Celebrating my 1 year anniversary

Hello, welcome back. It’s the second post today, so in case you missed the chapter, I’m just informing.

As you may know, today I- we- celebrate the 1 year anniversary of my little corner of the Internet. Because of this, I made a mini movie as a walk down memory lane. I hope you’ll enjoy this and to a new year together, hopefully even better.

The movie contains two songs, both by Marina and the Diamonds. The first one is Immortal and the other one is Forget.

Thank you for all the support you have shown me- from those, who have been there from the very beginning or almost from the very beginning, to those, who came upon this site not long ago. I hope you’ve been enjoying this story so far and whenever you feel like it, please feel free to share your thoughts, I’m always happy to read them.

All my love,


25 thoughts on “Celebrating my 1 year anniversary”

    1. Thank you so much, I can’t believe it’s been a year with the Rosenthals (I’m freaking out because I’m not sure about Gemma being a Rosenthal after she gets married??). I put it in the description of a video on youtube, but it only shows when you click the referrer to youtube, so…Both are by Marina and the Diamonds obviously, the first one is Immortal and the next one is Forget. I love her so much 🙂

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      1. Oh I’m sorry to hear that! I think I’ve had this issue on one of my posts before.
        Is it just on my site this happens to you or elsewhere too?
        I will check my spam right now.
        Hope you’re doing well xx

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  1. Jowita – I loved the video too. One year this little corner of your creativity. Congratulations.
    I know you quite a while now and my thoughts are personally :
    You’re grown too. I guess, doing this story and develop your blog has opened a door,
    where your own world of ideas can go through, to be shared with us and you manage it with intelligence and love. It’s always a pleasure to follow you.

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