lot of problems as do all my heirs, so it seems that Hailey entered their lives just in time before they went completely bonkers. This is good that Hailey gets both education and love and support.
      You are right, these are her traits!

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  6. Aww, that was a sweet bonus.
    So good to see little Hannah grow with the love and caring from Dellie and Gemma. And a lucky development, that her granddaughter eases
    Gemma’s depression.
    A fullfilling task sure for Dellie too in his old days.
    Little children can keep us young.
    I can imagine, when Sam will become an adult he may think of what has become of his daughter.
    At least, she’s something he produced. And all he does is great, isn’t it ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I can get out a positive post once in a while, right?
      Gemma needed her, otherwise who knows how long she will keep on living. She was very close to committing suicide.
      That’s true and Dellie always loved children.
      Haha, a good point and I think that’s Sam’s way of thinking.

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  7. What I sweet bonus post. I loved seeing what my favorite Rosenthal was up to. No doubt he is the perfect great-grandfather!! He has always loved children, and his always positive attitude is refreshing for Gemma as well.
    Hailey might not be able to break the “family curse” like Gemma thinks that she is, but Hailey is at least bringing her family closer. And she certainly saved Gemma’s life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That was to be expected! His love for the little ones seems like it has no end. It’s really amazing how he can keep up the attitude after facing so many hardships in his life. That’s our Dellie, the only capable of that.
      I am not kidding, I feel like even living with Dellie couldn’t cheer Gemma up as much. She was getting insane more and more after the incident and then finding no support in her son (even though it was to be expected, it hurt her a lot and killed all the hope she’d had for his change) and was very close to killing herself. That’s how I imagine it. So Hailey quite literally saved her life.

      Liked by 2 people

  8. Virtuoso and heavy sleeper?
    Hannah is very adorable… and the tradition of nicknames continue! Love it. I hope she’ll be a lot nicer than Sam, haha, but it seems she’s on the right track. Lots of love early on and hopefully continued for her life. I hope she’s never wanting – certainly not for her ‘real’ dad who doesn’t deserve her!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, exactly!
      You guessed it, I do love my nicknames and it was fun coming up with her two names and then making a nickname out of it. I think it’s quite a creative way to come up with a shortcut.
      Yes, I hope so, too! So far, no evil trait on the horizon and she’s a teenager in my game… guess that there is still a faint chance, but I hope not. I’ve had enough of it with Sam. She doesn’t need Sam for anything, he’d only hurt her. But she haa Dellie, his complete opposite, so she couldn’t have gotten better dad figure.

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  9. So sweet. I am so glad they embraced her and she gave both their lives new meaning. Hopefully Hailey/Hannah will be a more well adjusted child as a result. Hoping anyway. 😊

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  10. This shows how much better off little Hailey (or Hannah) is without Sam. Gemma and Dellie both love her so much and it looks like she’s getting a happy, healthy childhood. I think Gemma’s heart was able to open to Hannah more than it was to Sam because of everything that’s happened in between. Gemma has grown so much. It’s adorable how Hannah re-named herself and I love seeing Dellie and Gemma with her. They’re all helping each other. 💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s indeed lovely how they support each other. Gemma and Dellie do love her, though you’ll see Gemma still trying hard with her lack of maternal instinct. At least she’s not a little psychopath 😛


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