Why are alternative endings impossible?

Hi, this is me. It’s not a story post, it only consists of my ramblings and explanations, so you won’t miss anything if you skip it. It also is full of SPOILERS if you aren’t caught up with my story up to generation 4.

Yesterday I asked you what you’d like to see featured in my story as an extra content for my birhtday. One of the suggestions I have been given were the alternative ending(s) for my heirs, which wouldn’t be unfortunate.

I have been thinking about it ever since and I’m here to inform you that these are impossible to do. Not just because this story mainly consists of unfortunate endings. The reasons are much more serious and here I am going to tell you about them.

If something like this came into play, I would have to rewrite the entire generation.

Let’s start with generation 1.

It’s impossible for Freddie not to commit a suicide; he’s simply a coward and if he had ever admitted to murdering Ethan, things with Maddie would have still gotten complicated and their relationship wouldn’t have been the same, which stil makes for an unfortunate ending. He would have probably ended up in jail and nothing would have been the same for this family. On the other hand, if Freddie had never murdered Ethan, who would have done it? Can you imagine the story going the other way with him not doing this? Can you imagine Dellie’s generation without all the sorrow? If Freddie had never died, would they have moved to Aurora Skies and would he have met Grace?

Now on to generation 2.

It’s impossible for Grace not to leave Dellie, because she would have been forced to give up her rules, which goes completely against her character. Grace without her rules is simply not Grace, but a different person. Rules are and will always be more important for her than everyone is, even Fidelio. She can’t put love above these, because in fact she can’t put anything above them. If you want me to mention Eddie, the case is the same here. There was no other way for him than to escape- he’s way too immature to face everything and be a man. In his heart he will always be a vulnerable teenager, because as soon as he found out that Freddie is not his father, something in him broke and he has never been the same ever since. Dellie couldn’t have married Rachel, because this goes against his moral compass- she was his brother’s and then when he left, he had no idea whether Eddie was still alive and because of that he couldn’t touch her. Plus he obviously wasn’t in love with her.

And finally- generation 3, which is the one I have been asked about the most.

It is impossible for Gemma not to let Anthony into her house, because why wouldn’t she do that? Wouldn’t you let your ex you haven’t spoken to for such a long time, even if only to find out what life has been like for him? She couldn’t have known his intentions. She couldn’t have beaten him up or maimed him, because she was obviously physically weaker than him- you can’t be really strong having spent your life on doing various inventions. She’s not an athlete for sure. Then there is this case with running through the front door. Can you guarantee that Anthony wouldn’t have stopped her? And can you really believe that our Gemma, so absent-minded most of the time, would be heardheaded enough to save herself? She was in a state of a great shock. You never know what a person would do when put in such a situation like hers. Then there was Seth’s death by a lightning. If he hadn’t died, do you really believe that their marriage would have gone on without any problems? How much time can you pretend that everything’s fine when really it’s not? How much time can you pretend that after marriage everything changed, that Anthony is no longer an inseperable part of Gemma’s heart and life? She could have never forgotten about him, because again, that would have been out of her character.

As you can see, the tragedy is very deep-rooted in this story. I have planned everything ahead and you were given a lot of signals that something’s going to happen. If I carved the tragedy out of this, there would be nothing left, because this story is based on this tragedy. You can’t take out the most basic part and try to make sense out of little snippets that are left. Nothing here happens without a reason.

That’s it. I’m done rambling. I hope it makes sense to you and you’ll understand why I can’t let this idea come to life.

But there is another case, which is Sam’s boarding school. I have thought about this and come up with an idea that would let me introduce his idea as something other than a bonus post.

It would be something like this. I would treat it as an introduction, which basically means it should have been posted before the prologue, so you should treat as though you’ve never read  the other chapters that follow.  In this case I will try to work on it as soon as I can for it to appear on my birthday. What do you think about it?

I’m still open to other suggestions. One of my readers suggested more about Seth and his childhood and life before meeting Gemma, so that is another option here.

