Unique Blogger Award- 2017’s edition x4

Hi there, I’m back, did you miss me? Oh, well, I was here anyway because I did get Wi-Fi, but now I’m back and can spend time playing and doing some stuff I wasn’t able to do there. I enjoyed it in Georgia, though. While I was still in a hotel, I discovered my 3 (edit- 4) very sweet friends nominated me for a blogger award. This was such a lovely gesture for you and I’m so glad that you are enjoying my story.


I was nominated for Unique Blogger Award and here are the rules:

  1. Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  2. Answer the questions.
  3. In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same ward.
  4. Ask them 3 questions.

Firstly, I was pleasantly surprised by:

  • my friend RosemaryMarie aka Kym from Noble Doubt HERE

Noble Doubt is a beautiful work, containing quality writing and stunning pictures. I also love how The Author is a never-ending source of creative ideas. I was only a few months late when I started reading, firstly even without a WordPress account, so I am with the story almost from the very beginning and I am looking forward to reading generation 4!

  • my friend sensationaltragedy aka Deonree from Bad Sims 3 Gameplay HERE Deonree is still a bit new to blogging, but I was happy having a chance to help her get some stuff right.

Her main blog- Bad Sims 3 Gameplay- is a hilarious read where we follow the adventures of the Harpinger family and Deonree trying not to lose her sanity while trying to figure them out.

Her second blog- A Heart Breaker’s Tale– is a story-telling one, where we read about Raya- a shy girl, who completely changes after a turn of events, connected with some not-so-nice a boy.

Unfortunately both blogs will now be put on a hiatus since Deonree is having troubles and lost her saved games. I am looking forward to the time when she gets back and brings us more of these lovely stories!

  • my friend AmyQueen from AQ Stories HERE

Amy has a few stories on her blog up there, but at the moment I only follow The Elite, which is about Irene Charles, who belongs to a group of people that are supposed to help King Stefano in making important and good changes to his kingdom. Irene also is one pretty girl and meets some nice boys along the way…;)

Amy comes back on 9th September, so I am looking forward to reading more of The Elite as I really am enjoying how creative the idea is. I have never seen something like this before in a sim story. Plus Sebastian is hot, may I tell you!

  • my friend sempreviva from Sempreviva’s Sims HERE

Sempreviva actually nominated me for both Liebster and Unique awards and let me pick. Since I’m not a movie buff and not going to answer 11 questions, 4 of which about the movie plus I have already gotten liebstered like 5 times, I figured I would add up to this award. Sempreviva is The Author of the great and imaginative story called Smoke ‘n’ Roses with the main character called Rose, who meets a famous Sunset Valley characted- Jared Frio. Their romance is full of twists and the blog is definitely worth a read.

Now it’s time for the questions.

Firstly, questions from RosemaryMarie:

  • What was cool when you were young but isn’t cool now?
    Playing with toys, I guess. I wouldn’t imagine having a good time with them anymore, sadly. My Sims are my toys now, lol.
  • What game have you spent the most hours playing?
    Sims 3 obviously, somewhere around the lines the only game I play.
  • If animals could talk, which animal would be the most annoying?
    That’s an interesting question. Maybe a mouse? Would have such an irritating, high-pitched voice. And imagine them going around your house and talking in the middle of the night when it’s silent enough to hear. Ugh.

Now questions from sensationaltragedy:

  • If you could switch blogs with anyone on this site who would it be?
    Of course it would be RosemaryMarie and her Noble Doubt. She is a master at basically everything site-connected- writing, taking pictures, editing pictures and setting up a good site. And everyone loves her, because she’s a sweet person.
  • If you could learn any language other than the ones you know, what would it be?
    Does French count? Because I speak it, but very, very briefly. Oh well, guess not. I would go for German, because honestly, I have never been taught anything in this language and it’s so popular and it’s good to know.
  • How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
    I have no idea – but here is the possible answer. Wouldn’t say it better. Honestly, I am so bad at riddles and puns like this that I decided to search for it, lol.

