100th post special- check your knowledge on neverdoitagain! (and memes)

Warning: Memes at the end can contain swearing and may be a bit inappropriate (but these are memes, so).

Dear Readers!

It’s finally here– my surprise for you as it is 100th post on my blog here. The surprise is a trivia test on your knowledge of neverdoitagain.

Before you take the test, please take into account that it’s really tricky and requires for you to be a very observant reader. Please carefully read all the answers before you pick one (only one is correct!) and look at the pictures– they are added to suitable questions not without a reason. Note that one of the questions refers to chapter 4.9 which was posted this Saturday, so make sure you have read it before you take the test. The test checks your knowledge on the story from the Prologue of generation 1 up to chapter 4.9.

And now


and have fun!

And well, yesterday, I was so bored that I got into another of my really, really, really creative hobbies- I mean meme-making. And because I never posted any of my works here (although if I went hunting down a conversation I have with my friend, I’d probably find lots connected to the story), I thought I’d post them now. Note that I was lazy making them on my phone + they may not be your kind of thing at all, because I’m a weirdo with a weird sense of humor, lol. I will post them below anyway, so enjoy.

And generally about my Sims and their ways of getting jobs…

Don’t forget to share your results with me in a comment down below! 😀 Let’s see how many of you will be tricked by me 😛

Happy St. Nick’s Day as we celebrate here in Poland!

55 thoughts on “100th post special- check your knowledge on neverdoitagain! (and memes)”

    1. Haha, thank you. I knew I’d trick you. Blame it on my friend who told me to make it hard, but would it be that fun if it wasn’t so tricky? I couldn’t let you have it so easy. Don’t worry, you did fine.Like I said it wasn’t easy to do if you didn’t have a revision. And you read from the very beginning as the posts came, so no one expects you to remember all the details from gen. 1. Except that this test has it all in it!

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      1. I thought the questions were good and I sat there thinking on some of them…. “Now, I know this!” hahaha I think your quiz and memes were great ideas to commemorate your 100th post. 😀

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    1. Congratulations! That’s quite a high score.
      Thank you, I’m almost a professional meme-maker now, lol. Maybe I should make those more often. Also, they were meant to be jokes so I was hoping no one would search for the second meaning when there wasn’t any. I was kind of Sam-inspired at that moment, haha. I know it could, but I could’ve done better as a storyteller. Not that I have UL, which complicates things, I guess.

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    1. Thank you!
      I’m glad you liked the idea. Was the quiz or your score decent? I actually meant for it to be a little harder, since it would be no fun without a challenge. Haha, yeah, my meme-making. Maybe I should paste them here more often!

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  1. Wow, some of those questions were too tricky (like the order of Sam’s love interests, come on! I picked the one that had Beatriz before Jade XD) I ended up getting 15, haha. That was a very interesting way to celebrate the story and mark a milestone, plus it was really fun! The memes were hilarious too 😀
    Congrats on your 100th post!!!

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    1. I know, I like it tricky, so XD I suspected you’d remember the order from how it was in the chapter which began with Sam attending the gym and meeting Jade, haha. Congratulations, 15 is a great score, plus you only read summaries for gen. 1 and 2. I’m glad you had fun! Haha, me and my sense of humor, lol.
      Yay for my 100th post!

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      1. Yup, I was going to say cut me some slack since I didn’t read the first gens fully, and I really hope to go back some day and read them properly because I missed out on seeing the screenshots – but I really wanted to catch up on gen 3 while you were updating. I loved the quiz though! You’ve inspired me to maybe do something similar when I eventually hit my 100th post 😉

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      2. Really? That would be lovely if you took the time to fully catch up, but I won’t push you. Thank you so much! It would be very nice if you did although I didn’t read any of your stories except The Elite and Sight. Have to have a go one day at them, too!

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      3. I really want to, but it might take a bit of time as there is soooooo much to catch up on + real life work, but eventually~ I shall 🙂
        Haha, they are so old and rusty, I wouldn’t hold it against you if you didn’t – I might make summary pages for them one day if I find the time. But since I’m not even continuing them, lol, I’m not rushing XD

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      1. The congrats goes to you!! 100 posts. WOW!!
        I was pretty pleased with how well I did with the quiz. Although I forgot the correct wording with Seth’s fortune, so I got that one wrong. 😦

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      2. You got 21? If so, that’s truly an amazing score! There’d probably be more, I think I got rid of some useless ones of the times when I didn’t know the difference between posts, pages and also the one about my game crashing or something. But yeah, I’m so proud and I hope I will keep it going as long as I can – even if it means I’m going to sacrifice my sleep for the story again tomorrow!

