Chapter 4.3 I Am…Sure that the Revenge is Sweet–GREED

Warning: Swearing.

Note: I do post a lot these days. If you have missed it, here is my birthday bonus about Samien’s life in the boarding school.

Cedric? I don’t want to hear this name being brought up ever again. I wholeheartedly hate the person that betrayed my feelings so cruelly. I am certainly the only one that deserves to betray someone’s feelings and that asshole has to know that you can’t mess with me. I am Sam after all. Everyone shall be under my thumb and when they’re not, it’s a sign that I don’t need them in my life. Idiotic traitors. I hate them and I always will.

Few days after the embarrassing encounter with Cedric in his house, I began to fully understand the depth of hate and disgust I felt towards him. There was no way I could work with him any longer. And so I resigned. Just like that I gave up a promising position that I was lucky enough to have been given. That probably wasn’t the wisest of my decisions, but what I felt back then were satisfaction, relief and a strong hope that I will never have to look in that stupid face of Cedric’s again for all I felt for him was gone and replaced with a sudden wave nausea coming at me each time I caught a glimpse of him.

After I had resigned, I took a trip to the closest shopping center. Clothes have always been able to make me feel better about myself and to brighten my shitty mood. That time I picked a transparent top that showed off the most of my chest. Maybe I had to work somewhat harder on my ABS, but that wouldn’t stop me from enjoying clothes that look great on me nonetheless. It’s probably the fact that most of them make me look good. I am just that handsome.


You should have seen my face when I was told the prize of this. They wanted 70 simoleons for such a piece of shitty material? No, thanks, I’m not able to afford that. And that was when I began to realize the consequences of my decision.

It was the late evening and I was walking through the streets of Twinbrook and smoking a cigarette after cigarette. This was what I did when I was stressed and unhappy and I certainly had reasons to be fucking miserable, with my greed for money stronger than ever. I needed the cash. Now. ASAP. Gimme it, I am for sure the right person to be a millionaire. I was lost in thought, making a list of things that I would have bought if I had been given millions. Some people want to waste their cash on some stupid charities. I would do anything so that charities wouldn’t get a jack shit out of everything I had. That was when I suddenly realized all too well where I was heading. It was a dead end and there barely was any light out there. Three figures were heading towards me from the dark. Oh shit.


“Hey, you!” One of them shouted. I quickly gathered myself, holding onto the rest of my self-confidence that was quickly draining off like water through a sieve.


“What’s up?” I asked nonchalantly despite the circumstances I found myself to be in.

“We heard a lot about you, Sam,” said the other.


“Maybe not a lot,” corrected the third. “But just enough.” I was still smiling, even though the situation was getting more and more suspicious.

“So what do you want from me?” I carefully asked.


“We want you to join in,” said the one in the middle. I noticed that he must have been superior to the others because they carefully listened to his every word. “We run the company called Llama Corp Shipping Company. It’s not something you might expect it to be, but I can guarantee you that you wouldn’t be disappointed…After all you didn’t find the job at the police to be that interesting, did you?” These people knew too fucking much about me and I was beginning to feel uncomfortable, but at the same time it seemed to excite me a lot. What was this shadiness about? How did they find out everything they did about me? How much more did they know?


“No. No, I didn’t,” I said very clearly and it was true- I always knew that it wasn’t something for me. The guy in the middle held out his hand to me.


“I’m Pete,” he nodded towards the guy on my left. “That’s Rick.” Then he looked at the one my right. “And this is Mike. That’s as much as you need to know now. I bet you wanna join now, right?” Rick smiled at me.


“Birds of a feather flock together,” he easily told the famous saying, almost as if he learned it to say it in that exact moment.


“You won’t change the color of your feathers, will you, Sam?” Added Mike. These guys were more and more fascinating with each passing minute. I started to wonder what they looked like in daylight.

“When  are we going to meet again?” Was all I asked.


“Tomorrow. Same time at the abandoned warehouse. I bet you know where it is. The place the children are too scared to visit since it’s believed to be haunted. Well, maybe it is- we’re there. Oh, and don’t try to tell a word to any of your folks at the police- we’ll know and let’s just say that traitors end badly here.” Before I was able to ask them any more questions, they were gone, stepping back into the dark like they were vampires.

The decision to join the Llama Corp Co. turned out to be one of the best I ever took. We did all kind of stuff that I found oddly appealing- robberies, burglaries and sometimes even the graffiti just to turn the police’s attention to something other while we were focused on the real stuff. I quickly found out that Pete, Rick and Mike weren’t as important as I believed they were during our first encounter. One of their tasks was to recruit new people and Pete was their leader. It made sense. The real head of the “company” probably had to be very careful with who he spoke with and when he left his house.

Of course this job was way more well-paid than the one in the law enforcement. Or should I rather say- not so much well-paid as it was well-stolen. During the burglaries you were allowed to take what you wanted and my greed for money was always strong. But there was one thing stronger than the greed for money. It was the greed for revenge.