AmyQueen’s questions:

  • What is the last novel you’ve read?
    A historical book about the Polish/Lithuanian (and a hell lot of more countries) dynasty of kings. I have no idea if it’s even translated to English, but the Polish title is Jagiellonowie. Schyłek Średniowiecza by Sławomir Koper, which basically means The Jagiellonians. Late Middle Ages. And now I am reading in English – a book called The Immigrant by Manju Kapur.
  • Is there a song that never fails to evoke a certain emotion from you? If so what song/what emotion.
    Basically the whole Froot album by Marina and the Diamonds gets me emotional. But I have a soft spot for this particular acoustic version of Starring Role. Anything acoustic from her is pure magic, though. The Starring Role makes me melancholic and sad each time.
  • The time of day when you feel most productive?
    Night! Gosh, couldn’t have been worse.I write most of my chapters at night and I can’t sleep before midnight. It is that bad.

Questions from sempreviva:

  • Four words to describe your story?

Dramatic happy never after.

  • What is your favorite time to write?

I feel like I’ve already responded to this question. Oh well, it’s either late evening or night, so I  barely sleep when I write my chapters. I can’t get myself to write early in the day because I don’t have time or I can’t make anything up, sometimes I force myself, though.

  • Do you draw inspiration only from your game? (If not, what inspires your stories?)

I barely ever draw inspiration from my game, although my game goes surprisingly well with my ideas most of the time- recently when I already made up my mind about boarding school, Sam was arguing with both of his parents. Gemma rolled a wish to send him out to boarding school while Seth rolled a wish to send him out to Dribbledine (I wanted him to go to this miliary school, but I changed it a bit to go with his wish). My stories are inspired by the books or blogs I got the chance to read and also Marina and the Diamonds’ music has a great impact on me as you may already know.

Here are my questions to the nominees:

(I ripped them off from the legacy questions list, but oh well)

  1. Any memorable moments from your game play/story?
  2. Which one of your sims you can relate the most to?
  3. Imagine if you had a chance to meet one of your sims. Who would it be?

And I officially nominate:

  • Our Different Paths- a very great read, containing an intense detective story, a surprising and creative use of the in-game treats like life fruit or death fish and also I am very excited for the extrovert heir in generation 3. Should be interesting since I mostly see introverts in the stories (maybe it’s because most writers tend to be a bit introvert and it’s easier that way?)
  • Anything Is Possible– currently at the 7th generation and still getting strong. This blog presents the life of Sims in a lighter and funnier way, along with colorful cats and occasionally some great story twists. I have managed to catch up on all the generations and I wholeheartedly recommend this to you. Also, not long ago The Author finally started using a default skin and it makes such a difference. Her girls look especially cute.
  • GC Sims– I’m having a lot of fun following the lives of Sims of the Snordwich kingdom (The Snordwich Chronicles). Also, all the characters look so realistic and I love the way The Author presents the medieval times with its ups and downs.
  • Have I Got A Story For You-  following the randomacy of the Snyder family. I’m finding it really fun to read and Addy has recently got a great story line here with an accident in the hospital.
  • Loewe Legacy– Kate is a master. Although, like for me, English isn’t her first language, she still manages to write very well and has an imaginary one could be jealous of. When one of her Sims got laggy, she developed a new story line, a beautiful, though very sad one. She is also very good at photo editing and makes a lot of polished bonuses. Everything there is just amazing and breathtaking and I’d recommend her story to anyone.
  • Matthews’ Random Legacy– another great story, currently following the generation of Juniper, a Sim who likes crazy hair colors and has some tough past behind her. I haven’t read post by post, but a summary and then caught up on the rest. When you don’t count the creative and great ideas (I think she is the first Sim story where I saw a gay marriage adopting a child), you could look at the titles of her chapters that got me cracking up more than once.
  • The Quinn Family– only on generation 1, but already so much happened that it’s hard for me to keep track of all the drama- not that I don’t love it. Believe me or not, but her main character had even more of a bad luck with men that Maddie did. I’m loving the good drama, though, and that’s what this story is!
  • twinsimskeletons- containg two stories- SOL, which is a very interesting take on developing Sim personalities in a huge family of her legacy, and The Quest, which is, I think, the only sci-fi Sim story I follow. Also I love the diversity in orientations of her Sims. Partly inspired me to bring my first homosexual couple here.
  • Once Upon A Time Series– found this blog through my hunt for more reads and fell in love with her take on the Once Upon a Time challenge. It’s a great fairytale and I also love her photos of queens, kings, princes and princesses. I have no idea when and if The Author will be around again, but I wanted to nominate the story just in case you would be interested in having a read as it is definitely worth it.

