Welcome to my blog, I hope you’ll spend some fun time here. Below is a bit of handy information that you may find helpful to get started with.

Neverdoitagain is a sim-story blog that is written in a similar to a legacy way, though it doesn’t follow the legacy challenge rules- it has its own, which can be found here. It may contain serious topics like suicide, violence, drugs and a little bit of profanity. It is written in a diary form and it’s told by the heir of each generation. New posts are usually added on Saturdays at 3 pm (CEST)- check how far behind we are  (I’m at Warsaw 🙂 ).

Also a couple of my first chapters have bad quality photos due to moving this story from memories on thesims3.com.

The story begins with Madelyn Rosenthal arriving to a new town with a bunch of hard experiences. She is determined to start anew, but when a tragedy strikes and her past reaches her, she has to make some decisions on who to trust.

The Very Beginning (prologue to generation 1)

Later on we are reading about the adventures of her son, Fidelio Rosenthal, who reaches adulthood surrounded by pain and tears. Will the best time of his life turn into a disaster? How to handle the family tragedy?

Prologue to generation 2

The story continues with Fidelio’s daughter, Gemma Rosenthal, who also has a hard time with her parents and best friend, who’s her cousin. She looks forward to the studies connected with communication that may be a way to run away from trouble. What will she experience in Egypt, France and China?

Prologue to generation 3

If you want to catch up, pick the generation 1 , 2 or 3 from the menu “Chapters”.  If you aren’t really into reading all of the previous posts,  the summary page may be just something for you.  It is divided into three sections,  containing the summaries of generation 1 , 2  and 3 and up to the latest posts (so no spoilers for the upcoming ones).


Blog – archive page, where you can quickly reach the most recent posts

About section- contains about me, about my blog  and blog’s badge (if you want to grab it for your blogroll page)

Outward Links section- contains three already outward menu items, which are family tree on familyecho, interview about my writing on RosemaryMarie’s blog, review of this story’s generation 1 and 2 on MM Simmerific’s blog, custom content and mods used in the story, character download page, my favorite blogs/recommended reading

Non-story section- contains a celebration of my 1st anniversary in a video, funny moments that didn’t make it to chapters, a story my friend made up about one of my characters (contains spoilers for the end of generation 1), my version of the singer Marina and the Diamonds, list of awards this blog has been nominated for.

Contact Form

Have fun reading my blog if you choose to do so 🙂


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  1. Hey, I stumbled on your site before but didn’t get a chance to really look at it till now~ Everything is extremely well organized^^ Looking forward to checking out your stories 🙂

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