“Mr. Parsons, I have to say I’m very disappointed with your latest actions. I wouldn’t call it progress, but rather regress. You started out as such a bright candidate and what now?” The man shook his head at Cedric, who looked more horrified than ever.


“This is not my fault, chief, really. I’m trying my best to catch the gang and yet they always slip out…”


“But it’s you, who always gets stopped the first. How many times have you already failed? I’m sorry to be telling you this, but…”

“Please, chief, one more chance! I’ll do better this time, I promise,” Cedric was so desperate that he was almost crying. He had been dreaming of becoming a policeman ever since he turned 5.

“You have already wasted all the chances you have been given, Mr. Parsons. Our police needs the best of people working with containing the crime, that’s why I have to fire you.”


Cedric was devastated. How could it all have happened at once? He was close to getting promoted when he was still working with Sam as his partner. Now it was all ruined. What job was he to do now? Did his dreams burst at the very start of the path?


Words spread fast and I was one of the first to know about Cedric’s one big fail. Can’t say I wasn’t delighted, because fuck, it was all I had been dreaming about ever since he dumped my feelings. Revenge is sweet after all and I wouldn’t agree with everyone that says it leaves you feeling sour, because I felt fucking incredible.


Now I’m not as poor as a church mouse anymore. Now I have cash and now Cedric’s fucked up. Greed is a good thing because it makes you feel motivated to achieve exactly what you want.

33 thoughts on “Chapter 4.3 I Am…Sure that the Revenge is Sweet–GREED”

  1. I was facepalming the entire time I was reading. Sam, you idiot.

    I’m surprised the cops fired Cedric just because he couldn’t catch one gang. I mean, if all cops who couldn’t solve a case were fired, we’d barely have any cops left. I guess Sam made it look like Cedric screwed up a lot. Poor Cedric. It’s not Cedric’s fault that he’s straight, Sam. It’s also not his fault that you can’t get a clue. *smacks Sam upside the head*

    At least Sam seems to be happy, even if it’s just a momentary bout of being blissfully unaware of how big of an arrogant idiot he is.

    Part of me wishes this gen will end up with Sam in a straight jacket inside a white padded cell. But from how unpredictable your generations are, Jowita. I doubt that’ll be the case. It’d be insane if he’s the first one in this legacy who gets a happily ever after. Maybe as the mastermind of all evil. Bleh.

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    1. He is a huge idiot, isn’t it?
      Yes, Sam really made sure Cedric would be to blame here. The amount of hate he has for this boy is unbelievable.
      Haha, blissfully unaware. I wonder whether he will ever be aware.
      It’d be insane if Sam got a happy ever after. Of course that’s not the case! But it would be funny since he wouldn’t get his justice at all, just like Dellie got nothing out of being a good man.
      You’re early here again, nice to see you, Joanna!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. And so a life in crime begins!
    I must confess, I feel a little worried for Sam because if for whatever reason (he seems to find a lot of them easily) decides that he can’t stand the gang and wants to quit, it won’t be so easy this time. Not with these dudes. Then again, Sam is such an unlikable brat, that I shouldn’t be worried. Whatever comes, he’ll probably deserve it.
    I really laughed when I read his thoughts at the clothing store! “I am just that hansome” Lmao. It must be such a blast to write a character like that sometimes!
    Great chapter!! ^_^

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, you could’ve expected that from Sam, right?
      That’s very right, it wouldn’t be that easy if he ever wants to quit. But for now he seems to be having a lot of fun, just like a fish in the sea,
      Haha, it is a blast. That’s a boost of self-confidence for me, too, when I imagine I’m him. I really envy him that!

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  3. “Everyone shall be under my thumb and when they’re not, it’s a sign that I don’t need them in my life.” This really speaks volumes about Sam.

    I feel really bad for Cedric and I’m sure it’s Sam’s fault. Since he’s been rejected, he needs to make Cedric undeserving of him. I’m afraid he will go out of his way to destroy anyone who crosses him, even if it’s only a minor offense.

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  4. This is a terrible feeling when someone dumps you. I understand why Sam has given up his job. Seeing and working with Cedric every single day would be difficult. On the other hand, becoming uneployed is very stupid idea. Somehow he has to get some money. Thank goodness we can change a jobs. Sam is very popular among bad people. He can be proud of himself. New job is perfect for him. Burglaring, robbing people and a little art in the form of graffiti. He can’t find better job. Obstructing police work, especially specific policeman is pure evil. Thanks to Sam his favourite police officer has been fired. Sam can’t imagine better revenge on Cedric. I’m curious what else worse Sam will do.