That’s it for now. I hope you understand my reasons for tragic endings better now.

32 thoughts on “Why are alternative endings impossible?”

  1. I’m sorry. I really just suggested it because I wanted to see a happy (or at least a less depressing) ending for Gemma.
    I didn’t mean it for you to change the story or rewrite anything. More like a fan fiction wish fulfillment thing in my part. I’m the type of person who loves happy endings in fiction, even if that’s not how it always goes in real life, so it gutted me to see Gemma’s gen end so tragically. But again, it’s just me. I do understand that it’s not realistic at all for your story and how you’ve developed the plots and characters. Gen 3 has been my fave so far and Gen 4 is shaping up to give Gen 3 a run for its money.

    Anyway, it’s your story and you alone can tell how best to write it and develop it. PLUS it’s your birthday and bonus post. You don’t have to write anything that doesn’t make you happy, because ultimately, that’s what we want you to be on your special day.

    You’ve been doing such an amazing job with this story! And continue to wow me with the developments in not just the story but in your skills and talent.

    Again, I’m sorry for the suggestion. I really didn’t mean anything negative by it. Just the first thing that came to mind when you asked the question.

    *slinks away now*

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    1. Oh my. I can’t believe you feel guilty.
      All I did was take your suggestion under consideration and figured that I can’t do this, because it’s not possible to get done. I don’t know why you think it harmed in any way, because it didn’t. I just wanted to explain why I can’t do this.

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    2. You haven’t done anything wrong. I was just sorry that I couldn’t let this idea play out, because even as a fan fiction it wouldn’t work out, because I would have had to go with something completely different I the first place.

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  2. It was neat seeing how and why everything played out the way that it did. Even going back to Generation 1. It is a total domino affect. If one domino is taken away, then it will ruin the whole thing.
    I had another idea for your birthday post. We never really heard from Eddie after he left. Whatever happened to him?

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    1. I wanted to show you how it worked out in my mind. That’s why I can’t take out anything from it and write it differently. There is simply no other way.
      I can’t touch Eddie and I don’t do it on purpose. You see, it may work out between me and another great simlit writer that she will feature Eddie in her story, that’s why I completely gave up this storyline.

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      1. Can’t tell you much, partly because it’s still I the early stages and I’m not sure how and if it will work out, but I’m super excited. Even I don’t know about her plans for him, lol.

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      2. Wow, that is actually pretty exciting!! 😀
        I’m sure that whatever you decide to do will be pretty awesome. And I’m sorry for not coming with any ideas myself (I’m never good with stuff like that)!

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      3. Don’t you worry, Jowita. I didn’t forget about my promise! My story is currently on hiatus, but it doesn’t mean that my mind is out of order, LOL. I’ve been thinking about the events that will occur in Gen 4 of the LL and might have just found a perfect place for Eddie ❤

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      4. See, seems my readers didn’t forget about him either. I’ve been so preoccupied with preparing things in my game since there is a prologue to gen 5 next week that I couldn’t fit in any time to write about Eddie. I’m so glad you may have found a good use for him in your story ❤

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      5. Well, if you want (and if it fits with your storyline) you can give away a little hint about Edward travelling abroad… maybe he could seek peace of mind through the art of meditation in Shang Simla? 😉

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      6. Ah, you love Shang Simla as much as I do. I think I devoted like half of Sam’s generation to China. Well, I don’t think I can fit it in, both Dellie and Grace are dead in my game, Eddie and Rachel should be, too, it’s really a wonder they aren’t.

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      7. Yeah, it’s my most fav WA world out of the three. Oh, I didn’t know that. In that case I’ll see when I finish reading Samien’s generation if my plan for Edward can actually work, if not, I’m sure I’ll come up with something else. I’ll probably have to create some kind of an approximate timeline of your story in order to not mess up anything 😛

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  3. Ahh, that makes sense. I would have liked to see a happy alternative ending too but I totally understand how much you would have would change. It’s really great to see how carefully you have constructed the story in terms of what happened in all generations, plus the nature of the characters. It seems like tragedy truly flows in your character’s blood. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the birthday post!