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  2. Congratulations for publishing a 100th post! Keep it up! I’m looking forward to seeing 200th post on your blog 😀 You undoubtedly want to know what result I achieved. So, I score 19 points. It’s not bad, right? Some questions were cruel, for example the question about Eddie’s age or the selection between correct heirs names. Hardly anyone remembered his age. I’m sure everyone will remember this after your knowledge test. Heirs names were confusing. I didn’t noticed that Sam’s last name was wrong. It was an ingenious idea to do this test. Answering questions gave me a lot of fun. I’m glad this test was difficult. It can’t have been easy. Great job! You positively surprised us, as always. I hope your wonderful ideas never go away 😉

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      1. Oh goodness, I totally get you. I just scored 11 of 26 in a quiz my friend gave me about her story. I feel so bad now that I didn’t even have half of it right xD But don’t worry, it was tricky.

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  3. 18 is the score I got 😁 then again, I have just binge read most of Gen 2 up to this post in the last 24 hours 😁 I’m adoring this drama. It is going to be the highlight of my week from now on, I am certain of it!!!

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    1. Lol, I’ve been stalking you in my stats. You really are determined, damn! I feel like you’re eating up my story, lol. I’m so glad you enjoy it. You are so close to catching up. It’s midnight for me and I thought I’d get 100 views, I’m at 99 now because of you, hahaha. You are so kind and you scored high!


      1. I’m really enjoying this. It’s crazy and dramatic and just brilliant! As someone who is bipolar, I’m actually very happy with the way you portrayed Grace (and Gemma to a certain extent too I think).

        Did you make your 100 last night?

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      2. I’m so glad you do! Well, that’s how my brain works- it’s pretty much crazy and dramatic and goes to weird places.
        You mentioned being bipolar and to be quite frank I freaked out because I know I pictured bipolar sufferer(s) in my story and I was really anxious if I got it right. Actually, I’m living with a bipolar person- it’s my grandmother. It’s not always easy with her and because of this I grabbed this idea to use it in my story. I used so many of touchy subjects, I am very worried about hurting feelings of people who have been through it. Also, the narrative of my story is practically always 1st person and I always want to emphasize that it’s not me speaking and not my personal views. Sam’s narrative could be very hurtful, for example, because these are his feelings. For a change, he’s meant to have APD, so he is a sociopath. It must really show how interested I am in the psychology of my characters. I try my best, but I do realize it may not always work out how I would want it to, because I am not bipolar or sociopathic myself. I am pretty sure I have an OCD to some extent, though, and also trichotillomania and onychophagy. So I have a lot of compulssive behaviors.
        Also, the fact that I’m not native bugs me because I sometimes fail to express myself the way I’d want to.
        Yes, exactly 100. My record is 117.


      3. You speak of OCD and trichotillomania and my head is just nodding away lol I have both of those as well. A “lovely” bald patch on the right side of my head where the hair is struggling to grow back… At one stage when I was in Varsity, I had almost no eyelashes on my right eye and very little on my left… I think it started when I was self-harming… Everyone is always so shocked and they don’t understand that the brief moment of pleasure-pain as the hair pulls out is the actual whole point of the matter… And the number of times I have to correct them because they assume since I’m pulling it out, I also have Pica and eat it… But I don’t… I used to eat wax crayons when I was little bit that’s the closest to Pica I’ve come… I tried aversion therapy (rubber band on my wrist and every time I wanted to pull hair I would pull the band instead) but all that succeeded in doing was giving me welts on my wrists AND pulled hair… Half the time I’m not aware on a conscious level that I’m doing it so how the frig am I supposed to snap the band if I don’t even know I’m pulling!!!

        I think the problem with mental illness and portraying it in media, is the fact that no mental issue exists in a vacuum. I have yet to meet someone who was *only* schitzophrenic, or *only* OCD… Us crazies like to have a shopping list of issues to choose from 😁😂 so to portray a mental illness “correctly” isn’t really possible. You can get the basics down, but, a characters personal neuroses will affect the way that the illness manifests itself.