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  5. “Or should I rather say- not so much well-paid as it was well-stolen.” Haha, I found that line rather amusing~ Wow, of course Samien would try to get back at Cedric just for not returning his feelings… And I’m not surprised he’s joined the route of a criminal, given his traits and whatnot. I can’t believe Cedric got fired, poor guy. Samien is already on a downward spiral, but I think he feels rather confident about himself to be able to weasel out of any real trouble… Hmm, I wonder what he plans on doing now. How much lower can he sink? :p

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Well, Sam has those bits of Seth’s good sense of humor trait, lol.
      Sam hates Cedric mainly for the fact that he made him feel embarrassed.
      Oh yes, that really had to happen after all. But may I just tell you, being a criminal is not Sam’s LTW at all. He has greater plans than just that.
      Yes, Cedric really didn’t do anything bad. It was a dream job for him as much as it was for Maddie. The police in my game is really corrupted, though, hiring Sam and his great-grandfather Freddie, a murderer. Oh well.
      It’s a lottery, really. The next sin is lust, so ahem…yeah, probably that.

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  6. I literally wanted to strangle Sam the entire duration of the chapter. He’s taken the prize for my most hated character ever.
    I feel sooooooo bad for Cedric. He did nothing wrong and because Sam is a pile of crap, he’s now lost his job and his dream. I hope he can get back into employment and not all is ruined for him.
    Sam being a criminal is very fitting. It was weird seeing him as a policeman, who is supposed to protect innocent people, when he is doing the exact opposite.
    I am honestly looking forward to the day Sam’s ego and attitude backfires on him, like Violincat said. It’s infuriating watching him strutting around thinking he is the best and not receiving big consequences for his actions.
    I like how you are exploring the different sins, by the way!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Congratulations, Sam! I will tell him he’s won something, lol.
      That is true, Cedric is very innocent. Isn’t my story just so unfair? People like Cedric and Dellie who are good end up getting punishments while Sam… he’s getting exactly what he wants.
      Sam loves his new job as a criminal. It is very fitting, like you said.
      You are all waiting for a punishment that may never come. Hm… I wonder.
      Thank you so much. I decided to do it very loosely, not scritly following the meaning of each one, but rather broaden it. This chapter, for example, was more about the greed for revenge than for money.

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      1. Aww man, if he doesn’t get a punishment I’m gonna be so mad! But I suppose that’s just realistic. Far too often in reality, horrible people get the good things in life while the innocent people suffer.

        Liked by 2 people

  7. Everyone is good for something, even if it’s only to give a bad example.
    And Sam is really good in this. So we should love him at least for that.
    Poor Cedric – alright, but being a good police-officer one day includes
    not to be as blue-eyed as he obviously is.
    Sadly, it seems he doesn’t even have a clue, how it came to his dumping.
    But hey – there’s always a chance to learn, as long as you’re healthy and alive.
    Sam, that shirt looked awful, how good that you couldn’t pay it.
    I wonder, how long it will last, until he climbs up next step up the ladder,
    being a criminal. But not a few end up in jail.
    I confess, I’m smiling while picturing him there, but he’s way to smart for that, right ?
    Looking forward to the next sin. 🙂

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    1. That’s true, Sam is way too good at showing kids what not to do.
      Cedric has always been the good kid and he obviously is one of the people who would treat their job too personally. He wouldn’t make that great of a policeman anyway.
      Haha, I know. That was my joke. I saw it and was like “oh my! why is that so ridiculous?” and so came the idea of Sam wanting to have it. He literally owns a shirt with “fuck” spelled on it, so.
      Hm.. Yes, that’s a good question. How long it takes until he gets caught?
      Oh yes… Lust 🙂

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  8. I really love the way you introduced the criminal career! It was so cool to see how Sam was recruited, and those guys were just shady enough to get him interested. At first I thought they might be trying to rob him. And it’s funny that all the guys had their own lines. Very rehearsed from them.

    Cedric really doesn’t deserve this. Does he know that Sam is involved with the gang? And I think it’s so funny that Sam’s takeaway from this is that greed is a good thing. To a point, I agree because it can motivate you, but definitely not when you are hurting others, which is what Sam is doing here.

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    1. Ah, thank you! I wanted to get you off the track at first with the police, but still, the criminal career isn’t Sam’s main goal. He has a special knack for shadiness in him, that’s for sure. Their main task is to recruit new members, so I imagine they said those lines countless of times already.
      Sam finds it especially sweet that he hurt Cedric because Cedric hurt him (although I’m pretty sure he hurt him much more as those feelings for Cedric were definitely not love).


  9. I have to say, I hope Sam gets his comeuppance in the end. Can one be more self serving, self involved, narcissistic, self indulgent…..I could keep going. Someone please give this guy a good punch in the face…just please!

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  10. Of course he gets a thrill out of it. I can see him wanting to be the leader just like he did in boarding school and taking his time working through it. Such a soulless monster….

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I have kinda expected that Samien would eventually join the dark side. He’s really not cut out for being a policeman. I’m quite disappointed that Cedric lost his job because of his selfish ex-partner, though. He didn’t deserve to be fired. Poor Cedric. I hope he can still make his dream come true somehow…

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Damn. The whole time I was just like – seriously? Seriously? This guy cannot make any rational decisions, can he? Quits his job just because of Cedric, becomes a criminal… but being a criminal definitely fits him. Now if only he would get caught….

    Liked by 1 person

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