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    1. Yes, I would have had to change most of the plot and I’m not sure how much of my story will be left there. It’s fully based on those tragedies. I have been trying hard to come up with an idea, but it was like staring at the blank sheet of paper. Just nothing. So I wanted to explain how I felt about this. Yes, I’m that little psychologist, who needs to have a depth in everything, that’s why I can’t take out the smallest of elements now. Oh my, what a tangled web have I gotten myself into. It’s true, tragedy has been there ever since I can remember and I’m sure it’ll stay.
      Me too! Can’t wait to gather ideas to write it, because not really feeling like it now.

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  4. Part of the reason why I suggested more of an insight into Samien’s life prior to the present as opposed to an alternate ending for your previous gens is because of precisely this. Nearly all of the elements of your story that drive your characters forward rely on the events that happened to them and since you worked hard to construct it a particular way, I figured it’d be hard to go back and try to bend the story a different way when it already flows so nicely – tragically, but nicely – haha. 🙂 I look forward to your birthday post!

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  5. I completely understand that this is impossible to write. It’s hard to change something that have influence in further events. I can’t imagine another endings too. You have too much bad endings but without this your blog wouldn’t be the same, and that’s the point. I’m glad bonus chapter will be about Sam’s teenage life. We will find more about him. I like the idea of Seth’s childhood. It could be interesting. So, I wish you luck and see you on Saturday 😀

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  6. Your story really is a large domino arena of tragedy. Beautifully written, but awfully tragic. And that is what makes it special. All the things that could go wrong in a simlit, but somehow always go right in other stories…they all keep going wrong in Neverdoitagain. And that’s special. You do what you do! Because you’re damn good at it! 🙂 Play our heartstrings like a cello!

    As for possible bonus post, my hopes are riding on Sam’s time in boarding school! That helped shape him in some way, even if not completely change him. It’d be nice to have that extra tidbit into his head.

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    1. Wow, I’m so flattered. You are very right, nothing goes right in neverdoitagain. It’s never good and always wrong. That’s how I want it to be and I believe that’s how it needs to be.
      I hope I can get the bonus post done on time.

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  7. I agree with Fluffymao- your story is so unique that changing the endings of any chapter would ruin its charm. I think your little ‘tradition’ has worked out really well for each generation completed until this day. I am very curious what is going to happen at the end of Gen 4. I have just read the bonus post and I cannot wait to finally catch up and be on time for the next chapter like everyone else 😉

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    1. Thank you so much. Well, I would give you these alternative endings, but I couldn’t. It would not be my story anymore because I would have to change so much. Yay, I hope you enjoy generation 4. I’ve only just posted an Epilogue to his story on Saturday. Good luck with catching up 🙂

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      1. Blame yourself? Yes, it was very hard and emotional, but I think you did a great job. It’s something that happens in the world, as horrible as it is, but it’s not something that many people would put in their stories because it’s such a sensitive topic. So I personally think it’s great that you put some light on it in your story, and you handled it well.

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      2. It was very emotional for me. I did a lot of preparations beforehand. Including reading real stories of rape victims which almost made me nauseous. And I read articles about how writers put rape in the stories but it doesn’t make any sense and they could avoid it. I racked my brains trying to find an alternative, but you read my post about alternative endings. It’s just too tight-knit to change anything. I had no other solution. Also, I talked to my friend from here who knew how to make poses at the time and I told her I would need rape poses… and accidentally found out she was raped herself. You can imagine what a shock it was.

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      3. She’s an adult now, past 40, and I met her on a Sims site. I think it happened when she was around your age, so at least she put that behind her. But I can imagine it still hurts. She did read the ending of Gemma’s gen and thanked me for being sensitive about it and not taking it too far.

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