I tried to nominate the blogs I didn’t see receiving this particular award, but I’m sorry if I just added up to the bunch of questions you already had to answer. Also, I didn’t nominate others that I saw already got the nominations and I wish I could nominate you and your creativity, too.

As for the last chapter’s last line a lot of you noticed- there is a tragedy coming and I’m not hiding it. I’m going to explain it all to you in due time and hopefully you will stay around near the end of September when I will finally be done with generation 3.

A great weekend to all of my friends!

31 thoughts on “Unique Blogger Award- 2017’s edition x4”

  1. Congratulations on so many at once! Woot! You definitely deserve them! You know, I’ve had so far, people saying a cat or hyena would be most annoying if they spoke, but you are right about the mouse! haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I just was like…wow, 3! I’m glad it was the same award, so I didn’t have to put more than one together. Haha, a cat? Well, would be interesting to see what’s behind those meows. Hungry? Wanna cuddle? Wanna pee? It’s like guessing what a baby wants, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Dramatic happy never after! Oh, that’s very good! I really like this description of your legacy, couldn’t be more accurate!
    That thing with boarding school was pretty amazing! Isn’t it great when sims secretly seem to know what we want? Or maybe it’s the other way around? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, there is this song called Homewrecker by Marina and one pf the verses is like a description of my story and/or Fidelio and Grace’s marriage:
      “When everything is life and death
      You may feel like there’s nothing left
      Instead of love and trust and laughter
      What you get is happy never after
      But deep down all you want is love
      The pure kind we all dream of
      But we cannot escape the past
      So you and I will never last”
      Isn’t this accurate? I just added dramatic to have 4 words.
      Well, thing like that happen in my game all the time except when my game desperately wanted Fidelio or Gemma to sell food at the festival when I skipped families for a second. Oh well.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey there~ I’m secretly squeezing in some time to catch up on some posts I’ve missed~ I’m a night owl as well, I wish I wasn’t because the day is so long, but I really am most productive at night haha. I loved reading your responses, thanks for your kind words (especially about Sebastian XD) Hope you enjoyed your trip!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You are always so kind with your nominations, the things you say about people (and me!) must make us big headed 😀 And I hope you know that I think very highly of your stories – in fact, I think finding you helped me cement the idea that I was going to continue on wordpress because you’ve helped me feel like it’s a community here.
    I think once I get internet again, I’ll be following a few of your recommendations!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel like these blog awards are for making people feel special and that’s what I’m aiming for in making my nominations. If someone nominates me, I catch myself thinking what it is that they find so special (or unique/versatile as those awards call it) about my story. So I am trying to reach out for them and tell them all about what I think of them. I am so glad I could help you feel more at home on WordPress!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. You know what I’m going to say. You’re reading my mind now. You are right Sherlock. Congratulations! Another nomination for you. And you called your story in a good way. It could be the second name for your blog. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, they know me too well, lol! I am so flattered right now because someone on here said so many nice words about me in a review. I never thought someone would want to review me!


  6. Hey there, Jowita!

    Thank you so much for the nomination. I’m so terribly late, but you know the saying – Better late than never! I’ve just posted the answers to your questions over on my blog… I’m pretty busy at the moment, but hopefully, I can finally get some reading going on soon.

    Have a nice weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

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