        All I can say is, write your characters the way they are in your head. Don’t worry about offending people. Reality is tricky, and mean, and dirty, and we can’t always be sweetness and light. In fact, one of my absolute favourite Simlit writers is a lovely lady by the name of LivvieLove, and trust me when I say that she takes the story into dark places. Hell, just read Blams’ Light the Way to Heaven. She has done just about everything in that story. But, she addressed it respectfully and with truth. The people who have nothing better to do than to nit-pick over someone else’s Blog really have more things wrong with them than you do for writing sensitive material. And, they aren’t worth worrying about. Life is not all happiness and roses, so, why should your story be? If you’re going for a certain realism that is.

        OK, now that I’ve rambled on and probably made absolutely no sense about 15 times already… My points are: you are writing an amazing story, go where it leads, just obviously be wary of racial slurs or things like that since those are the only sensitive matters that are important, and even then, if you have a racist character, you can’t *not* have them say stuff, just do it carefully 😁; have fun, if you’re not enjoying yourself with the story then there’s no real point, is there; don’t be afraid to take risks if they are valid risks that are necessary to push the story forward; and finally: delete every long comment I make since I’m bound to end up sounding like a whackadoodle half way through 😂😂

        Oh… One last thing: WTF is onychophagy?!?!? *rushes off to Google this new word*

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      4. I haven’t ever pulled out my eyelashes, I have pulled out my public hair and the hair on my head. The worst thing is people can’t understand you can’t just go and stop it as though it was just a bad habit.
        Well, I am really worried about making someone feel down, but it’s not like I can just censor myself and write about a bubble with happiness locked in it. This story was never meant to be happy in the first place.
        I actually accidentally found out that my friend on here is a rape victim because I brought up the topic to her when she was talking about making poses for me… I freaked out a bit that I might hurt her. I still feel nauseous when I think about this particular chapter and I’m obsessing over it. It’s probably the hardest one I’ve ever written for my story. Especially since it’s first person.
        It’s a condition where you can’t stop biting your nails. I seem to be biting for the most of my life.


      5. I know, right. They just think it’s like an addiction that you can make a choice to stop and then just work at not doing it… Sometimes I can go days without pulling, but then something happens that triggers my stress reactions and I can end up yanking the equivalent of a handful out over the course of an evening. Which, when you’re talking about pulling 1 or 2 individual strands at a time, is actually quite a feat.

        Yeah, I also have friends who have been rape survivors. I know they prefer the term survivor over victim. I’ve been on the verge of being sexually assaulted by a step-family member and if I hadn’t slit my wrists and my mom found me, I probably would have been. Thankfully (if you can find something to be thankful for in a situation) is that he was building up to it. It was little things said, little “accidental” brushes against boobs or thighs, hugs that lasted too long (how do you get out of hugging a family member when you’re 15/16?). The thing that set me off was when he tried to give me his dead wife’s wedding rings and said he could “feel the connection between us”. In a way, I’m so grateful for that, since I shudder to think what might have happened if he DIDN’T say it. If I hadn’t sliced my wrists (it wasn’t a suicide attempt, I just wanted to ease the ugliness inside me and I didn’t know how else to do it… Thus began the self-harm portion of my life).

        All you can do, is approach it with respect. A friend says that she gets annoyed by people who don’t get it “right” more than people who write it at all. So, the fact that you wrote it in such a way that you could see that there were psychological implications and it wasn’t just something she “got over in time”, is actually a checkmark in your favour. The ugly truth is that shit like you’ve depicted in this story actually happens! Sure, it might not all happen in the same family in such a short period of time, but it happens (not calling the story shit lol). It is the unfortunate reality of the world we live in. So, you’re writing about it, might actually help someone realise that they need to speak out to someone so that they can try and begin the healing process!

        Yeah, I Googled it lol and then fell asleep with my phone on my face lol I used to bite my nails, now, I clip them just as freaking short as if I’ve bitten them. I traded one issue for another lol the irony is my nails grow when I’m stressed because I’m so concentrated on not cutting myself and not pulling my hair too much, that I “forget” about my nails lol

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